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Vibrating Sleeve

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Vibrating Sleeve: Adult sex toys for men and self pleasure
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Sleeves galore. VibeReview has the best male masturbation products on the Internet. VibeReview, in effort to offer quality sleeves at an inexpensive price, recently added the Vibrating Sleeve to its catalog. Made of silky smooth Cyberskin, this sleeve will swallow your manhood and, then, the vibrations take control.

Choose from different vibration speeds that please you most. The vibrator can be removed easily from the sleeve, if you want to use the sleeve without extra stimulation. Using a lubricant with this toy is necessary for optimal pleasure. We recommend i-Lube and Astroglide, two of VibeReview's best-selling personal lubricants.

Editorial Review

I've tested every single sleeve VibeReview sells. When comparing the many different sleeves available for purchase, I have to take into account several factors. First, how effective is the texture? Second, does it come with vibrations? Third, is it cordless, and if so, how quickly do the batteries run out? Fourth, is there anything unique about the sleeve--something no other sleeve has done or has? Finally, does the functionality of the sleeve justify the price? I've answered each of those questions for each male masturbation sleeve VibeReview sells.

The Vibrating Sleeve is solid sleeve. It isn't as effective as the Virtual Touch Vagina or Power Stroker 100X, but it also costs less. Cyberskin, the material Vibrating Sleeve is made of, gains praises daily from our customers. They are genuinely surprised at how realistic the material feels. With this in mind, the Vibrating Sleeve's material automatically places the toy in positive classification. Then, considering that it does have a vibrator, bonus points are awarded. I cannot argue with the price: vibration potential, Cyberskin material, and the perfect length of this toy all justify the cost.

Like I said, I am willing to spend the extra money for the Virtual Touch Vagina or Power Stroker 100X, but if I did not have the extra cash and I wanted a sleeve immediately, I would buy Vibrating Sleeve.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Cyberskin, and Phthalate Free material.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Ben Jammin
I am addicted to the Vibrating Sleeve. Straight up hand masturbation sucks in comparison to this soft, vibrating sleeve. Best alternative for the best price.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Russ S.
Best priced sleeve that I found on the Internet. I am not sure how it compares to other toys like it, however, I do not have much experience with sleeves. I am glad I spent my money on this one.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Not too shabby. This is my first sex toy and I have been surprised at how awesome it feels. The material is stretchy. I wouldn't say if feels like the real thing, but as a back-up plan, the Vibrating Sleeve is cool.
Sex toy review: five hearts. nadia
Holly, I bought the Vibrating Sleeve for my husband too. Did you watch him play with it? I did. Holy Moly. Talk about a man possessed with lust. I didn't know my husband was so aggressive. Yes, he worships that damn toy--not that I mind. It does keep him busy. Anyone ever notice how men calm down after a good orgasm? I wish he'd use it all the time, every minute of the day. We'd never fight. Ha! I touched the Cyberskin material. It is so soft and realistic. I need to get my own toy, apparently
Sex toy review: four hearts. Holly W.
My husband can't stop talking about the Vibrating Sleeve. I found it on VibeReview, and assumed it would be something he'd like. After being married for five years, I know the man. What can I say? Well, yes, he most certainly loves it. Should I be jealous? No, I'm not. He can get busy with the Vibrating Sleeve in a way that I don't want happening in our bedroom. I'll let him get it out of his system. He does like it! That's all for now.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Joshua Williams
I own the Blossom Sleeve and the Vibrating Sleeve. I like both, but the Vibrating Sleeve is my favorite of the two. While a bullet vibrator can be added to the Blossom Sleeve, I prefer the vibrations produced by this sleeve. Cyberskin feels better than Blossom Sleeve's jelly material. My Vibrating Sleeve absorbs aggressive penetration better, as well. Unless my Vibrating Sleeve falls apart, it will be my first choice for masturbation.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
What a great invention! It gets tiresome playing with my rough hands. The Vibrating Sleeve has made hand-directed masturbation a thing of the past. The cyberskin material makes the experience "feel" realistic and genuine. It didn't cost too much, especially after considering the benefits. I like the vibrations, but I could take or leave that option.
Sex toy review: four hearts. dallasmavericks
Like everyone else, I got more than I expected with the Vibrating Sleeve. Of course I expected the sleeve to make me feel good, but I never dreamed that the material would be so realistic. The vibrations made me feel even better. A must-buy for any dude who wants a realistic feeling.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

I can't believe how many reviews this website has. I come to Vibe Review to find out anything I need to know about sex-related products.

I bought the Vibrating Sleeve a few weeks back. I liked it a lot. A little lube, toy penetration, and outstanding vibrations brought me to climax quickly. When my wife is in one of those moods, and I'm feeling the need to scratch that itch, I pull my sleeve out and have fun. It was easy to clean, and I use it often enough that the price of it is irrelevant. I highly recommend this toy to any male who loves his wife or girlfriend, but doesn't get the amount of sex that he needs. This toy will keep you out of trouble.

Sex toy review: three hearts. my lil friend
There's not much to this fine, fine, fine, fine toy. I've spent hours playing with this sucker. I never get tired of its feel. In some ways, this damn toy is saving my marriage. It's not that expensive and is easy to clean. I would, however, recommend using some lube with it. While it is extremely soft and flexible, lube makes the experience more enjoyable.
Sex toy review: five hearts. rubber_duckie
Man, the cyberskin (or whatever it is) feels friggin' great - it feels so real. I liked the vibrating piece, but the skin is what got me. I bought some Astroglide to help the process along, if you know what I mean. An awesome product in a world lacking great products.
Sex toy review: four hearts. maximus
Not much to look at, but sure does the trick. Vibrations are an added bonus too.

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