Sex Toy Accessories: Paint your partner's body with edible body paint and tickle and tease her with vibrating cock rings, clit vibes, and dual stimulation sex toys.

Edible Fingerpaints

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Edible Fingerpaints: Paint your partner's body with edible body paint and tickle and tease her with vibrating cock rings, clit vibes, and dual stimulation sex toys.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Let your fingers do the talking. This erotic edible delight has been designed to enhance the sensuous creativity of lovers. For easy removal, lick clean. Four fruity flavors: Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry and Apple included and four .5 oz containers in each purchase.

Editorial Review

I am always excited about artistic expression, especially if sex is involved. While my boyfriend proves to be artistically challenged, we still have great evenings playing with Edible Fingerpaints. We both paint one another; then, got on top of one another. We lick, eat, and smear paint over one another. One gigantic mess? Certainly. That's the objective, though.

Cherry is my favorite flavor, but my boyfriend prefers Blueberry. Be sure to spread a blanket over the floor, couch, wherever you plan to play twister and eat one another into ecstasy. This is the perfect gift for a soon-to-be-married couple. Edible Fingerpaints is the perfect bachelorette or bachelor party gift. Couples who want to move beyond the seriousness of it all should consider Edible Fingerpaints as a alternative path of playfulness.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. scarlet
Nothing compares to an evening of finger-painting, especially when you can lick and eat the paint off the body of one hot stud (my husband, of course). Finger-painting should be a necessary activity of every soon-to-be-married couple. It really opens a relationship up. If the guy can't relax enough to finger-paint, you know he's not the right guy. That's my marital commentary for the night. The paints are deliciously deviant.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Jackie B.
Oh, the messes we make - some good, some bad. In this case, Edible Fingerpaints...all good. What a brilliant idea, when you think about it. Slipping, sliding, eating, licking, painting - all activities that should make anyone scramble for the next course in sexual development. Creativity, passion, sensuality, and romance are all results of using the edible fingerpaints.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Sarah K.
I painted kisses all over my husbands chest. After that, I wrote I love you all over his butt. Then, to top it off, I painted hearts all over his penis. Not many fit, as you could imagine. Watch those hearts grow; they even have a pulse! Hehe. The paints taste really good. Nothing too rich about these paints. Everyone should try this at least one time.
Sex toy review: four hearts. tracy
My husband is a masterpiece; I merely added some fresh creative designs to it. Erotic and tasty as can be, the edible paints introduced me to a new world of sensuality. My husband looked bored, but he eventually got into the idea. We ended up making love with the paints still on our bodies. We ate the paints off one another as the passion increased. This is a great product. We continue to purchase it whenever we run out.
Sex toy review: four hearts. keith sweitzer
My boyfriend loves this stuff. I hadn't thought of paint as erotic. He convinced me to try it. I'm hooked. I wish we played with this stuff more often, if you want to know the truth. It's messy, but really gets me in the mood to be romantic. It tastes great. No complaints from me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. gooberry
Not a single person has complained about Edible Fingerpaints. I refuse to be the first - not that I have anything negative to say. My wife and I play with the paints every Friday night, except when a commitment prevents us from doing so. The paints have become an anchor of our expression of love and desire for one another. The paints are delicious, but we focus more on the self and couple-expression aspect of it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Porno Fan
Yes, every couple should have a set of edible fingerpaints. However, be aware this will obviously get pretty messy. My lover and I put a blanket down in the kitchen and paint with chocolate, whip cream, fingerpaints and whatever else we feel so inclined to use. So far, no permanent stains on the blanket; but if there were it would be a small price to pay!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Fun? Are you kidding me?!!!!!

Fun, and more - to be sure. We like the messy feeling of the paints. They taste great. The only problem is, they eventually run out. Ha!

But, for real, these paints really add a new dimension to an already great sex life. There's nothing better than licking your partner all over, with the added benefit of it tasting good. Who wants the taste of sweat? No one does, so these paints take away that disgusting possibility.

Get some paints ASAP. You'll love it, and your partner will love you for it!!!!

Sex toy review: four hearts. Chosen Profession
Dude, I bought these paints for my woman. She loved it. It showed that I actually put some time, effort, and thought into our sex life, which she totally appreciated.

Yeah, the paints can get a bit messy. It's really no big deal, though. A little clean-up is worth the experience created by use of the paints. They taste great, too, but I was more into the action than the taste - that's just me, though.

You crazy guys should try this. It works, I swear. Your lady will melt in your hands. Thanks for all the great products, ole' VibeReview.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I agree that no bedroom should be without fingerpaints, and if they're edible that's all the better. There's nothing more exotic than feeling someone paint on your naked body - except when they later lick off their work.

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