Rabbit Vibrators: Rabbit vibrators and female sex toys for powerful orgasms

Buzzy Beaver

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Buzzy Beaver: Rabbit vibrators and female sex toys for powerful orgasms
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Buzzy Beaver will make any woman - novice or vibrator connoisseur - shake at the knees. Dual controls make this vibrator a much sought after machine of pleasure. Clitoral stimulation is made possible by base extension. With the rotating shaft exploring G-spot wonders and the extension stimulating the clitoris simultaneously or independently, this vibrator is cutting-edge.

Editorial Review

The Buzzy Beaver is worn out these days. We had three ladies test the Buzzy Beaver. I also took my test run with this finely crafted sexual instrument. Consensus. No debate could be found. We even tried to create one. No, each woman agreed: the Buzzy Beaver's dual controls place this vibrator ahead of most. Personally, it's one of my favorite vibrators.

The rotation of the vibrator eased inside of me, hitting my G-spot with precision. Even better, the base extension didn't over-stimulate my clit, which can be an issue with similarly designed vibrators. It is a light dual stimulation vibrator that is easy to operate, almost effortlessly.

Additional Details

Size:  4.25" insertable length
1.25" width
Battery Info:  3 C batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I expected more out of the Buzzy Beaver. I paid more for it than a few other similarly styled toys. I could have saved a few dollars going a different one that probably feels just as good.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Vivian
I have G-Spot orgasms from the shaft's movements. The clit vibrator is difficult to keep in place. Taken as a whole toy, it edges mediocrity.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My goodness gracious, wow. I received my package today. I immediately opened the box, getting to business right then. No lube or anything. I was too excited. The pleasure - oh, the pleasure. Ladies, listen carefully: this vibrating dildo is by far the best adult sex toy I have ever purchased. There is no messing around; it made me lose myself in a matter of minutes. The tickler flicked back and forth with the strength of ten men's tongues. The rotating shaft spun inside of me with confidence and authority. I feel like writing a letter of thanks to the manufacturer!
Sex toy review: four hearts. mermaid
Separate dual controls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, women do like different degrees of stimulation for the G-Spot and Clitoris. The Buzzy Beaver should add another B-Word to its clever name....BLISS! The head of this wonderful vibrator twists deep inside of the vagina, making my G-Spot shout. The beaver tickler (the clit deal mabobber that vibrates rapidly) pushes the limits of ecstasy. I've found a vibrator that has quality rotations, is quality-made and can handle the abuse of my throbbing vagina. I can get quite wild with my Buzzy Beaver. For the price, I should be able to do most anything. You can count me in the Buzzy Beaver Fan Club.
Sex toy review: two hearts. sexylegs
I like the Impulse Jack Rabbit and Big Indian more than the Buzzy Beaver. A decent vibrator, but there are better ones.
Sex toy review: four hearts. bluebird
I liked the Buzzy Beaver so much that I now call him Mr. Beaver. No joke, either. I actually talk to Mr. Beaver. My friend Stacey says I should be worried. I'm not. The Buzzy Beaver is unlike any vibrator I've bought. The Buzzy Beaver does most of the work, as it should. No man can hit these hidden treasure chests -- not like Mr. Beaver can and does.
Sex toy review: three hearts. stop staring at me
I added Buzzy Beaver to my vibrator collection last week. I expected a powerful vibrator that focuses on dual stimulation. I like it, but the clit vibrator moves too much, and makes it difficult to have both sensations at the same time.
Sex toy review: five hearts. tessa
Like Trisqa, my vagina punishes me for any large object penetration that takes place. I like my vibrators and dildos to be on the small-to-average size. This is no joke. I've dumped guys if their penis was too large. Who wants to feel pain during sex? Not me. I don't doubt that some women or men might like it. The Buzzy Beaver is the perfect size, has the perfect shaft movement, and the clit tickler vibrates at the right level. Had I bought anything else I would have been disappointed.
Sex toy review: four hearts. cheechee
Does "Buzzy" refer to the sound of the vibrator makes? Or is it a play on the word "busy?" I would suggest the latter, because it stays busy inside of me; it also doesn't make loud noises. It's non-stop action, from start to finish. The vibrations and shaft movement don't pause - they keep the pressure building, which is why I orgasmed so quickly. I could do without the cute little beaver design on the tickler. Still, laying that aside, the most important factor is how well it works. It works quite well, I'd say. It awaits me in my nightstand, as I write this.
Sex toy review: four hearts. trisqa

I cannot deal with a huge penis or dildo or vibrator. My vagina is small. God made me that way, and I rather enjoy those men who are average. Naturally, when I read the reviews on the Buzzy Beaver, I decided to purchase it. I also read the reviews for the Big Indian.

The Big Indian seemed too large for me, but the Buzzy Beaver had the same conceptual design, only smaller in width and length. I made the right decision. The Buzzy Beaver fits inside of me perfectly. I really enjoy my nightlife, as the Buzzy Beaver hits all my secret spots without any hassles.

Sex toy review: five hearts. JUJU
Words do no justice to the amount of pleasure I experienced using the Buzzy Beaver. Regardless of its strange name, this vibrator is ahead of the rest. Find me another vibrator that can infiltrate my love zone with such precision. The twisting and turning, gyrations, and ridge rotations had me pushing deeper and harder, certainly quicker. I like the tickler; however, the shaft of this vibrator is what got my knees shakin'. The motor of this vibrator is rather quiet, which is essential if you are trying to hide your new love affair. A must for any woman wanting intense, quick and relaxing orgasms, requiring little effort on her part. No work, all play.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Eliza Dane
The squirming and rotating of this vibrator is among the best. The continuous shaft activity finds a way into those deep dark love waters that are otherwise neglected. I had an orgasm within seconds of using it the first time.

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