Male Sex Toys: Vibrating cock rings are sexy adult toys


Pinks Catalina

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Pinks Catalina: Vibrating cock rings are sexy adult toys
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Cock rings - once considered taboo - are now important sexual enhancement toys, especially vibrating cock rings. Besides creating a firmer erection that women find appealing, cock rings also help men last longer before ejaculation. Vibrating cock rings, however, have turned basic cock rings into powerful tools of pleasure for both men and women.

The Pinks Catalina vibrating cock ring exemplifies the advances made in vibrating cock ring technology. Designed with ultimate comfort and durability in mind, the Pinks Catalina unlocks the door to intercourse sustainability and increased vaginal stimulation.

A powerful bullet vibrator slides easily into the tight sleeve. Tiny nubs cover one side of the cock ring, and on the other side small tickers span across the cock ring, making vibration delivery to the clitoris more pleasurable. Alternating between the two textures is a great way to maximize clitoral arousal.

Controlling the Pinks Catalina is easy enough: Simply press the side button for an immediate eruption of quality pulsations. While the Pinks Catalina was designed with a penis in mind, many women opt to use it as a finger vibrator, as well. And some women and men also use it with their favorite dildos. Regardless of how you choose to use it, this toy will improve your orgasms.

Editorial Review

Pink toys always interest me. Trivial, I know, but I am a sucker for tiny, pink toys. Obviously, just because a given toy is pink doesn't mean it is effective. I've learned that the hard way! The Pinks Catalina is cute, but it is also effective. In this way, I get the best of both worlds.

I've experimented and played with every single vibrating cock ring that VibeReview sells. My boyfriend and I are hooked. I got so tired of using my Water Dancer and Pocket Rocket Jr. for clitoral stimulation during sex. Not that there's anything wrong with them - both are great clitoral vibrators, but too difficult to maneuver during sex. Moving around, trying to get the right angle and the needed amount of toy-to-clit contact, and then trying to have was too much to ask of anyone.

So when vibrating cock rings arrived on the sex toy scene, I felt like a prayer had been answered. The Pinks Catalina isn't as powerful as the Orbit Ring Vibe (my favorite vibrating cock ring!), but it is a quality toy. Many beginners will prefer the Pinks Catalina: It is easy to use, will not over stimulate the clitoris, and the texture is soft and durable. It is one of the better inexpensive vibrating cock rings. If money is an issue, you cannot go wrong with the Pinks Catalina!

Additional Details

Size:  2" total length
2.25" total width
Battery Info:  3 watch batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Silicone.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I had soooooo much fun goofing around with the Pinks Catalina. My husband purchased it from VibeReview, and proceeded to surprise me with it. The little stinker didn't even tell me he put it on, but believe me, I felt the difference immediately. I wish the entire cock ring was a bit smaller, but that doesn't change how good it felt. It brings something different to the table, and I like it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. MasterPeter
Pleasantly surprised. I've been slow to appreciate the benefits of any sex toys for men. My wife begged me to try one of these vibrating cock rings. I ordered the Pinks Catalina, and found that I rather enjoyed myself. And I know my wife enjoyed herself. A little too tight, but maybe it will stretch some with time.
Sex toy review: three hearts. seth
My girlfriend and I really enjoy using the Pinks Catalina. We don't experiment much, but it is a simple toy to use. My girlfriend feels more pleasure from clit stimulation than internal stimulation, so the Pinks Catalina pleased both of us.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Circe
A really fun toy to change things up. My clit enjoys the vibrations, but I cannot stand the in and out of my husband's penis, when he wears the Pinks Catalina. My suggestion: If your man is wearing this cock ring, only slight in and out movements work. That way all the vibrations are felt my my clit. Just my preference.

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