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Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo

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Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo: BDSM dildos can be lesbian sex toys or male adult toys
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Lexington Steele - famous for his gigantic penis - has co-created the Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo, a double-headed dildo that looks and feels like the real thing. Double-up your sexy fun with this bendable dual dildo, because, with this dual dildo in hand, you are ready for explosive eroticism with a partner or by yourself.

This exciting ebony and ivory dual dildo is long and flexible, larger than the average sex toy. The Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo is made of flesh-like Cyberskin material, and its internal structure is composed of EZ Bend technology, making it a bendable joy of intense pleasure. Change the dildo's shape according to your personal preferences, or for your preferred stimulation angle.

The skin-like texture is smooth and soft. Both penis heads are well-defined for instant pleasure during insertion and penetration, and while you experience the wonderful sensations of vaginal fullness and remarkable dildo length, you get a chance to imagine what it's like to make love to a star. Give the Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo a chance to deliver a little piece of heaven to your bedroom!

Editorial Review

The Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo is one serious dildo for those women who appreciate wide, long, and realistic sex toys. I couldn't keep my hands off this well-endowed fellow, my Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo. I kept fondling it, stroking it with my excited hands, and dreaming about it inside of me. I was still at work when my new toy found a home in my hand, so I was forced to wait all day to review it. I almost crumbled under the weight of anticipation.

Once off of work, I literally fought traffic to get home. No one - or thing - would slow me down. I pulled into my driveway crooked, ran up the porch steps, and slammed my key into the front door's deadbolt lock. I wasn't planning on wasting any more time. By the time I was inside of my house and had shut the front door, my blouse was already off of me. Multitasking, of course! I went to my bedroom, finished stripping, and grabbed my Eros Bodyglide lube.

I spread a two drops of lube on the dildo's head, and then rubbed the head on my clit slowly. The contours of the shaft head felt wonderful on my aroused clit. The more excited I became, the wetter I felt. I couldn't resist the dildo anymore! I gently pushed the thick shaft inside of me, and using the bendable shaft, I was able to aim the head for deep penetration and stimulation of my G-Spot. I felt my insides quiver with vaginal contractions, then loosen, as I grabbed the toy with my powerful, tight vaginal muscles.

I worked myself up with a slow-to-fast-to-slow pace. Right when I felt like I was going to orgasm, I would slow the penetration pace down, teasing myself as much as possible. Its perfect size, shape, and texture finally pushed me over the edge, right into one of my best climaxes ever. I had a full body orgasm that seemed to last forever, and that's happened several times since then, when I play with the Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo.

It's important to clean Cyberskin sex toys thoroughly, as it is a porous material. I normally roll a condom over this sex toy, but in comparison to other Cyberskin sex toys, this dildo is easier to clean, doesn't get too sticky, or too tacky. This is a good dildo for erotic role playing, as well. It is a dual dildo, so inviting a partner to join the sexy fun is possible. It bends in half without losing any strength in the shaft, which comes in handy when a partner plays, too, and when I want to experience stimulation at a specific angle.

I doubt many beginners will enjoy the Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo (unless they are accustomed to a well-endowed man), but experienced dildo lovers will instantly fall in love with this dildo's size, shape, and skin-like texture. Like the Emperor and UltraReal, the Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo is made for women who want a touch of realism in their masturbation.

Additional Details

Size:  19" total length
1.5" width
Material:  This item is made of Cyberskin, and Phthalate Free material.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Mesmerizing, skin-like texture, bends perfectly, and naughty! Feels wonderful to me!
Sex toy review: four hearts. feline frisky
My girlfriend initially didn't like the Lex Steele dildo. I can't pry it out of her hands now. Go figure! She needs to share it more often, because I am fond of it too. I am very pleased with its soft texture, bendable shape, and cool double end.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Insufferable Virgin
The Lex Steele Interracial Dual Dildo has a hold on my heart! I know it sounds funny, that a dildo could be that special to anyone. It's just that this sex toy induces orgasms like no other I've bought before. It rivals sex, true enough, and I look forward to years of having this stud with me.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. smashingly smushy
Real soft and skin-like texture. Being able to bend it opens up a whole box of playful times. Satisfied with it.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Call me crazy, but I am in love with my Lex Steele toy. My girlfriend and I ... let's just say ... fun times that go on for hours. There's so much I can do with (to) my Lex Steele bendy dildo. At first, maybe it was too wide for me, but after playing it with for two weeks, I am warmed up and ready for action. You won't catch me claiming it as the best toy ever (my Mary Mermaid is the best, by the way), but as a change of pace, and as a toy for both my girlfriend and me, this dual dildo baby pleases me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Liorra
A bendable dildo that meets all my high expectations

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