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Wicked Masturbator

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Wicked Masturbator: Adult sex toys for men enhance male masturbation techniques
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Those of you that praise Sydnee Steele's Beaded Stroker will also enjoy the Wicked Masturbator. Constructed of the finest sex toy jelly material, the Wicked Masturbator looks and feels better than most traditional masturbation sleeves.

Are you looking for a tight sleeve, while at the same time hoping for supportive flexibility? Not a problem! The Wicked Masturbator's tight channel of love is flexible, durable, and ready for your lustful thrusting.

Captured inside of the tight interior are stimulating beads. As you penetrate your new sex toy, you will immediately feel a unique sensation that enhances your masturbation experiences.

While some stimulating beads, far too often, are too hard, leaving penis tissue feeling bruised, the Wicked Masturbator's internal stimulating beads feel wonderful.

Penetrating this beautiful sleeve will forever change the manner in which you masturbate. Only a few drops of i-Lube, Astroglide, or Eros Bodyglide are needed for necessary slickness, in which your penis will greatly appreciate. Penthouse Toy Cleaner also helps clean those hard to reach spots within your new sleeve.

Editorial Review

The Wicked Masturbator is my favorite beaded stroker. When the manufacturer brags about the toy's tightness, they weren't misleading anyone. Super, super tight - a pleasurably snug fit for each man who embraces the positive characteristics of this masturbation sleeve. This sleeve is easier to grab, move back and forth, and clean.

Few other beaded strokers are designed with comfortable beads. The Wicked Masturbator - as its design communicates through superior performance - considered the possibility of a friction-filled penetration device; so they planned accordingly, opting for better stroker beads that support goals of increased stimulation. With the Wicked Masturbator in motion, gliding, sliding over my penis, I receive all the best textual stimulation available. The best part, it is not an expensive sex toy.

Additional Details

Size:  4.5" length
2.75" width
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. Tyrell
The Wicked Masturbator wraps around my thang just right. I wish I had found it years ago. A big thumbs up from me.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Mister Brad
I did not like the feeling of it. It was too tight around my penis. I never felt like I could penetrate it the right way. Everyone keeps talking about the Power Stroker 100X. I might try that one next.
Sex toy review: five hearts. MasterPeter
If you are serious about stroking, the Wicked Masturbator is the best I've tested. I don't test it anymore, mind you; now it is all about getting a beneficial stroking rhythm, which isn't a difficult accomplishment considering the beads and cushy texture.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Nikos
It is not exactly what I imagined it would be, but it isn't some horrible purchase. My penis didn't react to the stimulation it creates -- not at first. Now, it is a different story. I do get enough stroking pleasure out of it that I can honestly say I got my money's worth. Doesn;t compare with a blow job or sex.
Sex toy review: four hearts. James D
I had a difficult time choosing between the Solo Slider and the Wicked Masturbator. I went for the Wicked Masturbator because it looked more comfortable. I can't tell anyone if that's an accurate assessment, but I am really excited about the Wicked Masturbator. 100% fun all the way, you know. My penis doesn't slide around inside of it, which is good. I am content with my purchase.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Awesome in every way, I promise. No more screwing around with my bare hands, thank God. Sliding my woody into the Wicked Masturbator is a real treat. The beads do something positive, but I am unsure how to express it. Soft insides, as well.

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