Vibrator Reviews: Clit vibrators are quality female sex toys for orgasms

Waterproof Clitoral Hummer

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Waterproof Clitoral Hummer: Clit vibrators are quality female sex toys for orgasms
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

The Waterproof Clitoral Hummer is one of the most exciting sex toys of the year. Some sex toys are created with confusing sophistication, but this exciting sex toy allows women of all experience levels to experience quality arousal without struggling with complex sex toy operations. Simple, discreet, and highly effective - the Waterproof Clitoral Hummer makes sexy dreams come true!

Fantastic curves and sensational grooves cover the shaft of this vibrator. Built into the shaft head, a contoured scoop provides intense clitoral stimulation. A gyrating nub allows the user to experience the intense and powerful orgasms. The Waterproof Clitoral Hummer's ideal length and width are provide immediate sexual satisfaction.

A base controller (twist) provides all the pacing you need for a good time. The Waterproof Clitoral Hummer vibrates with quiet authority. Awaken your passion with strong vibrations, exceptional texture, and waterproof capability.

Use a few drops of Astroglide to limit unwanted friction.

Editorial Review

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Gomer said it best. While Gomer Pyle might not be the best material used in a review, the reference makes sense. Looking at this vibrator, I didn't see what the big deal was. I had heard plenty of women rave about the Waterproof Clitoral Hummer. My initial reaction to the way it's designed wasn't positive or negative.

That being said, once I played with this toy, I understood why so many women like it. First, the G-Spot nub and clitoral scoop make a huge difference. I've never played with a toy that had such unique stimulation designs. I have both a G-Spot and clitoral orgasm, when I use this vibrator. Second, waterproof toys that go that extra mile for pleasure always impress me.

Factoring in the cost of this vibrator only impresses me more. There is no better "bang" for the "buck." This toy could use extra flexibility, but for the price, I can deal with it, and there's questioning its overall effectiveness. It may not look like much, but it makes me feel like a princess. Beginners will like it more than experienced women, probably, but experienced women, like myself, benefit from playing with it, too.

Additional Details

Size:  6.25" / 7.5" length
1.25" / .5" width
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I expected a little more action. I'm not saying I dislike the toy, but I was hoping for a powerful toy. The moving nub is more for show than performance. I get off with it, but I get off easily anyway. I doubt that women who have a difficult time orgasming would like it or find this toy helpful.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Emilia
I cannot get excited about the Waterproof Clitoral Hummer. I thought it was a unique toy, judging from its picture. Unfortunately for me, that unique appearance didn't satisfy me sexually.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Amy H.
That clitoral scoop device feels really good. Yeah, they could improve this toy by using a different covering material. I didn't pay much for this vibrator and it is waterproof. I am content.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Southern Belle
I bought this vibe with my clitoris in mind. The nub for internal orgasm (or g spot, as people call it) was a bonus. They could improve this vibe by reducing the amount of grooves on the main body. All things considered, this vibe is good for the price.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. This time...
Multi-dimensional usage. If I can get that out of any toy, I will be happy. I've used my Clitoral Hummer for clitoral, gspot and nipple arousal. If you haven't used it on your nipples, give it a try. After using this vibe, I'm not sure why it isn't more expensive. Made of plastic, but it works like any good vibrator.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Do we have an option for rating reviews? "Vaginal tools." That's the first time I have ever read something of that nature. The last review succinctly describes why this vibrator is worth the purchase. I got what I paid for. I have a good time with my Hummer-boy. It's not the best, but it's not the worst. I've paid more for crappier vibrators.
Sex toy review: three hearts. nadia
It's a very basic vibrator. I needed a toy for the tub, and I got one. I feel like a philosophical discourse on vaginal tools is on the horizon. I have no problems with this vibe.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Tender is the Heart
This toy was made for the water, and I love it. It may not be the model vibrator, but I continue to use it. Why? It works. When is someone going to mention the vibration levels? Fine, I will. Clitoral Hummer, as its name claims, has awesome vibrations. I mainly use this vibrator for clitoral stimulation. I have my Great King for Gspot stroking. Considering the price and the amount of pleasure I experience while using this toy, I have no complaints.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Naughty Felicity
I tend to agree with the anonymous reviewer and Kim H. This would be the perfect vibrator if it were coated with another material. Still, I knew what I was getting when I read the price. I got a vibrator that makes me cum, and did so at a cheap price.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Kim H.
I am on the opposite side of the last review. I found this inexpensive vibrator to be pleasurable. I had a g spot and clitoral orgasm. Since that was my goal when I bought the vibrator, I cannot give it anything less than a thumbs up rating. Would it be better with different texture/material, like the first reviewer suggested? Probably. But if that was the case, it would be more expensive.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I like the idea of this vibrator - the clitoral hole in the shaft, the g-spot stimulator deal, and the length. Unfortunately, I found Waterproof Clitoral Hummer to lack comfortable texture. I orgasm with it, but not as easily as I'd like. I'll try my luck with another vibrator. The more you spend, I guess, the better the vibrators are.

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