Male Sex Toys: Devinn Lane sex doll mouth and adult toys to please men


Devinn Lane's Oral Seduction

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Devinn Lane's Oral Seduction: Devinn Lane sex doll mouth and adult toys to please men
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Male masturbation improves with the help of sex toy strokers and adult toy masturbation sleeves. Get ready for extreme sexual satisfaction as a result of realism at its best. Devinn Lane's Oral Seduction is ready for your sexiest thrusting action. Are you up to the challenge? This is your opportunity to "make it" with an adult star, Devinn Lane, experiencing her oral skills for yourself.

This masturbation sleeve is replicated to represent Devinn Lane's luscious lips and tongue. In fact, the tongue of this fascinating sleeve is pierced! As you slide your member deep inside of its soft and smooth mouth, the pierced tongue rubs against your penis. The noduled throat of this blow job stroker is tight and long - it can accommodate most men.

Devinn Lane's Oral Seduction is a vibrating masturbation sleeve. It comes with a mini-bullet vibrator that makes the lips, tongue, and throat vibrate as you thrust your penis in and out of its tight construction. However, the vibrator is removable. If you'd rather stroke without vibrations, simply remove the vibrator.

If you are feeling especially wild and kinky, you should check out the Heather Vandeven Replica, one of the hottest male masturbation sex toys ever made. Experience the sensual pleasure of playing with one of the industry's most cherished starlets, as her replica sex toy is designed with realistic skin-like texture.

Editorial Review

It doesn't get much better than Devinn Lane's Oral Seduction. Future replicas and blow job strokers and male sex toys may prove me wrong, but as it stands, there are not very many sleeves and strokers that even come close to being as much fun, or as effective. I'd probably choose this adult toy over most of the others I've reviewed in the last few months. Then again, nothing beats the Heather Vandeven Replica, Jenna Jameson's Private Parts, and Stormy Daniels's Precious Private Parts.

My girlfriend used to be freaked out by these sex toy strokers. For whatever reason, a lot of women get turned off by the sight of a replica for male masturbation, but then don't have a problem with realistic dildos. I certainly don't understand the difference. Anyway, my girlfriend warmed up to the idea of pleasing me with Devinn Lane's Oral Seduction. So, I've played with this sex toy by myself and with my girlfriend. Some of our extended hours of lovemaking include this sex toy sleeve (or one of the other ones I mentioned above), becoming a foreplay toy just as much as one of my girlfriend's vibrators or dildos.

When I tell you that I abuse these realistic feeling lips, tongue, and throat, I am serious. This is one of those strokers that I can get down with. I experience no problems with fast-paced or hard thrusting. I've never had a girl with a pierced tongue go down on me, and after everything I've heard about how tongue piercings make fellatio so much better, I was really excited about trying this one out. The interior (the throat and mouth) is covered in a bumpy texture. As I push my penis deeper, I can feel each bumpy nodule run across my shaft, and the sensation it creates is exciting. Slowly pushing my penis in and out really brings these nodules to life; I can feel each one putting desirable pressure on my penis.

A few of the vibrating strokers that I've tested were more of a tease than anything else. Devinn Lane's Oral Seduction is not a tease. The vibrations are so strong, in fact, that I can feel the vibrations bounce against my balls (which also feels fantastic...try it). This is a must own toy for men who take their masturbation seriously. I was sick and tired of playing with sleeves that teased me, inching me close to fantastic sensations and then falling short of what I expect in expensive masturbation sleeves. Devinn Lane's Oral Seduction is a special toy for guys, and guys will appreciate its superior texture and performance.

Additional Details

Size:  5" total length
3" width
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, PVC, and Silicone.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. bart
feels so soft and real. the tongue, everything -- it all feels almost too realistic. it kinda freaks me out at times, that is how real it feels. i thought it would be heavy, not so much though. it is light enough to move around. i feel confident in my purchase and the sucker toy.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I understand the obsession with this toy. A lot of my friends have this particular toy or one similar to it. While I agree that the mouth feels good, the oral cavity is not deep enough for me. It would be hella nice if the mouth had more depth. Minus my one compplaint ... jacking off with this toy is an improvement over older methods.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

No one could have convinced me that a fake puss feels good. Funny enough, it took my girlfriend buying Devinn Lane's Oral Seduction for me, because there was no friggin' way I would have purchased it. But, as usual, my girlfriend picked out a winner.

If you buy it, I suspect you'll be surprised by it as much as I have been. It looks more realistic in person than it does in the image, and it feels...well, I wouldn't say realistic...different. It is a different type of sensation that is hard to accurately describe. All I know is that is a texture and tightness that feels mighty good.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. go me
I'm a facial, oral kind of guy. I jumped on the opportunity to buy this wild looking and feeling masturbation toy. Never have I seen something like it, nor have I ever felt anything quite like it. I agree with lee or whoever said that cleaning it sucks the big one. My suggestion is don't blow one inside of it. Pull out before the big one. If you do, you won't have to clean it as much.
Sex toy review: four hearts. christo
No scheming with the oral seduction toy. All fun, all the time. I hate cleaning the inside of it, but that's my only whiny complaint.
Sex toy review: four hearts. leescoda
Mouth-wateringly realistic! All dudes should check it out. My girl goes to college in Florida; I'm in New York. You get the picture. I need something to keep me honest. This sucker feels real.

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