Dildos: Put this clit tickler on your clitoral vibrator or your sexy finger for textured masturbation and sex toy fun.

Jelly Finger Stimulator

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Jelly Finger Stimulator: Put this clit tickler on your clitoral vibrator or your sexy finger for textured masturbation and sex toy fun.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Finger play either feels really good or really bad. Ask any woman. If she's being honest, she'll explain the not so subtle difference between positive and negative stimulation. With this fact in mind, the Jelly Finger Stimulator was created. Anal and vaginal penetration feel wonderful with the Jelly Finger Stimulator.

The Jelly Finger Stimulator has textured grooves and nubs that send every vaginal nerve you have into a sexual frenzy. Each purchase includes two finger stimulators of different texture. Both finger stimulators are made of flexible jelly so bending and angle manipulation are possible.

Editorial Review

Simple, but highly effective in creating a more aroused sexual state, the Jelly Finger Stimulator works wonders. The finger stimulator has a snug finger fit. The jelly material is flexible, and as a result, deeper penetration and G-Spot stroking are attainable.

The detailed texture raises and drops provide consistent stimulation, whether the sleeve is fully inserted, or only slightly. My boyfriend warms me up with the Jelly Finger Stimulator. It's become routine in our household--soon to be a tradition. At times, while my boyfriend makes love to me, he'll slide a finger inside of my anus, which creates instant stimulation to my entire body, like shockwaves spreading through my insides.

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Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I wasn't expecting miracles, but jelly finger stimulator needs more thickness. One of mine ripped the second time I used it. I'm not that upset or anything, but I would like it to last beyond the second use.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Potential Good Girl
Having these finger sleeves around can be helpful, but I don't use them much. If my boyfriend and I get creative, we usually include Jelly Finger Stimulator. From time to time, I will masturbate with a sleeve on my finger. A good product to own and pull out of my collection once in a while.
Sex toy review: three hearts. nell
As an additional tool for masturbation, it's great. I wouldn't want Jelly Finger Stimulator to be my only source of stimulation, however.
Sex toy review: four hearts. deana
Personally, I like the finger sleeves. They feel a helluva lot better than a plain old finger exploring my clit and vagina.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Heather
I bought these as a way to balance out the shipping fee, but the two finger sleeves just don't do it for me.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Cinderella's New Shoe
Limited in how much stimulation it can provide, but the external ticklers and nubs do feel good. Suggestion for anyone who buys Jelly Finger Stimulator: use plenty of lube on your clitoris, so you don't have to stop-n-start every minute. The jelly material does feel good, but you have to work up to an orgasm. No reason to delay it further with limited use of lube.
Sex toy review: four hearts. universal female celebration
Since it wasn't that expensive, I expected it to not be very good. I am surprised at how well it works for me. As long as it doesn't rip, I will be happy with my purchase. So far, it keeps me interested in finger fun. I don't always need vibrations to have a good time with myself.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Spank my Booty
It's an ok way to increase stimulation. The texture feels great, but my finger gets really tired after while. I will be going with a battery operated or electrical device next time.

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