Female Sex Toys: Strapon sex toys and vibrators are adult toys for couples and singles

Venus Penis 2

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Venus Penis 2: Strapon sex toys and vibrators are adult toys for couples and singles
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Venus Penis surprised many women who love hands-free sex toys. Clearly an improvement over the respectable Venus Butterfly and Venus Butterfly 2, the Venus Penis became a household name for sex toy lovers. The Venus Penis 2 - just when hands-free technology appeared to hit its peak - is now available for purchase, and it excels in the areas where previous models struggled.

The Venus Penis 2, like previous models, is a hands-free strap-on vibrator that single women and couples find appealing for simultaneous G-Spot, clitoral, and anal stimulation. A 3.5" soft jelly vibrating dildo, crafted to resemble and feel like a real penis (bulbous head and textual ridges), stands tall between two nubs. The smooth nub in the front effectively stimulates the clitoris. The nub located in the rear (no pun intended!) will tickle and please your sensitive anal tissue.

Remote control technology. You love it. Right? Of course you do! The Venus Penis 2 is all about convenient wireless controls (15-20 foot range). No more wires? Well, right you are! And less visible harness straps that are more comfortable, as well. Play the role of smooth operator, deciding how much stimulation you want to experience. Adjust the harness straps for a tight or loose ride.

VibeReview recommends that a personal lubricant be used with this sex toy. Try i-Lube, ID Glide, or Eros Bodyglide for a smoother, wetter, more enjoyable ride into ecstasy!

Editorial Review

The Venus Penis 2 is a significant improvement over the original model - the Venus Penis. While both are designed with multiple erogenous zone stimulation as a realistic objective, the Venus Penis 2 includes more enjoyable texture, remote control technology, additional vibration power, and an increased vibrating dildo length and width.

I worshiped the Venus Penis. Yes, I thought it was the hottest hands-free vibrator available for the best price. The manufacturer took into consideration a few of the original model's flaws, looking to make improvements. The manufacturer succeeded. The Venus Penis 2 is now my favorite hands-free strap-on vibrator. VibeReview is quickly finding out that many other women agree.

Its harnesses - the individual thigh and waist straps - are more comfortable than ever. The remote control makes masturbation easier and more pleasurable. With the original model's controller, I kept getting my hands and legs tangled up in the wire. Wires can be messy - and worst all, rip or tear.

The best improvement of all, however, is the additional length that was added to the vibrating dildo. The vibrating dildo on the Venus Penis wasn't very long; G-Spot stimulation was more difficult. The Venus Penis 2's extra vibrating dildo length allows me to move around without losing contact with my hidden love button.

Ultra stimulation - G-Spot, clitoral, and anal - is now available for all women. Messing with multiple toys for multiple erogenous zone stimulation is now a thing of the past. I have no problem skipping all the madness of controlling several toys at the same time. The Venus Penis 2 turns me on, gets me going, and quickly delivers me to the homeland of orgasmic bliss! It is more expensive than the Venus Penis, but it is definitely worth a few extra dollars.

Additional Details

Size:  3.5" total length
3" insertable length
3.5" width
1 lb
Battery Info:  12V and N-2 batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: two hearts. DangerousLilly
First, it's not a toy for overweight women. The straps don't accommodate full thighs. Second, unless you are very sensitive, this likely won't get you off. It didn't do a darn thing for me. The remote was also very unresponsive.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Caitlin B.
The Venus Penis 2 deserves five full stars. Never have I experienced such powerful orgasms. I once used to believe I had mastered my own sexuality. I must have been wrong, because it (the Venus Penis 2) has made me more orgasmic than any man or toy ever has, ever.
Sex toy review: four hearts. wonderfully exotic
I thoroughly enjoy myself with the Venus Penis 2. I wish I had more privacy to use it. When I do get time alone, you can bet that I immediately remove it from its hiding place and strap it on. I have clit and gspot orgasms. If you like hands-free fun, this is the way to go.
Sex toy review: three hearts. golden hair for you
I expected more from the Venus Penis 2. I don't always climax while masturbating. I wanted a more reliable orgasm sex toy. I eventually bought the Vibe Rabbit. While it's not as convenient as a strap-on vibrator, it pleasures me better than the Venus Penis 2. I suggest that you females strongly consider purchasing it instead of the Venus Penis 2.
Sex toy review: three hearts. fern rose
Okay, I agree that the Venus Penis feels wonderful on my clit and vaginally. But the straps can be an issue. More often than not the straps don't loosen up. When I get frisky - all wild, moving around alot - the straps do loosen. The dildo-penis slides perfectly into my hole. It is not too big nor too small - just right! I gave it an average rating because of the straps. I would still purchase it knowing what I know now.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Not Helga
Amazing sex toy. I kept hearing about strap difficulties -- how they loosen too easily or don't hold the dildo steady. I experienced NONE of those difficulties. Pure pleasure, non-stop, all the time. I am happy to announce that the Venus Penis 2 satisfies me.

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