Male Sex Toys: Homemade sex toys spice up romantic gifts

Make Your Own Dildo

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Make Your Own Dildo: Homemade sex toys spice up romantic gifts
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The realistic feeling and appearance of the Champ and Emperor appeal to many people. But some lovers want to personalize their sex toys, hoping to find the right type of dildo that merges fantasy and reality. The Make Your Own Dildo is a molding kit for naughty, playful couples who want to personalize their sexy activities with a dildo replica. It comes with everything needed to create an exact copy of your lover's perfect penis.

From textured details to exact length and width, this molding kit allows couples to play the role of dildo manufacturer in their very own home. Couples need sexually playful activities to keep the love juices flowing, and there's really no better way of keeping the sexual energy flowing than having a blast with your very own personalized dildo. When your man is roaring, ready to go, and erect as a flagpole, you can spread this non-toxic, safe rubber molding over his penis.

What happens when your lovely man goes out of town and you're wanting to feel him inside of you? No problem! Open your nightstand drawer, grab your replica penis, and stimulate your longing hot zone with this dildo. Or maybe you've told him to sleep on the couch after a long verbal spat, but all the emotions have you pumped up and ready for makeup sex. Leave him on the couch to think about his bad self, instead using your new sex toy to scratch your sexual itch!

Editorial Review

How cool is the Make Your Own Dildo kit? Cooler than cool, if that's possible! You get the general idea, I bet. There are few couples sex toy kits quite like it. After all, I am in a committed relationship with my boyfriend, and have been for years. We don't stray from one another, ever. It's important to us that, though we might be considered boring and traditional, we sexually interact in ways that are new and unfamiliar - which helps us keep the excitement in our romantic relationship.

The Make Your Own Dildo kit is for couples of all experience levels. Sure, it looks like a fun kit to mess around with, but the key factor, as I see it, is that I get to spend quality alone time with my cute boyfriend. I grabbed my boyfriend by the arm, dragging him into the bathroom when I brought the kit home for the first time. I didn't even explain to him what was going on! I told him to strip down and get in the shower. His beautiful blue eyes danced around in shock, not knowing what was about to occur. I had him wash off while I placed two clean towels on the bathroom floor.

He took a quick shower, and then I told him to sit down on the towels. I hadn't unveiled the kit yet, so I imagine he thought it was time for some sexy-sexy. I intentionally mislead him. In a teasing way, you know - nothing to be mean but more playful than anything else. Finally, I could tell he was getting frustrated. I showed him the kit, explained what we were going to do, and I began all necessary preparations. He balked at first; he felt a little self-conscious, but he quickly got over his anxiety when I explained that I would put on a show for him. (That always seems to work!)

I'm not going to mislead you: The molding process took longer than I wanted; however, though my patience steadily decreased, I was satisfied with the results - how the dildo looked and felt. All that time, effort, and clean up ended up leading toward something fascinatingly special. We had fun making the dildo, and it was a good opportunity for us to take a break from the same old routines. The best part, as you can imagine, was playing with my new toy and watching my boyfriend watch me with his excited, darting eyes.

Does the mold feel better than, or close to, how my boyfriend's penis feels? No, but I didn't expect it to. But now I have a very personal sex toy to play with whenever I feel like, and while I have plenty of sex toys, this one has memories and experiences wrapped around it. Whenever I play with this dildo I can visualize us making the dildo and how excited my boyfriend was to see me please myself. I guess, really, since it was a new experience that's why I value this product so much. I refuse to be held down by the chains of boredom, and the Make Your Own Dildo is anything but boring.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Janice P.
My husband and I made my dildo three days ago. It took a lot of work and cooperation, but we had a blast trying to get my new dildo exactly like my husband's penis. I even went as far as to teach my husband how to use the dildo on me. This is a great project for couple's to do together.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Nick C.
Expect a huge mess. Plan accordingly, with sheets and towels. I recommend the bathroom as the best place to make your dildo. My wife and I made ours in the bathroom, so clean-up wasn't too bad. A couple we know made their toy in the kitchen, so maybe try that. Anyway, we had so much fun together, making a copy of my ding-a-ling. My wife uses the dildo before we get down business, and I suspect that she also plays with it when I am out of town. Expensive, but an experience that money cannot purchase.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Constantine
My wife is stationed in Germany. Work, it can be a real relationship strain. I wanted to buy her some kind of toy, but had no idea where to begin. I looked at many different websites, many different toys. I couldn't really tell what was good and what sucked. When I found VibeReview, all of that changed. All the reviews! There's so many. I bought my wife the Big Indian, and I bought the Make Your Own Dildo. I didn't warn her about either item. I don't know how I did it (it was a mess), but I made a replica of my penis on my own. I wouldn't recommend it, but the surprise was well worth the hassle. I sent the replica and Big Indian to my wife. Next thing I knew she bought a plane ticket home, surprising me. Guess what? She brought both toys home with her. We spent the weekend in bed, playing with both toys. She liked both gifts. I told my wife about VibeReview, so hopefully she'll surprise me with the Blossom Sleeve. I mentioned the toy to her, so we'll see.
Sex toy review: five hearts. marilyn_monroe
One major mess of fun. Paper towels, one reviewer suggested. No, more like old towels that you will never use again. That's cool, though. My husband and I had so much fun making the replica. We were both surprised how realistic the dildo ended up. We expected it to resemble my husband's chief-big guy, but in no way did we expect it to be HIS penis. We were wrong, and I am glad. We would have sold ourselves short. The dildo feels wonderful, too. I almost want to buy another kit just to experience the creation of it, again.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anton
When I bought Erotic Dice, I also purchased Make Your Own Dildo. I had no idea how my wife would respond. I hoped it would be a favorable response, obviously. It's no cheap kit! In the end, it was totally worth every penny. Not only did my wife like the idea, she enjoyed the process of making the dildo. We often play with it together. That's a cool deal for a guy like me. I love watching my wife play with an exact copy of my penis. It gets me off, big time. I can look people in the eyes, knowing: "Hey. Yeah, you. That's MY penis. Nice, eh?". All joking aside, if anything happened to our dildo, we'd buy another kit.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My wife travels often. We hate the separation. We've gone months without seeing one another. My wife complained about the lack of sex. It bothered me, as well; however, I have a nice porn collection to keep me occupied. My wife several vibrators, but she wanted something more personal. After browsing VibeReview, we read the reviews for Make Your Own Dildo. The first thing we noticed was the price. Ouch. We decided to order a kit anyway. We had a ton of fun making a copy of my penis. It was cool to see what my penis really looks like. Being that myu penis is attached to my body, it's difficult to "really" see what my penis is like. I was proud. Hell, she was so proud that she showed her best-friend. I don't know how she does it, but she carries my dildo-dick in her luggage. I can't even imagine what x-rayers think. Hopefully they are jealous! VibeReview rocks. We get all our stuff from your website. Keep up the good work.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
This kit is great. To get the "hard" replica you probably want, it requires your man to maintain an erection for a couple of minutes while the mold is curing. This gives you the perfect opportunity to "lend a hand" (or mouth) to be of assistance in this sexy project. I would, however, recommend you have your guy stand in the shower and both of you should be naked so you don't get the gunk on your clothes (besides, it's much more fun if you're both naked). We had a great time making the replica, and it's a pretty good dildo too, which every narcissistic man will enjoy knowing you have.
Sex toy review: four hearts. ivy
Just be sure to have plenty of paper towels near by and get ready for fun. This kit gives new meaning to rainy day arts-and-crafts. Also be sure to read the instructions first - they're kind of involved and some of the steps have to be done pretty fast. You end up with a rubber version of your man's penis. I haven't used it yet, but it's a nice keepsake in case we ever breakup.

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