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Velvet Touch

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Velvet Touch: Vibrating cock rings and adult sex toys for men
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Velvet Touch is one of VibeReview's favorite cock rings because it pleasures both partners. The fanlike projections are made of silky smooth Cyberskin, and there's a tiny yet powerful vibrator embedded at the top. Place one ring around the penis and one around the balls, or place both rings around the balls to offer maximum stability. Point the vibe up to pleasure her clitoris, or under the base of the penis to give your balls a buzz. We recommend using a good water-based lubricant, such as Eros Water Formula with this toy to ensure a slippery smooth ride.

Editorial Review

The Velvet Touch is one of our best-selling products for men and women. Interestingly enough, no one had reviewed it yet, which was a real surprise. I asked my boyfriend to help with this review, so we got together (like it takes much) and experimented with this unique toy.

First, we tested the fit. Was it too tight? Not tight enough? My boyfriend thought the cock ring portion fit exactly as it should: a tight, blood-capturing adjustment that maintains one hard, hard erection. Second, we discussed the material, Cyberskin. Now, this isn't our first experience with Cyberskin. In the past, we've both remarked how much we like this material. It was the same with the Velvet Touch. Cyberskin does feel real and most importantly, it's not rough or abrasive in any way. Third, the vibrator effectiveness during intercourse needed to be tested. Ok, ladies, it works. Don't, however, expect powerful vibrations, because the vibrator will not always rest on the clitoris. As the penis moves in and out, you will get spectacular surges of vibration.

My boyfriend and I both like this product. While we do not use this toy every day, we have incorporated it into our sexual agenda. It's a reliable product that adds a different dimension of stimulation.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  3 Watch batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Cyberskin, and Phthalate Free material.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Bart
This one is great and getting better as we discover how to vary the benefits from this great ring. I'm slim and the ring fits well with added stability from the ball strap. We did toss the small vibrator provided in favor of a favorite bullet we like. The first several uses my gal had to get comfortable with the idea but once accepted we haven't begun to find its limits. With her on top facing me on the edge of the bed she moaned as she hunched away to an intense orgasm. She asked that I continue, misionary style, for my orgasm and nearly came again. We'll keep working on it and I think the upside is huge! If your gal likes to slow fuck you both need this one
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I can't believe how comfortable it is. Soft and flexible, yet still able to maintain a healthy erection - I couldn't have asked for more. The vibrations feel dope as hell. I haven't used Velvet Touch with a woman yet, but I plan to. Masturbation is much more fun now.
Sex toy review: four hearts. yousexyyou
Yes, I am a fool. BUT I am one sexually satisfied fool. The Velvet Touch impressed my wife. My erections have never been that hard. She could tell a difference. If she's happy, you know I am. The insulated vibrator pleased her more than anything. We both get tired of using our hands to stimulate her clitoris during sex. Now, with our new addition to the family--the Velvet Touch, not another youngster--we can use our hands for other purposes. It's rare that we don't use this thing. It creates more pleasure and convenience for both of us.
Sex toy review: two hearts. mafia_princess
My girlfriend purchased the Velvet Touch and the Emperor. We decided that it would be cool to add a small vibrator to the end of our strap-on dildo (Emperor). The Velvet Touch slid easily onto the dildo (good), but then kept sliding off (very bad). We turned the vibrations on, and the rest is history. The Cyberskin stuff rubs so gently against the clitoris. We like combining our toys, so we had high expectations for both. Unfortuately, I've had better.
Sex toy review: three hearts. butch
The skin is so flexible that it fit my member just right. I had no difficulties putting it on. I added some Astroglide Warming Liquid to the top of the toy (where the vibrator is inserted), so I could further arouse my wife's clit. She went crazy. She felt all warm and fuzzy, and I could feel her vagina tighten around the base of my penis - she wasn't telling tall tales. I recommend this toy for any guy willing to surprise their wife.

But then, alas, it broke. Now we're going to check out the Orbit Ring Vibe. From what I've seen, it seems to do the same thing, but hopefully higher quality.

Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous Reviewer

This is crap.

I want to know who in the hell comes up with these designs and toys.

This thing feels super cheap and (no surprise) it broke right away.

Sex toy review: three hearts. AndreiB

I enjoyed using the Velvet Touch. The skin feels so soft that its very touch aroused me. I liked having my testicles separated with the device - it kept them out of the way, also making me harder than I've ever been. I've even masturbated with it around my penis.

My girlfriend enjoyed the vibrator part, too. She didn't fall apart or anything, with gigantic, mind blowing orgasms - it did, however, increase her pleasure enough that she approved. Only complaint is that it seems cheap, like maybe it will tear or something. Time will tell.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
What a great invention! I really enjoy this toy. My wife gets off easily anyway, so I'm not sure how much this helped, but as I penetrated her, I would leave my penis inside of her, not moving at all, allowing the vibrator to stimulate her clit for a few seconds. Then, I went back to business. The vibrations also feel great on my penis and balls. I also found myself rock hard. My penis felt more sensitive with each new thrust. Seems kind of expensive for what it is though.
Sex toy review: one heart. xiola
This is the worst toy we've ever bought! Cheap garbage! Please pay attention here - there are other toys out there that are similar design but actually work.

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