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Wanda: Dildos are sex toys for men and women

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Wanda dildo screams of self-stimulation versatility. Due to its popular shape, amazing shaft curves, and bulging texture, it is one of the most exciting G-Spot and anal dildos for more experienced women. It can be used during erotic harness play, or used as a handheld dildo for deep and pleasurable penetration. The Wanda is all about stimulation choices, offering women plenty of options that ensure many days and nights of arousing fun.

You've prayed for magnificent sex toy curves, and this dildo is designed with four different ones - twisting and turning, with a tail-like structure that is neither too intimidating or too basic. The shaft tip is narrower than most dildos, which addresses two needs: First, when used for G-Spot stimulation, this tip's curve gently rests against the G-Spot, and then stimulates the G-Spot with slow or fast in-and-out movements. Second, this narrow shaft tip makes anal stimulation accessible and comfortable.

Bulging, rounded textures are located directly beneath the curved shaft tip in three shaft segments, ranging from small to large bulges. This small-to-large design enables women and men to slowly adjust to the toy's stimulating width changes, and as the shaft cuddles against your intimate erogenous zones, you can slowly twist and turn the shaft for unique internal sensations. The Wanda's flared base works for greater hand control or for harness stability with O-rings.

This premium dildo is made of phthalate-free nonporous silicone material with semi-flexibility and long-term durability. Safe, enjoyable, and comfortable - the Wanda G-Spot and anal dildo accomplishes more stimulation in less time, with less effort and better results. At no time will you question this toy's effectiveness, as its unbelievable shape, texture, and size rank it as one of the best sex toys for singles and couples, women and men.

Editorial Review

I love this anal sex toy. It is one of the rare anal stimulation adult toys that is neither intimidating with its size nor too small for any real arousal to occur. I am all about its curvy body and textured shaft. Since the tip is relatively small (width and length), I am able to ease into anal penetration without any concerns of pain or tissue irritation. Some women prefer large from start to finish, but I'd rather go with a toy that gradually increases in width - a toy like the incredible Wanda dildo. I recommend this adult toy to women and men of all experience levels, because few designs can match its stimulation potential. I am hooked on the Wanda - or until something better is created. (I'd love to play with a vibrating Wanda!)

I am very pleased with the segmented shaft, as well. The dramatic change in angles feels really good when the dildo is inside of me, slowly moving from side to side, with slight up and down movements. Once I am fully aroused, I feel my best when the toy is completely inserted and I move it in a circular motion. Talk about sexual excitement! This is probably my favorite non-vibrating anal dildo ever made. I mean, it could never replace my lovely Twist or Zing, but as far as non-vibrating anal sex toys go, the Wanda is right up there with the Ace. More times than not, I want a vibrating sex toy. But - the Wanda is one non-vibrating dildo that I have come to appreciate.

The Wanda can be used with a harness, so it's versatile in that respect. I even know women who buy this toy for G-Spot play, as well. Point is, a girl and/or guy can never have enough quality sex toys that "fill" several important sexual needs. Best of all, this sex toy is made of silicone - it can be thoroughly cleaned, due to its nonporous exterior. I highly recommend that women and men only play with nonporous anal sex toys, especially if you plan to use that toy for other types of penetration. Men might initially be turned off by the toy's appearance (far too cute for the fellas), but I suggest ignoring how it looks and focus on how it feels. My boyfriend has his very own Wanda for prostate massage, and he seems to love it.

This anal dildo is an effective sex toy for an affordable price. As many of you are probably aware, most premium adult toys can be extremely costly (usually because of material and vibrator function), but the Wanda is an exception. Because I do consider it to be a premium anal sex toy, it's not difficult to be pleased by its price. There are certain toys I play with in very specific situations. I simply will not - I am unwilling to - play with mediocre toys when it comes to anal penetration or anal sex. And the same is true of my G-Spot vibrators and dildos. I always go back to my favorites, even if I start off by playing with a new sex toy. The Wanda, like my Liv and Lily for G-Spot and clit stimulation, is my favorite non-vibrating sex toy for anal stimulation.

Additional Details

Size:  6.5" total length
5.5" insertable length
4.5" circumference at widest point
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Rori
Don't let this toy intimidate you. Even though it looks strange at first, it is actually great for anal and g-spot stimulation. I love that it is phthalate-free - I don't have to worry about harmful chemicals.
Sex toy review: five hearts. The Beautiful Kind
Super kinky freak out! Wow I saw this and gulped, have never had anything that large and odd in my tushy. I felt brave going for it, and am glad I did! It was super intense. We went slloooow and got it all the way in. The fun part was when he pounded into me from behind, he shoved it in as well, so I absolutely got the sensation of synchronized double penetration. WOW. PS: I can't believe it has a FACE. And looks like a character from the Star Wars cantina. Also, Wanda is an odd name for it, looks more like a Larry.
Sex toy review: four hearts. hot pepper
If you like textured anal stimulation or if you are a guy who likes prostate stimulation, the Wanda is a good choice. I am happy with the toy and VibeReview's customer service. Quality through and through.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Jewel from New York
The winding shaft stimulates my insides like no other anal dildo. It goes from being curved to straight, then to curves, a short straight portion, and then curves again. But nothing about the change in shape is overbearingly dramatic. It looked intimidating - all those curves and shape changes - but works really well. Stable flared base with strength, as well. This is probably the first anal dildo that I play with on a frequent basis, because it feels so good. I insert before having sex and for the most part, it stays put. All smiles here in New York, all because of the Wanda!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Chloe Just Chloe
Anal sex toys aren't really my cup of tea, but I've been known to play with them on special occasions, like when my girlfriend returns from a lengthy business trip. Um, that might not be so true. We play with the Wanda and Bendybeads a couple of times a month, so it's more frequent that I realized at first. What I am getting at is that, in order for me to play with an anal sex toy, it must be a really good one. The Wanda is my personal favorite. It can fit in a harness or be used to straddle. I feel like it is a safe and enjoyable anal dildo. I give it a high rating.

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