Female Sex Toys: Clit and labia stimulation is easy to experience with this sex toy vibrating massager.


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Sexplorer: Clit and labia stimulation is easy to experience with this sex toy vibrating massager.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Sexplorific! Explore your most hidden desires with the new and improved Sexplorer V 1.2. This electric vibrator will transport you into a dimension of intense sexual gratification. Many women are familiar with the Wahl 7-in-1. The Sexplorer V 1.2 is the more advanced replacement of the Wahl 7-in-1.

Five attachments (tittilator, cock cup, double play clitoral stimulator and the anal intruder) come with the Sexplorer, each providing a different form of stimulation. Due to the different attachments, G-Spot, clitoral, and anal stimulation can be achieved. This hand held, multi-speed vibrator does not use batteries; it simply plugs into an outlet for maximum power.

If you want a power machine between your legs, the Sexplorer V 1.2 is what you've longed for. No batteries are needed, as it uses a 110V electric adapter for power supply (included in the purchase). This is the advanced model based on the original Sexplorer, so expect better orgasmic results!

Editorial Review

We've had so many comments about the Wahl 7-in-1's "out of stock" dilemma. We felt that a replacement should be found and added to our product list. We found the perfect replacement in the Sexplorer V 1.2. Designed with a similar philosophical approach of the Wahl 7-in-1, the Sexplorer V 1.2 maximizes pleasure potential by offering more power, attachments for different forms of stimulation and toy longevity. Basically, the Sexplorer V 1.2 addresses any sexual need, and can do so for longer periods of time than the original model.

I was quite disappointed when the Wahl 7-in-1 was discontinued on VibeReview. I really liked the vibrator's design. When we found a replacement, my discontentment transformed into excitement. We waited several weeks for the product to arrive. Finally, when it did arrive, we had several reviewers wanting the first test run. Toys aren't meant to be shared with co-workers! Proudly, I was the first VibeReview employee permitted to play with the Sexplorer V 1.2.

I tried every single attachment and pushed the vibration speeds to their potential. The Sexplorer V 1.2 sends powerful vibrations to my clitoris That's what I like in any toy. I may start off slow, but eventually I am going to want as much power as possible to finish the job.

The Sexplorer V 1.2 offered me that luxury. I had both a G-spot and clitoral orgasm using the twig attachment, so dual stimulation is a reality with this toy. Vibrator cords can be a real distraction. With the amount of power Sexplorer sends (110V Electrical Adapter), cords and outlets become a necessity. Using the Sexplorer V 1.2 presented no distractions or difficulties.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  110-Volt plug-in vibrator
Material:  This item is made of Rubber.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
The Sexplorer by Don Johnson Novelties is an electric vibrator. The top speed on this one is less than half the speed of my old one by Wahl. It's awkward to hold. The attachments are a joke. While they do have dildo shaped attachments, they are small and don't have much power in the tip when inserted. It's okay, but not great. the dildo plus clit stimulator attachment is stiffly shaped so even though both are there, you can really only focus on one at a time. And again, there isn't a whole lot of power. My finger was doing a better job than this.

I suppose it will do as a secondary, but I want my Wahl 7-in-1 vibrator back. It's quiet, easy to hold and powerful. On the Wahl, I usually couldn't make it to the higher speed cause it killed me. On this Sexplorer, I put it on the highest speed and was still waiting for something to happen.

Overall, I am very disappointed in the Sexplorer. Back to the drawing board.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Miss Honest Often
Splendid. Powerful. Many options in the form of attachments. Batteries? No need. I'd rather have cords to deal with than having to purchase batteries all the time.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Hope
A good vibrator, but it could use a few more attachments. It has power and all that, you know, I just wish it had firmer attachments. I primarily use mine for clit action.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Love Sick and Blue
No more do I have to replace batteries. This massager/vibrator comes with several different attachments that help with clitoral and g spot orgasms. I got the entire package with this purchase. Happiness in electricity, it's what I got from this purchase.
Sex toy review: three hearts. I Am Taking Applications
The handle for the Sexplorer is easy to hold. Most massagers like the Sexplorer are heavy and difficult to find the right angle. They designed the Sexplorer with convenience in mind. They do need to improve the toy attachments. Just my humble opinion. Worth owning, and I await the release of new toy attachments.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Janice P.
It has the power a girl needs, but...I only like a couple of the attachments. I mainly use the Sexplorer for clitoral stimulation. For g spot stimulation, I use my Big Indian. Both toys work for me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. feminist in the making
This is one powerful vibrator. I like the handle on the main device; it allows the device to rest comfortably in the user's hand. I only like three of toy attachments. In general, a very satisfying vibrator.

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