Male Sex Toys: Jesse Jane sex toys and male masturbation

Jesse Jane's Pocket Lover

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Jesse Jane's Pocket Lover: Jesse Jane sex toys and male masturbation
Sex toy review: five hearts.

Item Description

Jesse Jane wants to be friends with you - an intimate friend, sharing a smile and welcoming your most energetic thrust! Jesse Jane's Pocket Lover - molded from the famous starlet's own private parts - is one of the tightest, most lifelike masturbation sleeves. Its soft, flexible Futurotic material captures the essence of pleasurable high-octane masturbation that attempts to re-create the sensations of sex.

As you plunge deep inside of its squishy, flexible interior, your penis pulsates with new vigor and excitement, and this sleeve's tightness swallows your manhood with a quiet confidence, knowing it can please you in ways that other sex toy sleeves cannot. Holding yourself back is impossible. Waiting to penetrate this beauty is sexual torture, so you dive right into pleasure, commenting to yourself, "Wow, I can't believe it feels this real!"

And while you penetrate this realistic looking and feeling sleeve, a small vibrating bullet brings the sleeve's exotic interior to life. Wonderful vibrations resonate throughout the Futurotic material and allow you to experience a sea of fantastic sensations that improve your stroking festivities. The bullet vibrator is removable - you can masturbate with or without vibratory stimulation, if you choose.

If you've grown masturbation weary and need a unique masturbation sex toy, Jesse Jane's Pocket Lover is the right vibrating sleeve for you. Besides looking identical to Jesse Jane's private parts, it also feels as real as a sleeve can - or ever will. Choose between two sleeve designs: a vibrating vaginal sleeve or a non-vibrating anal sleeve. But once you submerge your prized possession in this gem, you will know stroking pleasure like never before!

Editorial Review

I tested and reviewed both the vibrating vaginal sleeve and the non-vibrating anal sleeve. Both are exceptionally tight, long, and deep. The anal sleeve is tighter than the vaginal sleeve, so if you like your sleeves incredibly tight (almost too tight), you might prefer the anal sleeve. If you like a little room for maneuvering and vibrations, the vaginal sleeve is the way to go.

Which one of Jesse Jane's Pocket Lovers did I like the most? I like the vaginal sleeve more than the anal sleeve. Since the vaginal sleeve looks so real and comes with hardcore vibrations, I immediately chose it. While the anal sleeve also feels great, the vaginal sleeve just seems more lifelike. Its texture and appearance convinced me of its greatness.

However, there are better (and more expensive, mind you) masturbation sleeves. Jesse Jane's Intimate Passages is the real deal - it is designed with both a vaginal and anal penetration hole. Plus, it comes with vibrator. In a way, it is the combination of both the vaginal and anal Jesse Jane's Pocket Lover; so you get the best of both worlds with Jesse Jane's Intimate Passages.

I get off on all the different Jesse Jane replicas. I find that her product line (along with Jenna Jameson's Private Parts) is superior to most others. When it comes to realistic, soft textures and sleeve durability, Jesse Jane's Pocket Lover sleeves are two of the best moderately priced sleeves ever created for men.

Additional Details

Size:  Vaginal Sleeve:
  6" total length
  4.5" width
Anal Sleeve:
  6" total length
  5.5" insertable length
  4.5" width
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of PVC, and Silicone.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. The Beautiful Kind
This is the first time I've played around with a sleeve male toy, and it is SO WORTH IT! A total trip, everyone needs to try this at least once! It's better than regular masturbation, don't even need the added bonus bullet vibe. Life size, fascinating texture, easy clean up. The little ribs inside feel tantalizing just on the finger. The only funny thing is the sound it makes as you use it, a little disconcerting, but it was sexy to watch my man play with it!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Abbot D.
Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. Love me some Jesse Jane. Time to get it on and on and on. How could I ever stop when I have this cool sex toy so close to me? Only two things can win me over better than this toy ... a blow job and sex. That's all that can compete with it. Can't believe that stroking and masturbation are this much fun.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I knew it'd feel awesome, but I didn't know it'd feel this realistic. Imagine the tightest vagina. Yeah, like that.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Edward Block
Bought Jesse Jane's Pocket Lover two weeks ago. I couldn't be more satisfied. It's tight and stretchy. I tried jacking off with it without lubrication. Not a good idea, so I recommend using some. I bought some lube from VibeReview after the fact, but I am having a blast with the toy now!

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