Lubes & Lotions: Anal lube is the better way to go with prostate sex toys, butt plugs, and dildos.

Astroglide Anal Lubrication

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Astroglide Anal Lubrication: Anal lube is the better way to go with prostate sex toys, butt plugs, and dildos.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Anal sex and anal masturbation require some form of lubrication. While regular lubrication can be used for anal activity, we recommend that our customers choose a thicker, longer lasting gel for anal penetration. While the original Astroglide is one of VibeReview's most popular lubricants, Astroglide Anal Lubrication provides greater anal comfort, enhancing anal stimulation. This thicker gel coats anal tissue, providing one smooth glide for both participants.

Each box of Astroglide Anal Lubrication contains six pre-filled lubricant applicators. Each applicator is individually wrapped. When you are ready to use your anal lube, twist off the applicator's breakaway tab. Using the tip, gently apply the lubrication to the anal area. After you've squeezed out all the lubrication, dispose of the applicator. Be safe and responsible: Please DO NOT share your applicator with anyone. If you need more lubrication, it's safer to use a new applicator.

Editorial Review

It's about time! I play with anal toys all the time. I had been using standard vaginal lubrication for anal masturbation and, occasionally, anal sex. Standard lubrication, when used for anal action, dries up too quickly. Having to stop and apply more lubrication is a pain in the...yeah, the butt. Forgive me, I couldn't resist.

So, yes, Astroglide Anal Lubrication's thicker gel formula goes well with my anal toys and, on that rare occasion, my boyfriend's penis. Anal discomfort is horrible, and this anal lube takes that apprehension away. Anal stimulation feels wonderful, but the right kind of lubrication is essential. Astroglide Anal Lubrication, with its cool applicators, also decreases those lubrication messes that always seem to happen at the wrong time.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. marilyn_monroe
Gotta' love the disposable dispenser. The gel works great. Painful anal sex sucks the big one. With this gel, I don't experience a painful rubbing, that raw feeling.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Jackie C.
Anal sex is tricky. It can feel great or horrible. There's no in-between. Lubrication usually determines which way it swings, pleasure or pain. This thick lube gives me all the slickness needed for a pleasurable time.
Sex toy review: four hearts. This time...
Does it come in a larger container? I'm asking because I want to stock up Astroglide Anal Lubrication in my house. If not, I will order several more containers. This anal gel makes anal sex more enjoyable. Not much else to say.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Thick, slick, exactly what I need for a good time. Trash all the rest.
Sex toy review: three hearts. El Sexo Loco
Yeah, I hated using regular lube. I have no problems inserting my penis in my girl's sweet bottom. Using crap regular lube always proved a challenge. Not anymore, thank you very much.
Sex toy review: three hearts. the gatekeeper
I noticed only a slight difference in original Astroglide and the anal lube. It may not be a significant difference, but it's enough of a difference for me to buy it again. My wife noticed more of a difference than I did. Since she's the one who uses it more, her opinion should count more. She digs the stuff. Take that for what it is worth.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Spank my Booty
I got sick and tired of using regular frickin' lube for anal sex. Thank goodness Astroglide realized how much anal sex lovers needed a specific kind of lube. The dispenser idea is brilliant. Screw lubrication messes.

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