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Venus Butterfly

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Venus Butterfly: Female sex toys, dildos, and vibrators for extreme stimulation
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Metamorphosis. Are you interested in transforming your sexual self into an erotic butterfly of pure adrenaline and orgasmic power? Venus Butterfly has the power to relieve your sexual aches and pains. This amazing vibrator has flexible harness straps that keep the vibrator in the prime area for clitoral or anal arousal.

Venus Butterfly can be worn during intercourse. Yes, the hands free harness straps allow the user to focus on sex, while the vibrator works on its own. The joys of multiple orgasms and dual stimulation are achieved, when wearing this vibrator during intercourse. The multi-speed controller creates a comfortable pace for the user.

Forget about loose straps that slip around, making clitoral and anal vibrations vanish. No more hassles with positioning. Strap on Venus Butterfly, and get ready to feel sensations like you never have before.

Editorial Review

Oh, I do so love the new technology that the adult toy industry has embraced. The integration of hands-free, stable harness straps has improved my life, if only by saving me time and hassle. Venus Butterfly provides strong vaginal and anal pulsations. The cute butterfly design adds style.

Potential positions and forms of stimulation appear endless with Venus Butterfly. I've tried close to every sexual position while wearing mine. Never had a problem with the straps falling off of me. This toy is as reliable as they come.

It would be nice if the manufacturer subtracted the cord function, opting for a cordless, rechargeable battery. Still, even with that small suggestion, Venus Butterfly is one of my favorite toys to use during sex. It doesn't get in the way; it feels great; my excitement and intensity increases. A winner, absolutely.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Celibate Woman
I had a Venus butterfly years ago and I remember it being lots of fun. I wore it during sex and the vibrations enhanced the experience for both of us.
Unfortunately, we were a bit wild and it broke. If I were in the market, I'd get another one.
Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
awful, the vibration is so weak and doesn't really hit in the right spot. i ended up cutting it open and just using the bullet.
Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
I can't find anything good to say about the Venus Butterfly. When I bought mine it was supposed to be the foremost vibrator on the market and the most highly reviewed. The straps were irritating and I never bothered to use them. The vibration was weak and it was really bulky. It eats batteries really quickly and broke after only a few uses.
Sex toy review: two hearts. rachel
Worked very well while it lasted, broke within a few months though. Did not like straps at all.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous
I could never get the vibe to positon right even after fiddling with the straps. It eventually just stopped vibrating after sporadic use. not worth it at all.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Does no one else use Venus Butterfly for anal activity? Having this toy hum along on my anus during sex is one exciting, erotic feeling. Of course I also use it for clitoral stimulation, but this toy can be used in more than one way. Just thought I'd share that with all of you. Go Patriots!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Punk Rock lady
Yeah, I can't stand the straps either. The straps need to be there, however. A necessary evil in this case. It's better than the alternative, which would take away the hands free option. When I ride my boyfriend AND I am wearing my Venus Butterfly, the orgasms are intense. This is one of the better vibrators I've purchased over the years.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Gosh_it's_me
if it was completely wireless I'd really be impressed. as it stands, great stimulation on a specific area (clitoris). i have worn it during sex, but the wires can get in the way. even with the hassle wires, this toy is worth owning. i also use it without the straps, holding the butterfly in place.
Sex toy review: four hearts. ebony grace
great toy for when I ride my man. the straps are not that difficult to figure out. hands free stimulation always wins. the vibrator is located in the perfect place for internal and external clitoris stimulation.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Go USA
My wife wanted one. I bought it for her. She loves to wear this toy during our lust-filled sexy nights. She gets really wild with it on. We both benefit, except my pocketbook. I can live with the price if she is going to use it, and she does. Everyone's happy in our house. This is the best website for research and customer reviews. I am an idiot when it comes to such matters, and VibeReview spells everything out for me in a way that I can understand. Gracias.
Sex toy review: three hearts. sexylegs
I like the vibrations produced, but wish I had seen the Micro Butterfly. Had I seen it first, I wouldn't have bought Venus Butterfly. I prefer smaller toys. I own both now. They are equal in pleasure produced, but Micro Butterfly is smaller, so less demand is placed on the straps.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Ms. Kitten

Strengths: vibration level and texture and hands-free opportunity.

Weaknesses: making sure the straps stay tight, so the vibrator remains in proper position.

Overall impression: totally worth the price, and a for sure keeper.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Vixen-am-I
My clitoris screams of pleasure and thanks the creator of this toy. Working the straps to the right measurements was time consuming, but it only took me a few attempts to get the right size. Pure adrenaline and energy. I buck up and down with my Venus Butterfly strapped on me.
Sex toy review: five hearts. keithster
My wife and decided to purchase several toys. The Venus Butterfly was one of them. I used to play with my wife's clitoris during sex, but doing the whole reach around got old. The Venus Butterfly allows me to focus on her other body parts, knowing that every part of her is stimulated. She wears the Venus Butterfly most times we have sex. Seeing and feeling her have dual orgasms makes me feel good. Plus, it gets me more excited.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Moonchild of the 60s
I have no problem with how well the vibrator works, but the straps are a pain in my butt. Getting the straps equal on all accounts proved difficult. The butterfly vibrator cover is cool, and the texture feels wonderful. If the straps were easier to use, I would give Venus Butterfly a higher rating.

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