Dildos: Sex toys, G-spot dildos and adult toy vibrators produce powerful orgasms

Vivid Power G-Massager

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Vivid Power G-Massager: Sex toys, G-spot dildos and adult toy vibrators produce powerful orgasms
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

G-spot liberation! Unlocking your hidden chamber of love is possible with the Vivid Power G-Massager. The right angle of entry and direct toy-to-G-Spot contact are everything, and this beauty offers you both! Your G-Spot deserves all the attention you can give it, and the Vivid Power G-Massager ensures that orgasmic destiny favors you.

Created with flexibility in mind, the Vivid Power G-Massager's bendable shaft makes direct G-Spot stimulation possible and enjoyable. Instead of injuring your wrists, trying to find the perfect stimulation angles, let this toy's bendable shaft do all the work for you.

Once inside of you, the shaft's round head delivers wonderful vibrations to your aroused G-Spot. As your sweet spot comes to life, the vibrations increase and increase, pulsating, transporting you to your orgasmic destination!

Since the Vivid Power G-Massager is a multi-speed vibrator, you can change speeds according to your own personal preferences. Choose from low, medium, or high speeds. The switch controls enable you to change speeds during your hottest moments without having to stop! Imagine all the orgasmic possibilities and sexy events that take place in your bedroom, with this G-Spot sex toy pleasing you.

Editorial Review

Every woman has different stimulation and orgasm preferences, and in my case, I enjoy G-Spot orgasms more than clit orgasms. Naturally, I am more interested in G-Spot vibrators and dual stimulation sex toys than the average clitoral vibrator or traditional dildo. It's not that I won't use those other types of adult toys, but you can bet that G-Spot vibrators and dildos are my favorite toys to play with - and that's why I recommend them to women of all experience levels. A new sense of sexual fulfillment and enjoyment comes with intense G-Spot titillation, certainly a different kind of pleasure than clitoral stimulation.

The Vivid Power G-Massager continues a trend of G-Spot sex toy excellence. Its wand-like design makes G-Spot massage and rubbing accessible and enjoyable. Perhaps you've experienced G-Spot stimulation during intercourse or foreplay, but the powerful sensations that ripped through your body were short-lived. You wanted more and more, but for whatever reason, you or your partner couldn't find the same "spot" or area in which those sensations erupted. That's where the Vivid Power G-Massager comes into play (literally), providing you with consistent, direct, and pleasurable G-Spot stimulation. I found this to be an accurate portrayal of the toy - that the Vivid Power G-Massager truly brings forth an ongoing sexual event, one that leaves me dazed and bewildered with pleasure.

Though I was already familiar with the location of my G-Spot and also how to stimulate it correctly, this particular toy lessened my workload by - well, doing most of the work for me. I can see why many beginners have fallen in love with it, and I bet it's become an educational tool for many - teaching lovers how to properly stimulate the G-Spot and how to find it with regularity, keeping all the second-guessing and accidental stimulation at bay. It's not the most sophisticated sex toy, but it vibrates with unbelievable multi-speed power that makes a difference when coupled with the toy's flexible shaft. Bending this baby for deeper and controlled penetration is easy, convenient, and effective.

The Vivid Power G-Massager has to be the ultimate G-Spot sex toy for such an incredible price. Seriously, I was shocked when I found out how inexpensive the toy is. While it can't compete with the superior functionality of the Gigi, Liv, and Iris, the Vivid Power G-Massager remains a quality alternative for those of you on a budget. Whether used as an introduction to G-Spot orgasm or for more advanced use (like, say, female ejaculation), this toy can create varying degrees of stimulation for any sexual situation. I've even used mine for clitoral massage! The Vivid Power G-Massager has become an integral part of my personal sex toy collection, and due to its durability, I expect that I will play with it for a long, long time.

Additional Details

Size:  12" total length
5.25" insertable length
5" circumference
Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. rona
Only a few sex toys have earned the right to enter my tootie. The Vivid Power G Massager is one of them. An ex-boyfriend bought it for me. He generally had bad taste with just about everything. Naturally, I wondered if he goofed up buying this vibrator too. Nope! This was probably his only positive purchase in a year. Now he's gone, but I still have my hot stuff Power Massager. I can't live without its great massaging vibrations or the flexible shaft. It earned the right to remain active!
Sex toy review: three hearts. wind of change
When I buy a vibrator, I am buying something that will hopefully enable me to feel pleasure in a way that I cannot experience with sex. The Vivid Power G-Massager doesn't add anything special. The orgasms I have with it are on the same level as those I have during sex. This doesn't mean the toy sucks or blows or anything like that. No, it just means that it is a regular toy and I am a woman who wanted a special toy. Its only special characteristic or function...a flexible, bendy body.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The vibrator is located in the round tip, and the difference in pleasure, amazing. None of that nonsense with long distance vibration traveling, where the vibrations lose their edge because they are generated far away from the G-Spot. I don't know if that makes sense. Take my advice: get this one or one that has the vibrator in the tip. You want a powerful gspot vibrator that goes beyond contact.
Sex toy review: four hearts. sophia
Allow me to brag about the Vivid Power G-Massager. One of my friends has one of these toys. She advised me to try a different toy - she didn't like this one that much. So be it. However, I fell in love with the idea of it, which forced me to buy it. She was wrong, wrong, wrong...and wrong. Not only was she wrong ... she was dead wrong, as wrong as a person can be. I cannot imagine a better g spot vibrator. The bending shaft is what makes it a successful toy. I can manipulate its shape for any angle I want and has even better vibrations, and they aren't those annoying buzzing like vibrations either.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Francine K.
A good massage comes from this baby. G-Spot massage...all the time, each time, as much as possible. I went through two different G-Spot vibes, then I got the Vivid Power G-Massager. I am set for a while.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
a 100% improvement over the last gspot vibe I purchased, but I am still looking for the best one out there. any recommendations?
Sex toy review: five hearts. Rachel-o-matic
You won't get a lengthy review from me. All any of you need to know is that the Vivid Power G-Massager must be exhausted, because I haven't stopped playing with it. It keeps on buzzing me into multiple orgasms. Call me a satisfied customer.
Sex toy review: five hearts. brown sugar baby

A close friend explained to me how this G-Spot vibrator worked. Before doing that, she informed me that I have a G-Spot. Though I had heard the word a million times before, I had no earthly idea where I could find my G-Spot or what I should do to it when if I knew where to find it.

My husband never took the time to experiment with me. After we divorced and I made a commitment to not date for a year, my friend pushed me to buy my first sex toy. We searched the Internet together. When I saw the Power Massager's picture, I started asking questions about it. I knew in a general way, judging by the shape and everything, how the toy should be used.

My friend filled in the blanks. She has a similar toy, so she explained to me why she likes these types of vibrators more than other types. She succeeded, convincing me to give the Power Massager a chance. I haven't looked backed. I have better orgasms - more intense - than I had with my husband. Apparently I've always had G-Spot orgasms...I didn't know that's what they were, though. I get a lot from the Power Massager. I've learned much about my body since buying it a month ago.

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