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Here are some of our favorite sites on the web. Each of these is in some way unique in its genre and we felt they warranted a little extra attention. If you have a particular site that you think should be included on this list, please let us know.

Click by Lavalife
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Click by Lavalife

Lavalife, best known for their ubiquitous advertisements, has supplemented their dating site with a blog designed exclusively for singles. This blog, cleverly named "Click" provides all types of articles intended to help folks through singledom.

Click mainly tends to focus on topics such as straight-from-the-trenches dating anecdotes (of both the successful and utter failure variety); practical safety tips for men and women; sex and health guidance; and some sage advice from various authorities. Basically, anything you might talk about with your friends over a cup of coffee. Sure, it's geared towards singles, but who doesn't enjoy hearing a great story about a dating disaster?

It seems that Click makes a point of keeping the main Lavalife site out of the picture. You might be tempted to think that with as much advertising that Lavalife does, Click would be nothing more than another advertising vehicle for them. It's simply not the case - Click really seems like its own beast. Sure, there are a couple of banner ads for Lavalife, but they're designed to fit with the overall appearance of Click, making them fairly unintrusive. And besides, who honestly isn't using an ad-blocker these days anyway?

Click has a large variety of writers, each providing their own perspectives on various issues. And, of course, the comments provide a way for everyone else to get their opinions heard. The articles tend to be intellectual wihtout being dry or condescending.

In each article, there are usually one to two links that are very relevant to the topic, and - fair warning - they will suck you in. Generally speaking, while reading Click, I'll have several tabs open at any one time. It's seriously a great way to speed up that daily grind or just kill time at home.

Overall, Click is a largely undiscovered blog that has the potential to be huge. The quality is thoroughly first rate, with enough quality content and linkage to keep most readers busy for hours on end. Check it out here:
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Adult films are often tailored and marketed to a specific demographic – mainly a male demographic. Unfortunately, this means women who do enjoy watching erotic films are largely neglected, left in the cinematic dust.

Since women and men, generally speaking, tend to prefer different types of adult films and because the adult movie industry is marketed toward male preferences, it became necessary for a few active women to start their own website – one that is more palatable for women, but one that also does not exclude those women with a flare for more male-orientated adult films. blesses women with the opportunity to view the hottest adult films on the Internet – in a pay-per-minute format, with no recurring billing. No membership is required to view any film on the site.

Translation: You watch whichever adult films you want, for however long you wish to watch them, and do so without purchasing gigantic membership packages that cost too much, or are never used. Put simply, the viewer has more control over the amount of money spent on adult films than on other adult film sites, making it truly a cost-efficient way to watch your favorite erotic movies.

While focuses on providing its customers and viewers with an exceptional database of viewable films, its writers also discuss sex-related topics in a mature, female-friendly manner: adult film reviews, sex toy reviews, sex tips, informative articles by Sydni Ellis, and interviews with adult entertainment professionals.

With a variety of resources available to women on, one could spend hours learning about sexuality, sex toys, or simply watching adult films of most genres (from Amateur films to Voyeur films – just about any genre you can imagine!). Believe me, you can easily lose yourself on the site, browsing for hours, watching various clips from different erotic films. is a sex positive site that welcomes all women, regardless of sexual orientation. Though the site focuses on female sexuality and adult films for women, the site has instructional films that are helpful for couples that want to experiment with sex toys, and learn about masturbation and sex. A few of the films are sex-toy-specific, meaning viewers can watch their favorite adult film stars play with the hottest sex toys.

The site's convenient and intuitive navigation won't force you to muddle through pages and pages of content and images that you don't want to read or see - easy access, all the time, everyday, to the films and articles that you prefer. Best of all, you will not be subjected to annoying pop-ups. Hooray! The staff is friendly to all visitors, dedicated to creating and maintaining a user-friendly site, and always willing to extend a helping hand. is a fantastic adult film site for women and couples. VibeReview and all of its employees dabble on the site, which makes work more bearable. Nothing zips away the minutes of the day like watching a few of your favorite erotic clips. And beyond that, the site is quite educational - especially for sex toy and adult film novices and couples that want to add some spice to their sex life.

Skin Party
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Skin Party

Skin holds parties for couples and single women all over the US and Canada. Recently, we were invited to join a couple of their parties - and I have to say we were blown away! Both parties we attended were held in swanky Manhattan strip clubs and were specifically geared towards meeting new people to "play" with.

One of the ways Skin stands apart from other parties of this type is that they have a very stringent door policy. Where most other parties will sometimes "unofficially" lower their entry requirements for a few extra bucks, the Skin folks have a reputation for being completely uncompromising. If you don't fit their entry requirements, you will not get in, period. While I'm sure not everyone's thrilled about this, it does make for a much sexier scene than we've found anywhere else.

Also, hosting the parties at strip clubs is a stroke of genius. If you've ever been to these types of parties, you know they generally take a while to get going. People are shy at first and a little intimidated. By having the party at a strip club, you feel an instant "vibe" that gets everyone in the mood right away. One of the main problems we had with other events of this nature (are you listening One Leg Up?), is that the party's promoter is too insistent on pressuring the women to take their clothes off. At a strip club, there are already topless women so there's no need to pressure anyone. Of course, people ended up in various stages of undress anyway, but they were doing it without being pressured, which really makes it a lot more fun.

When we were last there, the scene was mostly women being frisky with other women. Some of them had their boyfriends with them, but the boyfriends mainly enjoyed the view rather than participating. The mood in general was completely laid back - everyone was into their own thing and didn't crowd around when people started fooling around with each other. This is another huge problem we had with other events of this type; nothing ruins the mood faster than a bunch of horny guys running up and making a wall around a couple as soon as things get a little steamy. There was none of that at Skin, and it definitely made everyone feel more comfortable.

Skin definitely wins VibeReview's highest praises. This is the party the others should learn from, and I think their only challenge will be keeping the vibe cool as they continue to grow. All in all we had a great time, made some new friends, and we'll be back again!

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