Silicone Sex Toys: Adult toys with vibrators and dildos help with female orgasm techniques


Berry Delight

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Berry Delight: Adult toys with vibrators and dildos help with female orgasm techniques
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Elite vibrating eggs and bullets increase clitoral pleasure tenfold. The Silver Bullet introduced women to an inexpensive, effective means of experiencing quality clitoral orgasms; however, the Space Explorer and Inner Desire Love Egg eventually exceeded the Silver Bullet in pleasure-producing potential.

Prepare your mind and body for a new dawn in clitoral titillation. The Berry Delight, like previously released elite egg vibrators, promises you all the stimulation you can handle. The manufacture cut no corners in the creation of this gem. Quality through and through, the Berry Delight lives up to its name.

The Berry Delight is made of non-porous, soft silicone that is safe and hygienic. Silicone nubs cover the vibrating egg, adding an enjoyable range of sensations. As you massage and rub your clitoris with the Berry Delight, these amazing nubs come to life, sending you into a sexual utopia.

The Berry Delight is equipped with 7 different programmed functions. Your Berry Delight is connected to an ergonomic hand controller, where you may control all vibrator functions and multi-speed operations. Adjusting the pace of your new clitoral vibrator is easy and convenient. Since it is multi-functional and multi-speed, your stimulation preferences are now attainable!

The Berry Delight is also water resistant.

Silcone-based personal lubricants should not be used with silicone sex toys. Water-based personal lubricants are compatible with silicone sex toys. When playing with your new Berry Delight, use ID Glide and Astroglide (both are water-based) to create a slicker, wetter, more enjoyable feeling.

Editorial Review

The Silver Bullet changed my life. Sounds dramatic, I know. But it's true: I am extremely sexual and highly expressionistic, which means I require outlets to maintain sanity! The Silver Bullet was my first sex toy. Previously to owning the Silver Bullet, I relied heavily on finger stimulation - always feeling short-changed in the process.

I assumed that sex toys would help me reach another level of sexual satisfaction - and the Silver Bullet, less intimidating than giant dildos, seemed like an easy choice. I learned more about my clitoris using it than I ever did in Sex Education 101. I experimented with different vibration speeds and toy movements. I eventually identified my personal stimulation preferences.

After worshiping my Silver Bullet for months, I graduated to more sophisticated sex toys - dual stimulation rabbit vibrators (Vibe Rabbit and Lovely Rose). And then, I forgot about egg vibrators. Of course, when I joined the VibeReview staff, I began experimenting more and more, which led me back to the intimate pleasures created by clit vibrators.

When the Berry Delight found a new home at VibeReview, I volunteered to review it. I took one look at it and I knew my clitoris would respond in dramatic fashion. Unlike the Silver Bullet, the Berry Delight comes with well-defined texture. All those nubs make a difference; they work collectively on my clitoris, enhancing every second I devote to my hot spot.

Ladies, we all need options - the more the better, right? Of course. The Berry Delight's multi-speed and multi-functional capabilities are a gift from above. Pace changes interest me the most. I generally start masturbating with slow vibrations and as I warm up, I increase the pace. But if I want to prolong the experience, I slow the Berry Delight down - or change functions. The point is, I get to decide how I want to be stimulated.

If cost is an issue, the Silver Bullet is a competent vibrating egg. But beginners should consider purchasing the Berry Delight. It is a higher quality vibrating egg that will outperform similarly styled vibrators. Look at it as an investment, one that will never let you down. Couples also benefit from including this toy in their sexual adventures.

Additional Details

Size:  2.5" total length
4" circumference
Battery Info:  3 AAA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Vibratex

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. JUJU
Remember that hip-hop song Whoop! There It Is? Yeah, take that and apply it to the Berry Delight, which is easily my favorite sex toy. I have multiple orgasms with it buzzing away on my clit. No other toy has ever been so consistently powerful. I am very, very, very pleased with my purchase and VibeReview's customer service. (I bugged them with a lot of questions!)
Sex toy review: four hearts. whisper to me
I expected a lot considering how much money I dished out for it. I got so much more in return. The Berry Delight makes me orgasm so quickly that I sort of wish it slowly brought me to climax. It is that crazy soft koosh ball texture that drives me wild. I love this toy. I've recommended it to all my girlfriends.
Sex toy review: three hearts. muse for poets
It is a good vibrator for foreplay and any alone time. I don't rely on it for all my sex toy fun, but it is one handy-dandy toy to have available for those really wild moments between the sheets.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Splendid vibrator. I knew it would feel damn good. A bit pricey, but after playing with it I understand why. Its texture is different than anything I've ever felt before.
Sex toy review: five hearts. baby jones
Wow. Speechless, still. I played with my Berry Delight only a few minutes ago. I am shocked at the significant difference between it and my old egg vibrator. There's not even a worthy comparison. I'm no spring chicken when it comes to vibrators, and I am absolutely floored by how good the texture and vibrations feel. This is an A++++ vibrator.
Sex toy review: four hearts. meka leka hi meka hiny ho
Hello, good vibrations. All the time. I would walk miles to use the Berry Delight for five minutes. No, seriously, listen: I had my Silver Bullet for years. I will never use another bullet vibrator ... only the Berry Delight. That's it for me. A fantastic, fabulous, wonderful ... a woman's dream, honestly.

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