Silicone Sex Toys: Clit vibrators are female adult sex toys

Venus Butterfly 2

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Venus Butterfly 2: Clit vibrators are female adult sex toys
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Venus Butterfly and the Micro Butterfly are two of our most popular hands-free harness vibrators. While both harness vibrators will continue to be a popular toy among VibeReview's reviewers and customers, the Venus Butterfly 2 will prove itself as the best harness vibrator on the market. The Venus Butterfly 2 flutters your clitoris into indescribable pleasure, and does so more efficiently and conveniently than any other hands-free toy.

Like its predecessors, the Venus Butterfly 2 is hands-free. Designed with comfortable adjustable waist and thigh straps, a tight or loose fit is possible, depending on how much stimulation you desire. Unlike the previous models, the Venus Butterfly 2 has remote control capability and waterproof technology. Yes! You can now experience hands-free, remote controlled vibrations in the shower, bathtub, and pool.

The Venus Butterfly 2 is made of Silicone, which is a reliable material for many women and men. Its remote control capability has seven different functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. The Silicone butterfly texture comes with a removable vibrating egg, so you can use it with or without the harness and butterfly.

After playing with the Venus Butterfly 2, you will fully comprehend why, over the years, so many women have raised the white flag of submission, declaring their allegiance to the Venus Butterfly and Micro Butterfly. The Venus Butterfly 2 will replace its predecessors as the most popular hands-free, waterproof harness vibrator ever created.

Editorial Review

I am one of the Venus Butterfly faithful. I have owned my Venus Butterfly for several years now. Still used on a weekly basis, for hours a week, my Venus Butterfly has never failed to deliver vibrations of pleasure--not one single time has it broken, slowed down, or ripped. It has to be one of the most durable toys ever made.

However, now that the Venus Butterfly 2 has been released, I must politely decline to use the original model any longer. The Venus Butterfly 2 is more powerful, can be used in a watery environment, and is remote controlled. The manufacturer even improved its harness straps. Imagine all the possibilities of hands-free stimulation in the shower. Well, for me, I no longer have to imagine it: I have this amazing toy at my side, ready for action at any moment. There's nothing quite like the flickering motion of the Venus Butterfly 2, while I take a shower, relaxing after a hard day at work.

It is also important to note, I do wear the Venus Butterfly 2, sometimes, during intercourse. It accomplishes more clitoral massage in five minutes than pelvic grinding can in two hours. A few minor position adjustments and you, too, can also experience clitoral massage while you make love to your partner. All functionality considered, this is one of the best vibrators ever created. Men should consider purchasing this toy for their significant other - for Christmas, birthdays, whatever the occasion might be. Your loved one will respond favorably, I assure you.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required
Material:  This item is made of Silicone.

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Sex toy review: two hearts. Jimmy
The butterfly looks hot for my wife to use, but it really doesn't work during sex, and even solo, she has to use a hand to hold it. Since it isn't a couple's toy, we were disappointed.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Rachel F.
I receive all the benefits promised in the editorial review. I spent more than I wanted to for it, but I am glad that I now have a hands free toy that I can wear in bed. It lets me focus on my imagination and the vibrations. The harness straps can be a pain to figure out.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Ned H.
My wife can't stop playing with it. We tried to have sex, with her wearing the Venus Butterfly 2. It was difficult and uncomfortable. Seeing how she does play with it a lot, it was a great gift for her.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I had a similar problem at first: Every new movement made the vibrator slip. I eventually got the straps at the right measurements. Now it rarely moves out of place. I see it as a unique vibrator that has more options than hand-held toys.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anita W.
Too difficult to keep the vibrator in place for constant contact with my clit. It became a frustrating process. When sitting still, it works fantastically.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Yes, it feels wonderful. One complaint, however. I tried to wear it while having sex. It worked and all, but wasn't as comfortable as I thought it would be. It moved around a lot. Maybe I need to fool with the straps, make it tighter. Not sure. Even though it did move around a lot during sex, I mainly fell in love with the Venus Butterfly 2 because I can wear it in the shower. It's the best waterproof toy that I have bought.
Sex toy review: five hearts. rhee gentri
Fabulous. No words can describe how much fun I have with my Venus Butterfly 2. I wear it in the shower, during sex, or even while laying in bed. Hell, I'd wear it to work if I could get away with it. Best money I have spent on just about anything in recent months.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I am praying my husband buys me one for Christmas. I used to have the original Venus Butterfly, but I broke it during our recent move. The original one was my favorite toy ever, so I can only imagine how much fun this one can be. John, you better be ordering this toy for me!

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