Male Sex Toys: Penis pumps and penis enlargement sex toys create strong erections

Dr. Joel Kaplan Head Pump System

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Dr. Joel Kaplan Head Pump System: Penis pumps and penis enlargement sex toys create strong erections
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Penis enlargement options range from penis pumps to supposedly effective pills. You might believe you've encountered all the real penis enlargement methods, but you haven't seen one of the most exciting penis pumps ever made, the Dr. Joel Kaplan Head Pump System - a revolutionary pump that focuses on glans (penis head) development and growth. If you've always wanted a "mushroom" head, this amazing penis enlargement pump is what you need.

Most pumps focus on the entire penis - the head, shaft, and base. But this exciting pump wants to help you create a thick, full, and engorged penis head that feels wonderful upon insertion into your lover. Because this pump is considered a "system" for glans enlargement, you can expect a heavy-duty performance, with outstanding results. It comes with a high-pressure metal vacuum pump, an easy-to-grip padded handle, a power gauge (to monitor pressure), a flexible air hose, and a quick release valve (for immediate relief).

The Dr. Joel Kaplan Head Pump System is designed to create the penis head you've always desired. Improving your penis' physical characteristics goes a long way toward improving one's sex life - both in terms of pleasure experienced by both lovers and self-confidence in the sack. Now, with this new penis enlargement pump helping you create the ideal glans, you can celebrate performance and appearance like never before!

Editorial Review

There's a first for everything, some people say. And, in this case, I'd say that's an accurate statement: This is the first time I have tested a glans-specific pump. While I have tested the Black Jack Stroker, Titan Pump and a few other pumps, I had never even seen a penis head pump.

I laughed to myself as I slid my penis head inside of the cylinder. The process seemed unnatural to me - not that there's much difference testing a penis pump, but it felt like there was a difference, if only minimal. The awkwardness of the moment soon escaped me, allowing me to ease into the unfamiliar situation.

I started, pumped a couple of times, and finally reached a pressure that was comfortable. I could feel the blood in my glans pulsating and then watched my penis head get larger and larger. I did this for a few minutes, ensuring that each part of the pump was tested. When I pulled my glans out of the cylinder, my penis head was still larger than ever.

I wanted to see how long this "new" size would last. It took 30 minutes before the head returned to its everyday size. That impressed me. Basically, it meant that I could use the pump before having sex and my penis would be ready. Since testing the pump, I have used it as preparation for sex, and seriously, it works better than I could've imagined.

Update: I am still using this pump several times a week. For the first month or so, I only witnessed temporary results. That is, my glans's thickness increased for short periods of time. However, having used it for over four months, I am noticing a permanent change, as my penis head seems stronger and thicker all the time, even when I haven't used the penis pump in a couple of days.

Additional Details

Size:  2.25" cylinder diameter
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, Plastic, and Silicone.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. nine inch nail
Here's a tip for all of you, something I learned the hard way: Do not over pump. It will bruise your dick. Results don't come overnight. If you take it slow and don't push yourself too much, too soon, this pump works quite well.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. JesterJive
The suction force gives me a boner. I sure have witnessed some type of transformation. I don't know exact measurements or anything! I am going by what I see and how sex feels. There's a difference - a positive difference - since I started pumping.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Drake
Great results so far! I debated about buying this pump. Glad I finally bought it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Bob (AKA Bob-O)
Minor changes in size. More of a defining pump. I have that mushroom head people talk about. It's due to this weird pump.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Gilbert M
I've experienced positive results. It's a slow process, however. Probably more cosmetic that anything.
Sex toy review: four hearts. P. Facet
I've tried all sorts of penis enlargement products. Boring, ineffective, and short-lived. The penis pumps I've tried flat out sucked. When I purchased the Head Pump System, I assumed it might work better because it focuses on one area of the penis, increasing the possibility of growth. Sure enough, my dickhead is thicker and meatier, fairly well-defined. Not only that but it doesn't seem temporary. Even when I don't use the pump, my dickhead is better than it used to be.

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