Silicone Sex Toys: Sex toy dildos and adult toy vibrators for female sexual eruptions

Mini Corsair

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Mini Corsair: Sex toy dildos and adult toy vibrators for female sexual eruptions
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Mini Corsair exemplifies all that is exceptional about innovative mini vibrator technology. While other mini vibrators often lack multi-speed options and sensual texture, this amazing gem is powerful and sleek.

The shaft tip is designed with a slight curve that helps with G-Spot massage. When inserted, the Mini Corsair goes immediately to work - stimulating your hard-to-find sweet spot.

Though this mini vibrator's design beckons to be inserted, clitoral stimulation is another possibility. If you prefer external stimulation, the Mini Corsair is equipped with the right texture and shaft tip for mind-numbing clitoral action.

Waterproof, durable, multi-speed, powerful, and smaller than the everyday, regular vibrator - the Mini Corsair is a worthy companion for your bedroom or bathroom fun. Push buttons control all multi-speed operations (3 variable speeds). Adjust the powerful pace in accordance with your own sexual agenda, or as your mood changes.

Editorial Review

Hype always surrounds the latest sex toy releases. In the case of the Mini Corsair and its cousin, the Mini Meany, the hype is justified. Both are valuable sex toys to own. The Mini Meany does offer operators some internal stimulation. However, the Mini Corsair offers all users direct G-Spot and clitoral massage.

I enjoy both forms of stimulation. Naturally, I am more inclined to purchase a vibrator that can work as a clitoral and G-Spot toy. Of course, the Mini Corsair is not designed with simultaneous dual stimulation potential - like, say, the Royal Majesty or Vibe Rabbit. But alternating between penetration (internal stimulation) and clitoral massage (external stimulation) is still better than a sex toy that can only please one erogenous zone.

The amazing fact is that the Mini Corsair vibrates with tremendous power - in such a way that one would think it is much larger than it is! Impressive? Absolutely - there's no doubt in my mind.

Both the Mini Corsair and Mini Meany are quite durable. They can handle the "rough" stuff. You know, those times when you temporarily lose control of yourself - or, in my experience, right at the moment when I climax.

It is not the least expensive vibrator ever made, but made of silicone, and with German engineering, it will last a lot longer than jelly rubber material sex toys. I know that I can depend on the Mini Corsair's motor to keep on truckin'.

Beginners will get a kick out of this vibrating dildo. Not only will it help some beginners find their G-Spot, but it will also introduce them to extraordinary clitoral orgasms. You professional ladies - yes, you can also depend on this exciting mini vibrator to pulsate you into a sexual paradise.

Additional Details

Size:  5.5" total length
4.5" insertable length
4" circumference
Battery Info:  2 AAA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Rori
This vibe is super quiet, and not really mini at all when compared to some of the bullet-type vibes out there. This is a good "tried-and-true" type of vibe you can go back to when you don't want anything wild or crazy, and it really did hit my g-spot pretty nicely without being too intense. I'm not a fan of the controls, and it stinks that doesn't take AA batteries, because it means I can't use my rechargeables that I use with all of my other vibes. Overall, though, a good addition to any sex toy collection.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Happy, happy, happy! I got a powerful vibrator that isn't cheaply made for short term success. I bet I have this vibrator for several years. I can justify spending more money for a quality sex toy if it can handle several years of my crazy masturbation. The Mini Corsair is my new favorite!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Tearing this Heart Apart
My sneaky husband surprised me! He ordered the Mini Corsair for me. During our movie night, he pulled it out of the couch. He had hidden it under the pillows. Our movie night turned into actual 'lights, camera, and action'. My assessment of the Mini Corsair is that it is limited for penetration but really great for clit rubbing and massage.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Strong vibrations. This is a real go-go-go vibrator, the kind that I have wanted for a long time. The Mini Corsair roars into action and doesn't fail me, and I experience incredibly strong orgasms with it pleasing me. I have had a couple of vibrators fail me, but this one never has failed me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. morgan s.
VibeReview has it marked as a g-spot sex toy, but I mainly use mine on my clitoris. I have faith in my Mini Corsair, and I haven't been able to say that about most of the sex toys I've purchased over the years.
Sex toy review: five hearts. BarbieGirl
This is the second time that I've bought the Mini Corsair. My ex-boyfriend gave the first one to me. When we broke up, he took it back. Talk about a real jerk. I lost my boyfriend and my favorite sex toy. I was more concerned about losing the Mini Corsair. I forked up the cash to get another one. It is the only sex toy that I have used. I am inexperienced in comparison to some of you, but I do know the Mini Corsair helps me climax in ways I never believed possible.
Sex toy review: three hearts. pathos perfection
Probably the quietest vibe, ever. Good vibration power. Sturdy and strong. I wish it had a textured sleeve or something that allows me to experience different sensations.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Thin Life Living

The Mini Corsair is probably the single most important reason why my nightlife has recently been so entertaining. My sexual drive seems to be increasing with age. Maybe I am hitting my peak? Whatever the explanation, I am taking full advantage of my eagerness for sexual gratification.

I didn't order the Mini Corsair with a sober mind! When I placed the order, I was under the influence of three glasses of wine - a bit, oh, tipsy. I completely forgot that I submitted the order. Several days later the package arrived, and then I remembered! I tore apart the package, into small fragments on my floor. I found my new pal all shiny and new and sexy. Since receiving it, there hasn't been a day that I don't play with it. My other vibrators must feel neglected, but I am sticking with what works. This is an A+ vibrator.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Addyson
Let the lions out of their cages. ROAR! GRRR! The Mini Corsair isn't as small as some of you might believe. Sure, is smaller than most vibrators. But it is not some tiny vibrator. Doesn't matter much. This sucker knows how to please me the right way (you paying attention, chuck?). I like it more for clit vibrations than penetration. In either situation it blesses me. It is easy on battery usage too.

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