Bondage Sex Toys: An inflatable butt plug sex toy rules out buying different sized anal dildos and vibrators.


Deluxe Vibrating Wonder Plug

7 Customer Reviews
Deluxe Vibrating Wonder Plug: An inflatable butt plug sex toy rules out buying different sized anal dildos and vibrators.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Oh, VibeReview has a surprise for its customers. Yes, we do. Are you frustrated with finding toys with the perfect size and shape, toys that please you each and every time you use them? If so, VibeReview is proud to introduce the Deluxe Vibrating Wonder Plug to you. An innovative vibrating anal toy, the Deluxe Vibrating Wonder Plug is made of soft rubber that expands or deflates. Using pump technology, the user of this toy can adjust the size of the butt plug, which creates various degrees of fullness.

It's been a while since VibeReview found an anal toy that works well for both beginners and experienced anal plug users. With this amazing butt plug, operators decide what size satisfies him or her best. Spending more and more money on smaller or larger sizes is over. And, even better, this butt plug is designed with fantastic multi-speed vibration technology. Your search for the ultimate butt plug ends when you purchase the Deluxe Vibrating Wonder Plug.

Editorial Review

The Deluxe Vibrating Wonder Plug is one fascinating butt plug. In all my years reviewing anal toys, I've never encountered a more efficient, comfortable and flexible butt plug. Using its amazing pump technology is so easy, too. I insert the butt plug, and then inflate it slowly. As the plug grows inside of me, my anus adjusts slowly to the new stimulation, size, and shape.

As if pump technology wasn't enough, amazing vibrations accompany, and add to, every moment of pleasure. Each vibration level/speed is suited for the kind of stimulation I ache to feel. My boyfriend tried this butt plug, and he cannot believe how easy to use the toy really is.

The Deluxe Vibrating Wonder Plug is designed for higher level anal stimulation. VibeReview knows its customers, and it expects this butt plug to sell out quickly. So many people have emailed us, asking what steps can be taken to avoid wasteful spending on toys that may or may not fit. Now, with the release of this new toy, people do not have to chance or guess at what size suits them. Pump your plug into the exact size that you desire. No guessing, pure pleasure all the time, and the ability to increase or decrease size in a matter of moments...the Deluxe Vibrating Wonder Plug is the answer.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Rubber.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. Jiddy33
yup i love it, tis all i need to say
Sex toy review: three hearts. Heart is Pure
Effective, fun, and full of surprises. I can't say it is my favorite, but it is still a good butt plug. Better than ol' every day anal plugs. Oh, and the quality of's better than most. I've used mine for three months and had not one single problem with it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I've never, ever seen anything like this butt plug. Inflatable butt plug? It sounds strange. But its inflatable possibilities is a great function. A perfect fit each time I use it, regardless of how tight or loose my anal muscles might be. The gradual nature of its inflation feels wonderful. I wish I had come across this butt plug when I first experienced anal pleasure, I would have saved money on upgrades--larger or smaller sizes.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Man of the Hour
Maybe I am one of the few men who enjoys the anal fullness provided by an effective anal plug. That's ok. Some guys don't know what they are missing. So, anyway, the Deluxe Vibrating Wonder Plug is tremendously comfortable; thus, pleasurable. Inflating it seemed like a chore, but it's not. Good plug.
Sex toy review: three hearts. plush bitch
Really fun to play around with. The plug is traditional in shape, when air is put in it. The texture feels fine. Vibrations? Strong enough, but could certainly be better. I would buy it again knowing what I know now.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Dee K.

The first time I used Deluxe Vibrating...(too long of a name) I was scared. I wondered if the damn thing would explode in my ass, if it were pumped too much. It's called an over-active imagination, I guess.

Ok, back to the toy: Outstanding. Unlike many women I know, I prefer larger anal plugs and dildos. I inflate this one almost to its max. I have orgasms when I use this plug with a clitoral vibrator.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I would never have imagined myself purchasing an inflatable butt toy. I did, though. Boy, I am glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone. As this toy inflates, I get the strongest sensations sweeping through my body. It helps that the vibrator is strong, as well. The inflation device isn't tough to use either.

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