Lubes & Lotions: Add sensual and erotic massage with your sex toys, vibrators, dildos, and vibrating cock ring fun.

Lava Lotion Massage Candle

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Lava Lotion Massage Candle: Add sensual and erotic massage with your sex toys, vibrators, dildos, and vibrating cock ring fun.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The utilitarian in you demands that you experiment with Lava Lotion Massage Candle. Do you like candles? Massage lotion? Of course you do. Have you ever bought a candle that is also massage lotion? Probably not. Lava Lotion Massage Lotion serves as both a candle and massage lotion. Amazing, really.

Light your candle. As your candle burns brightly, the most amazing scents are released into the air. Wax quickly begins to collect around the wick. Pour the warm wax on your lover's body. Don't be alarmed, though: this wax, unlike your average grocery store candles, will not burn your lover's skin. To be sure, the candle wax is hot, but painful blisters are a thing of the past.

The wax does not dry immediately. Rub the wax all over your lover's body. As this magical wax transforms into sensual lotion, massage your lover into a state of relaxation.

If you desire to skip the wax-drip activity, simply scoop out the wax and begin massaging the cold lotion all over your body or your lover's.

Scents available: vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood sage, eucalyptus peppermint, and cucumber spice.

Each candle is approximately 6 oz.

Editorial Review

When I first read about Lava Lotion Massage Candle, I liked the idea of combining lotion and candle; however, I am not a fan of blistered skin. I find no pleasure in that kind of skin discomfort. I had a difficult time believing that hot wax would not hurt. Um, yes, so it is "hot" wax, right? Yes.

The "hot" wax was not so hot that it burned my skin. That was my number one concern. After a couple of drops of wax hit my skin, I relaxed: The wax-lotion does not hurt. Now, what's pain to me might not be pain to someone else, vice versa. I have a low tolerance for pain. If it does not hurt me, I have to think that the majority of people would have the same conclusion.

Once I relaxed, I enjoyed the scents and lotion more. My boyfriend rubbed every drop of lotion into my skin, loosening up muscles that I didn't even know were tense. I adore Lava Lotion Massage Candles. I've always wanted to be that girl brave enough to accept the warm invitations of candle wax. I am officially one of those girls, and I experienced it without skin disfigurement and pain.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Essin' Em
I've tried a good number of massage oil candles from a variety of places. This one is hands down the best - it burns well and evenly, leaving a big pool of warm massage oil for use. It smells amazing (if you like Jasmine), and its scent isn't too overtly feminine, so my butch partner liked it as well. And the oil? I actually poured too much on, because most of the other candles' oil got waxy fast, or absorbed quickly into the skin. Not this one - it was like real massage oil and kept going and going and going. In fact, it out lasted me. Two mega thumbs up!
Sex toy review: four hearts. The Beautiful Kind
This candle was surprisingly fun and sexy to use! I tried vanilla, and would love to try the other scents. It was so cool how the wax turned into massage oil! Very sexy 2 for 1! In the dim glow of the candle in the dark bedroom, I felt like we were taking part in a sexy ritual - he was a dark warlock and I was an oiled priestess. The oil absorbed well and didn't stain the sheets - we woke up after a fun evening slip 'n sliding with soft, moisturized skin. The only thing I would change is make the wax hotter - I guess I'm kinky like that. Very cool that they take the edge out of wax play and make it safe for all levels of lovers!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Domina
I love this candle. Nice soft scent, low melting point allows for a soothing warm oil massage. Made of 100% vegetable compounds (oils and wax) so that's a big plus. Better than most of the massage candles I have tried in the past.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. geoff
I like the Lava Lotion Massage Candle so much that I am in favor of signing a petition for larger containers. One container doesn't last very long in our house.
Sex toy review: four hearts. heavenly blue
Try the Vanilla scent. You don't need a partner to have fun with this motion-candle. I've gone both ways -- with a partner and without. Obviously more fun with a partner, including the candle into masturbation is also erotic.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Sexy Lexie
I broke my personal rule of not buying stuff I don't need. Well, contrary to how I initially felt about the Lava Lotion Massage Candle, I needed it. My lover and I took an entire weekend off from everything - life, work, play, television, etc - and instead focused on one another. We used the entire Lava Lotion Massage Candle in one weekend. Since then, I've purchased replacements. I applaud whoever invented this cool lotion-candle combo.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
If you and your loved one don't have a massage candle, you are missing out. It is a must have for romantic nights. The lotion feels good. When the lotion is hot it doesn't get so hot that it burns - more of a sting that tingles.
Sex toy review: five hearts. I need it!
There was no way that I was going to mess with screwed up burns on my skin. I like the idea of candle wax, but I have no desire to feel pain. Pain is not erotic to me in any form or fashion. Lava Lotion Massage Candle stings on the first couple of pours, but it's nothing unbearable. After several drops, my skin started to tingle, like goose bumps. I will definitely being buying more this stuff.

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