Lubes & Lotions: Xtreme Lotion lets you erotically massage your lover before playing with sex toy massagers and vibrating dildos.

Xtreme Lotion

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Xtreme Lotion: Xtreme Lotion lets you erotically massage your lover before playing with sex toy massagers and vibrating dildos.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Combining the sexually explosive elements of tongue and hand stimulation has extreme results. Imagine adding an edible, slick massage lotion into your erotic and sensual foreplay. Xtreme Lotion is an oil-based massage lotion that creates and maintains the slickest environment imaginable for all your massage needs.

Slip and slide on one another's body, wrestling for sexual supremacy. Help your lover release tension created by life's stresses with solo massage. Or massage one another while making love. Regardless of how you choose to use Xtreme Lotion, there are many benefits - improvement of couple intimacy, relaxation of tired, tense muscles, physical expression, and so much more.

Initiate extreme measures of massage for the best results. Don't waste another weekend, laying on the couch, waiting for your partner to make his or her move. Take control of your sensual destiny one back rub at a time, and Xtreme Lotion is here to support you. This lotion is edible. Lick your lover into a sexual frenzy that they will never forget.

VibeReview recommends that you do not use this lotion as a person lubricant. If you need a lubricant for masturbation, foreplay, or sex, be sure to check out ID Glide, ID Juicy, i-Lube, and Eros Bodyglide. All four of these personal lubricants offer men and women a unique sexual experience.

Editorial Review

The key to my heart and my underwear is massage. No joke, I am totally serious. I live life like a stressed out maniac. It's not something that I am proud of, but it is something that I recognize about myself. One of the easiest and quickest ways for me to relax is through massage. I melt under the sensual pressure of quality massage.

I constantly test new massage oils. I demand that my boyfriend massage me a couple of times a week, so, predictably, I also like a variety of massage oils. I tend to appreciate the edible and scented lotions more than traditional massage lotions. Why choose an unscented, inedible lotion when I have so many different flavored lotions to use? You catch my drift.

Xtreme Lotion addresses three of my relaxation needs. First, the lotion stays slick without getting too sticky. Second, the flavors are strong, not too fruity, and don't leave a nasty aftertaste. Third, each scent is strong and long-lasting. Yes, this is the best all-around massage lotion that I've used in a long time. I fully support it as an essential ingredient in successful relationships.

Additional Details

Size:  6 oz.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Lennon's Jealous Girl
Tastes good. Yeah, like Jen said, I wouldn't consider it "edible." It's meant more for licking and sucking that mass consumption! The cherry flavor is sweet, really sweet. I don't get into actual massage all that much, but some drops of this lotion in lick-able places hits the spot.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Sweet flavors (dual meaning) - sweet, as in good; sweet, as in literally sweet. We purchased both flavors for a variety. We play a guessing game: "What flavor is right here?" It's really fun. Make sure you don't cheat with your eyes open. A taste test game. For massage it works. Gets kinda sticky after a while.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Bob (AKA Bob-O)
How am I supposed to rate massage lotion? It's not like I have 20 different brands at my house! Sheesh, I tell you! I haven't found it necessary to search out a replacement massage lotion. I guess that means we like Xtreme, or like it enough to keep using it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Eat my Person
Call me an erudite sexologist by way of practical experience, not books and the sort. Silly as I am, I do have an intimate knowledge of different massage lotions - many of which...yeah, they blow. Zippola, no good. Xtreme Lotion is one of the good guys/gals, massage lotions. The Strawberry Flavor is my personal favorite, but my sexy lady apparently likes the Cherry flavor better.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anthony Baptiste
Ever had sex with your entire body covered in oil? I hadn't until the other night. I spread Xtreme Lotion all over my hot girl's body; she spread the lotion all over mine. We must have used like a 1/4 of the bottle. We massaged each other for just a few minutes. We slipped and slid all over the kitchen floor as we had sex. Try it sex with your entire body covered in this oil. It's a trip, I swear.
Sex toy review: five hearts. J.K.
Believe it or not, Xtreme Lotion is my first massage lotion. I've participated in all kinds of crazy sexual happenings -- never have I had anyone devote time to massage, not massage for me. My rating is of the product and the experience that came from using the product. The flavor and scent are strong.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Jenny McG.
Potent stuff. Real slippery. Tastes good, but "edible" takes it too far. Lickable, yes. Very lickable, in fact.

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