Female Sex Toys: Waterproof vibrator with ridges on the dildo shaft


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Interlude: Waterproof vibrator with ridges on the dildo shaft
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Evolved has been taking the sex toy world by storm with their new line of vibrators! Prepare to meet the Interlude: this is a high-end vibrator without the high-end price. The moment you remove the Interlude from its beautifully constructed metal case, you'll marvel at its sleek form, graceful contours, and elegant ridges.

Constructed of a non-toxic jelly-like material, the 3-speeds of vibrations generated by the powerful motor are dampened and spread out through the Interlude's entire surface. This makes the Interlude a great choice for anyone looking for plenty of power, but without the sharp intensity that other vibrators are sometimes known for.

The Interlude is waterproof, so feel free to take this one in the shower or hot tub for some sexy splashing. And when you're done, you've got a high quality metal case to store and protect your new toy.

Editorial Review

This toy is pure class. I've never been able to understand why so many vibrators come in cheap cardboard or plastic boxes, complete with pictures of half-naked third-rate female models. There's just nothing unsexier to me.

The Interlude is obviously made for people like me, who want their toys to look sexy as well as feel sexy. The manufacturer really developed a complete package here. The Interlude comes in a sexy tin case, decorated with swirly designs. Inside the tin, the toy comes nestled in a bed of crushed velvet, a gem on a jeweler's pillow. Hell, the toy even has a classy name!

Needless to say, I was ready to get going immediately. I popped some batteries in, which by the way, was very simple. Figuring out how to get the batteries into toys can sometimes ruin your whole experience. The interlude has a removable battery pack that makes changing batteries a breeze. I turned the toy on and a whisper-quiet motor began buzzing.

I'll say right upfront: the vibrations are not really all that strong. In fact, I kept wishing for more on my clitoris, and when used internally, the vibrations were barely noticeable. The construction of the toy is superb though. It's a perfect size, and the ridges that run down the length of the shaft make insertion really easy. The ridges are small enough so that you (or your partner) can twist the Interlude without it hurting. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that the sensation produced by twisting the toy was the Interlude's best feature!

If the Interlude had stronger vibrations, I think it would be a definite winner. As-is, it's a better than average vibe in an amazing package.

Additional Details

Size:  8" long
1.5" wide
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and TPR.
Manufacturer:  Evolved Novelties

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Pacifica
Not a bad vibe, but not as good as I thought it would be based on the elegant box it comes in. Pretty much average.

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