Silicone Sex Toys: This handheld dildo and strapon dong sex toy can be used for a variety of sexual activities.



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Purr: This handheld dildo and strapon dong sex toy can be used for a variety of sexual activities.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Purr is an exquisite vibrating dildo that emphasizes G-Spot stimulation. Its aggressive shaft curve increases toy-to-G-Spot direct contact, allowing you to experience every inch of the shaft, every stimulating circle of ribbed texture.

Ribbed texture covers the entire shaft, intensifying your self-stimulation agenda. Sliding its smooth head into your garden of love is comfortable, enjoyable, and naughty as can be!

The Purr comes with a small waterproof bullet vibrator that easily slides in and out of the toy's bottom. The Purr does have a solid flared base, so it is a harness compatible dildo - though many prefer to use it as a handheld self-stimulation sex toy.

Editorial Review

The Purr left me stunned. I literally had nothing to say. G-Spot sex toys are my favorite masturbation toys. While I enjoy a wild session of clitoral vibrations, G-Spot orgasms feel so much better. The Purr quickly took me to the Promised Land of O, and I never looked back.

The ribbed texture has enough bend and flexibility that it does not tickle my insides. The Purr is one of those sex toys that has enough quality texture that pulling the toy all the way out is completely unnecessary. Instead, I use a back-and-forth-type motion, where the dildo's head continues to massage my G-Spot - all while the textured shaft stimulates my vaginal muscles and opening.

I was surprised by how well the vibrations resonate throughout the toy. Since it is a small bullet vibrator that it resides in the toy's bottom, I assumed that the vibrations wouldn't be able to travel through the toy; thus, the vibrations would be weak in the very place I need them the most...the head! That wasn't the case and hasn't been the case since I started playing with the Purr on a regular basis.

The Purr is similar to the Buzz. I like how both focus on G-Spot stimulation, are made of supple Silicone, and vibrate. If I had to choose between the two similar vibrating dildos, I would go with the Buzz. Its phallic shape pleased me slightly more than the the Purr's rounder shape. But one couldn't go wrong with either. Fortunately, I own both of them!

Additional Details

Size:  7" total length
6.5" insertable length
4.75" circumference
Battery Info:  3 Watch batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Tantus

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Badbadgirl
I love the dildos from Tantus Silicon. They really make quality products! This is no exception!! The vibrations and the ridges are fantastic and the curve is perfect for g-spot stimulation. This dildo is great on it's own, and also fits perfectly into a harness for strap-on play!! It is a bit rigid, so it the wrong position, it is a little uncomfortable because it doesn't form to your body at all- however, in the right position- it's perfect.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Determined Pacifist
Making love one dildo at a time and the Purr is the ideal starting point. I would rate it slightly higher if the material didn't feel so firm and hard. A little more give and take ... flexibility is what would be an improvement. Minus that the Purr is an elegant dildo that satisfies my hunger most days.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Calls the Shots
this is the fourth sex toy i've bought from, it is the best one so far, and i keep wondering if the next one i buy will be better than the purr. the more familiarized i am with certain toys, the better my purchasing decisions get. but, anywho, the purr is a lot of fun. i even let my husband get involved!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Goddess Glenda
Slinky texture! Remember slinkies? The shape and the slinky texture are why I adore this dildo. I bought it and knew it would be great. Have you ever had problems pushing a dildo in the exact direction and angle that you want? If so (and I imagine you have experienced that), you will find encounter that problem with the Purr. The base is darn firm so, yes, you can push and pull it without losing any pleasurable sensations.
Sex toy review: five hearts. girlie, gone
The Purr saved me from sexual mediocrity. I am not married, I dislike casual sex, and I want to stay STD-free. That leaves a wide opening for sex toys to fill the void, because I do love sex so much. Fill the void, yeah, I figured would be difficult. Um, the Purr makes everything easier and enjoyable. I spent a serious grip of cash to get it, but I sure am happy that I did.
Sex toy review: four hearts. gem_lady
It only took me buying three sex toys to find the right one. Gosh, I am a picky person. The Purr gets a big thumbs up from me for the intense, absolutely fabulous way the shaft and vibrations make me feel.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Hunting Haley
Totally engrossed me, the Purr. When I ordered it, I expected it to be effective. I really had no idea how well it would work, or how much it would please me. I had a general idea. I would have been selling myself short, because it feels 20 times better than what I imagined. I like a full vaginal feeling, and I get that with the Purr.
Sex toy review: five hearts. hostess
VibeReview should call it the Roaring Stud. The Purr continues to surprise me. I have been a devoted dual action vibrator supporter. I am changing my stance on vibrating dildos -- or at least ones that are this much fun. It is cheaper than dual action vibrators (the good ones) and it comes with the nifty little removable vibrator. In a way I got two sex toys in one -- a dildo with vibrations and a clit vibe.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Flavorful-filled
I pounced on mine. The boyfriend and I had one wild night when I received the package. The entire dildo keeps me busy as a bee. A budding flower of overflowing sexuality is me! The Purr can keep up with me. That's all I wanted. I recommend.

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