Male Sex Toys: Adult sex toys for men and masturbation sleeves invite orgasms

Virtual Touch Vagina

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Virtual Touch Vagina: Adult sex toys for men and masturbation sleeves invite orgasms
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Get ready, boys. A new artificial, yet realistic looking and feeling vagina is in town, and ready for serious penetration action. The Virtual Touch Vagina is the most popular fake vagina on the market. Intricately designed with every vaginal characteristic in mind, this Cyberskin vagina proves to be the most realistic feeling and looking vagina replica available.

Fully designed with labial lips, a clitoris, and realistic texture and skin tones--the Virtual Touch Vagina gives each user that home cook'n feeling. Internally, this vagina is tight. But, no, it's not so tight that it hurts. VibeReview recommends that Astroglide or ID Glide lubricant accompany any use of this toy.

Cyberskin material covers the entire toy, so you can expect only the best stimulation. Penetrate! Penetrate! Have a blast with this realistic toy. Quality construction and material separates this artificial vagina from other masturbation sleeves.

Editorial Review

Hear me, hear me...ROAR! What an amazing toy. Seriously, the toy looks like it would feel great, but looks don't even begin to describe the awesome sensations created by this Cyberskin toy. Upon immediate insertion of my penis, I could feel the difference.

I have other sleeves and artificial vaginas, but this one felt like the real thing--or, more accurately, as close as it gets to an actual vagina. My erection was firmer and harder, as a result of the tight quarters in which my penis moved around. It just doesn't get better than the Virtual Touch Vagina.

Additional Details

Material:  This item is made of Cyberskin, and Phthalate Free material.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Jeremy P.
After reading the reviews, I almost didn't buy it. The Foreign Guy's review made me nervous. After all, yeah, it's not the cheapest toy. But, I went with the majority opinion. I bought mine. I am happy to announce that my new toy - my new intimate friend - is great. The only catch is keeping it clean, which isn't that difficult, but is a little time consuming.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Abbot D.
This toy is too expensive. I also have the Blossom Sleeve, and I actually like it better. Not a bad toy. I would probably still buy it knowing what I know now. For me, I want to have more sex than my girfriend, so this toy and the Blossom Sleeve make masturbation more fun.
Sex toy review: one heart. TheForeignGuy
I was really looking forward to this, as it's my first sex toy. Despite the good reviews, I am truly disappointed. The whole experience was rather painful and messy than arousing. Maybe it's just me but I does not come anywhere close to the real thing. I doubt I'll use it again.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I hoped it would feel like a real vagina, but I wasn't so sure. Once I went crazy on it, I admitted that I was wrong. No other man toy has made me feel as good as Virtual Touch.
Sex toy review: four hearts. shulman
I like how the vaginal opening has a suction force that grabs hold of my dick. As I thrust in and out, that force increases, but doesn't create an uncomfortable friction that can rub a guy raw. It also makes noises like the real thing.
Sex toy review: five hearts. nadia
I gave this toy to my boyfriend as a joke. He uses it, even though he says he doesn't. I know he plays with it a lot; I find it in a different place all the time. At least I got my money's worth. There must be something special about this toy, because I would never have imagined him liking it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. pussy liquor
Virtual Touch Vagina is cool. I get off each time I use it. Like most dudes, I prefer a woman to this toy. If I can't get in the sack with a babe, I rely on this toy. Fortunately, recently that hasn't been an issue.
Sex toy review: three hearts. susej
thanks for all the reviews. i bought mine because so many people seem to like it. i am pleased with the tightness and how it looks. wish it were cheaper.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I bought another brand of the same design. It didn't have the Cyberskin stuff, and it ripped. I was pissed. I gave it another shot. Virtual Touch Vagina is tighter and easier to hold. It hasn't ripped either. Thank Hustler for me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Ziggy Stardust
I see crazy people all around me. How could anyone not enjoy such an awesome toy? I play with my Virtual Touch Vagina most days. It may not feel like real sex, but it puts to shame the feeling created my hand.
Sex toy review: three hearts. vincent
Once I got the toy in front of me, I had a difficult time getting aroused. It may look like a nice snatch, but it didn't feel like one. I still use it, but would gladly try another toy of another material.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Cyberskin feels good, but I like regular sleeves better. I own Power Stroker 100X, and it feels ten times better than Virtual Touch Vagina. Just my opinion.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Heart is Pure
I gave this toy to my husband for his birthday. When he's performing oral sex on me, I like to stroke him off with Virtual Touch Vagina. He apparently likes it, because he'll use it on his own. It was cheaper than other artificial vaginas, so it worked out for my pocketbook and my husband's insatiable sex drive.

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