Silicone Sex Toys: Adult sex toys and vibrator dildos make female masturbation enjoyable

Stranger II

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Stranger II: Adult sex toys and vibrator dildos make female masturbation enjoyable

Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Gigolo and Dolly Dolphin changed G-Spot stimulation forever. And now, the Stranger II - made by the same manufacturer that created both the Gigolo and Dolly Dolphin - is prepared to usher all female sex toy enthusiasts into a new world of G-Spot pleasure.

The Stranger II is a premium G-Spot vibrating dildo. It vibrates with a silent authority - even at its highest speed - that guarantees pleasure without all the distracting noise. Since it is a multi-speed vibrator, you can adjust vibration output to your personal preferences.

It is a splashproof sex toy, but few splashproof sex toys are designed with as much aesthetic elegance as the Stranger II. Ribbed texture (a soft spine texture) covers one side of the vibrator; the other side, the smoothest texture imaginable. Both textures will awaken your insides, sending you into a state of sexual panic - one that is enjoyable, totally consuming.

Changing speeds is easier than ever. The control pad is located on the bottom of the toy, and is ergonomically inspired; so the toy does fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and you will be able to change speeds with your fingers! Powerful, splashproof, and quiet - the Stranger II is recognized as an elite sex toy that will never let you down. Once you feel its amazing pulsation power, you will never want another vibrator again.

Editorial Review

The Stranger II is one of the most widely respected vibrating dildos in the industry. Seldom has anyone been disappointed by its high-scale performance. I am so convinced of its top-notch status that I have given the Stranger II as a gift to friends. Quality vibrations become a first-hand experience with this beauty in my hand, pleasing me how I liked to be pleased.

While the Royal Princess and Vibe Rabbit are two of my personal favorite dual stimulation vibrators, the Stranger II and the Dreamboat are my two favorite G-spot-specific sex toys. The Stranger II, in contrast to the Dreamboat, is splashproof and more powerful, and can be used for deeper stimulation of those hard to reach hot zones.

The Stranger II, along with the previously mentioned vibrators, are distinguished as some of the best sex toys ever made. Imported from Germany, few vibrators can claim durability at the same level. The Stranger II will last for a long time. When I think of longevity, I immediately think about this G-Spot vibrator. In this way, it is one of those sex toys that can be considered an actual investment.

Additional Details

Size:  6.75" total length
4.5" circumference
1.39" diameter
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Allie and David
For a battery powered, non-rechargeable, this is an awesome vibrator. Those are really my only complaints with it. We love the styling and the ribbing. This is a perfect starter vibrator, or an interesting addition to a collection. I'm not sure how water-proof it is. I don't think I'll try submerging it. But it's safe for playing with in the shower, I'm pretty sure. Recommended!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I looked over VibeReview for two months before I bought anything. Each time I frequented the site, one specific toy kept pulling back. The Stranger II intrigued me. I don't know, something about its shape and appearance convinced me that it would be the ideal beginner's vibrator. My intuition, I swear, is awesome. I picked the right vibrator for me. I don't have anything to compare it to, sorry. But, I am so satisfied by it that I could kiss the maker of it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Flavorful-filled
Yes! Oh yes, a waterproof toy that I am not afraid to play with in the water. The ridge back (looks like the back of a Texas Armadillo) feels wonderful inside of me, specifically when I slowly twist the shaft back and forth. I paid for a quality vibrator - I received a spectacular vibrator that works better than I ever dreamed any vibrator could.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Gertrude P.

I've wasted a considerable amount of money on vibrators that break too easily or simply, frustratingly wear out. I refused to choose a fancy looking toy this time around. I wanted to buy a more solid looking vibrator that could fall onto the bathroom floor ... without breaking.

I chose the Stranger II as my next vibrator. I anxiously waited for my package - six days, I believe - when it finally arrived on my doorstep. Actually, a hot UPS driver handed it to me, but you get the picture - or maybe that's what I imagined while I teased and pleased my hoo-hoo with the Stranger II. Yes, I am in love with this vibrator. It is great for penetration and clitoris massage.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Addyson
I love my enchanting Stranger II. I took a risk buying it. It was not cheap, but I ended up the winner. Great power and perfect size.

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