Bondage Sex Toys: Adult toy slings and swings make G-spot sex more enjoyable.

Wild Instincts Padded Sling

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Wild Instincts Padded Sling: Adult toy slings and swings make G-spot sex more enjoyable.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Experimenting with different sex positions helps many couples achieve a new level of intimacy and sexual fulfillment. Penetration angles are different with each sex position. Taking advantage of these penetration angles increases orgasmic ability and intensity.

You may have tried different sex positions, only to realize that you can't maintain certain positions and angles for a long time. If you enjoy a variety of sex positions but can't sustain those positions for an extended period of time, the Wild Instincts Padded Sling is your solution.

This faux-fur padded sling allows couples to maintain certain sex positions in comfort. Instead of constantly flailing around and losing pleasurable penetration angles, use the Wild Instincts Padded Sling for greater control of your partner's movements. Increased control of entry angles and movements translates into great sex that is more enjoyable and playful.

As with many sex slings, physical benefits accompany sexual satisfaction. Instead of bruising your thighs or over extending your back, the Wild Instincts Padded Sling relieves the pressure exerted on your entire body.

Each sling comes with padded neck strap, wrist straps, and ankle straps. Whether you enjoy the playful Velcro-release adjustable restraints or are seeking greater comfort, the Wild Instincts Padded Sling is the answer. D-rings are included for additional restraint power.

A pictorial guide comes with this sling. Second-guessing what positions work best or how the sling can be best utilized is now a thing of the past. The pictorial guide will get you on the path to a whole world of new possibilities.

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Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I don't see Cosmic Lights when my husband and I use the sling, but we sure have a damn good time.
Sex toy review: five hearts. shanna n.
I swear the possibilities are limitless. If you can imagine a position of restraint, it's possible with the Wild Instincts Padded Sling. Just the act of experimenting with my partner, just trying new stuff ... it has made sex more enjoyable, and now an emphasis on foreplay is there. I feel like we've - my partner and I - have embarked on a sensual journey where our souls have combined into one spirit of love. I know it sounds cheesy, but this sling was a catalyst for something much bigger than the both of us.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. henry r.
I know that I am more in touch with my wife's emotional side since buying the Wild Instincts Padded Sling. I fell into that trap of wanting quick sex. She felt neglected. Now, hypnotized.... I am not trying to stop this feeling of being one with her. We felt uncomfortable at first. Restraints and slings...not exactly the thing we ever expected to do. But I can say we enjoy it a lot.
Sex toy review: four hearts. whisper to me
Kiss the melancholy adios! It's not just about sex with the Wild Instincts sling. The process is more interesting. I am confident in my abilities, and this sling makes me that much more confident.
Sex toy review: four hearts. X-pletive
Trippy! Man, I don't like regular sex anymore. This sling turned my bedroom into a sexual kingdom, where I am top dog!

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