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Wicked Witch

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Wicked Witch: Witch Costume for Halloween

Item Description

Unless you are searching for a laugh or two, a carrot nose and facial warts doesn't exactly place you on an escalator moving toward extreme attraction and sexual appeal. Plus, it doesn't make sense! If a witch has magical powers, surely she would use her power to inject beauty and style into all her affairs. A witch's mysteriousness and awesome power make her desirable, but let's face it: she also needs to be attractive - and those warts are definitely not attractive! Witches get a bad rep anyway. Not all witches are evil, dress in black, or live in seclusion!

This Witch will have you wanting both the trick and the treat. Beguile and enchant your lover's heart in this open back lycra dress with spidernet sleeves, lace-up front, gathered detail, collar and hat.

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