Bondage Sex Toys: High quality restraints go well with vibrators, dildos, harnesses, strapons, and vibrating cock rings that liven up sex lives.

Bound to Please: Chastity Set

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Bound to Please: Chastity Set: High quality restraints go well with vibrators, dildos, harnesses, strapons, and vibrating cock rings that liven up sex lives.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

A playful seriousness can be the difference between extraordinary pleasure and your everyday sexual encounter. After all, men and women are naturally playful, but at some point the seriousness of life takes over. No more though, right? Enough is enough! Incorporating a playful disposition into your serious sexual affairs can make all the difference in the world. Comfortable restraints could be the key to Paradise's hard-to-open door, so don't limit yourself - or your relationship - by refusing to experiment with quality restraints.

The Bound to Please: Chastity Set can free you and your relationship from the chains of sexual ordinariness, allowing you and your lover to combine the best aspects of romance, seriousness, and playfulness. Recapturing yesterday's sexual imagination and willingness to experiment requires only the right frame of mind and the appropriate gear, and the Bound to Please: Chastity Set can help you and your partner accomplish each! This kit comes with all the important restraint equipment couples need to get started.

When you open your package, you can expect two high-quality wrist or ankle cuff sets and four love ties. Express yourself sexually with these nylon-neoprene cuffs and ties, and now you can do so safely and comfortably: Each cuff is designed with a quick-disconnect safety feature. Both the cuffs and the ties are durable. Long-term use without fraying and ripping is a significant benefit of purchasing this set of restraints.

If you want to add even more spice to an already steaming hot experience, consider adding a few other products that will enhance your restraint activities. The Cat Woman Kit comes with a whip and sexy mask, completing your playful activities. Or upgrade your purchase to the Under the Bed Restraints, which keeps your sexy fun convenient and accessible. Or go the distance, relying on all three kits for a range of role-playing and arousing activities.

Editorial Review

I generally feel silly reviewing the latest restraints and BDSM kits. Since I don't view myself as a true restraint enthusiast, it takes a really good product to get me talking. Also, I refuse to pay for this type of gear, as it tends to be extremely expensive and, as I see it, one-dimensional. It's not like my Vibe Rabbit or my Champ, which gives me instant pleasure. The Bound to Please: Chastity Set is more equipped for role-playing type of fun, so I see it more as a facilitator than the actual reason for my pleasure.

That being said, you won't catch me claiming that I don't have a lot of fun with these restraints and my Under the Bed Restraints. Of all the restraint systems and kits to choose from, the Bound to Please: Chastity Set and the Under the Bed Restraints are my two favorites, and I regularly use both with my once-shy boyfriend, who is now completely enamored with both restraint systems. He loves to be tied up and restrained, which works out to my benefit. I'd rather be the teaser and pleaser than the person restrained! I am wildly playful, imaginative and dedicated, and it just so happens that the Bound to Please: Chastity Set helps me act upon those attributes.

No expert is needed to operate and hook up these restraints. Having seen a variety of restraint systems and kits, I know how complicated some restraints are to put together and difficult to operate. Fortunately, the Bound to Please: Chastity Set is nothing of the sort. I can put on and remove the restraints in a few seconds, depending on the situation. I am a fan of restraints with safety features. There's no reason that I should be restrained - or my boyfriend - without having an escape plan. The knowledge alone that these restraints can be removed quickly, effortlessly is enough justification for me to recommend them to other couples.

The cuffs and ties are comfortable. Neither my wrists nor my ankles are chaffed by rough edges and texture. Hooking up the restraints requires limited effort on my part. The Velcro straps are adjustable; I can adjust each according to my own personal level of comfort. Plus, I can wash these restraints: Some restraints will fall apart once washed, but not these straps and restraints. I also recommend that anyone interested in the Bound to Please: Chastity Set check out the Under the Bed Restraints. Besides being more accessible during a moment of passion, it is one of the least expensive restraint systems that can be considered a quality product. Having the restraints ready for action, at any moment, is supremely erotic and fun.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. princess emma
we've had our bound to please: chastity set for four months. feels good and keeps working like it did from day one. it sure livens up romance, including foreplay and sex. ironically, when i am restrained or when i am restraining my husband, i feel like an animal released from a cage. so much passion flows forth, and the excitement triples.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Ben Jammin
Life can always take an interesting turn. If you had asked me a month ago about sex toy restraints and that kind of thing, I would have laughed at the notion of trying them out. My wife, though, had different ideas. I begrudgingly threw myself into my wife's restraint care, and didn't complain that much during the process. What I found out is that these restraints - that this Bound to Please: Chastity Set - are a lot of fun and crazier than anything we've done before.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Constructive Criticism
I'm not bored anymore. Need I provide intimate details? I don't kiss and tell, but I give credit for my recent sexual energy to adding this restraint system/chastity set into my sex life. Never a dull moment and always some sexual fantasy being lived out as my partner and I see fit.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The wife and I can say we are now experienced with restraints. It only took 15 years of marriage to push us over the edge! Great product. We are happy with the entirety of experience with Vibereview.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Gosh_it's_me
The ankle restraints might be too small, because the fit is really tight -- and I don't have huge ankles. But, the Chastity Set is much fun. The restraints are quite strong. Escaping these restraints would be a challenge. Being that I don't want to escape...
Sex toy review: five hearts. hadyn

Am I rating my first experience with the items in this set of restraints? Perhaps. But since the items were an integral part of my awesome, awesome night with my girlfriend, I must give credit where it is due.

Each restraint is comfortable. The rings are wide enough to insert rope. I can tell the material is durable. My girlfriend and I had a blast with all the restraints and ties. The ankle restraints might be on the small side, which is my only issue. Count me in as an extremely satisfied customer.

Sex toy review: four hearts. classic girl
Contained every type of restraint that I wanted. The ankle cuffs should be slightly wider. Other than that, I am happy to finally own a functionally acceptable set of cuffs and restraints. Not much in the area of style, but who cares? I've purchased stylish restraints that fall apart, which is why I was in the position to purchase this one.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Jace in yo face
My girlfriend suggested that we move to the "next level." Under normal circumstances, I would run far away. I dig this lady, so I agreed. We spent all weekend playing with each item in the set. Crazy creative and downright naughty. I had a blast and I can't wait until we get another free weekend together.

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