Sex Toy Accessories: The Sweet Celebration Box combines erotic massage and exotic sex toy masturbation into one wild giftset for romantic lovers.

Sweet Celebration Box

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Sweet Celebration Box: The Sweet Celebration Box combines erotic massage and exotic sex toy masturbation into one wild giftset for romantic lovers.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Successful relationships flourish for a variety of reasons. A willingness to celebrate an intense level of intimacy is one such reason. Happy couples demonstrate their commitment to one another by appreciating every moment spent together. A solid union comes to fruition with the help of intimacy-creating Kama Sutra products.

The Sweet Celebration Box comes packaged with all the products you need for a romantic night, weekend, or year. After including these romantic gifts in your love life, you and your lover cherish hard-earned intimacy that never dissolves under life's pressure situations, the ones that all couples battle together.

Each Sweet Celebration Box contains Vanilla Creme Oil of Love, French Vanilla Creme Body Souffle, Kama Sutra Massage Oil, a Sweet Honeysuckle Boudoir Puff in a pure white satin bag, and fragranced rose petals. Whether you enjoy sensual massage or aromatically pleasing scents, this Kama Sutra gift has a little bit of everything.

Each product helps you and your lover create and maintain a healthy level of intimacy that other couples can only dream about. Learn how to take your time and focus one another with the Sweet Celebration Box helping you.

Editorial Review

Kama Sutra gift sets are among some of our top sellers. It seems that women and men appreciate the simplicity and sensual nature of Kama Sutra gift sets and products. I couldn't have lasted this long with my boyfriend without the help of the entire Kama Sutra catalog - and I mean, the entire catalog. My boyfriend and I have tested and reviewed every Kama Sutra product that is available.

Fortunately, there's always a Kama Sutra gift set that could help my relationship. When boredom and frustration mount, I know exactly what steps to take and so does my boyfriend. If conversations between my beau and I consist of all "yes" and "no" answers, I know that it is time to return to basics - which, as I see it, is a return to Kama Sutra products that increase the amount of time we spend together, also making it quality time spent with one another.

Recently, my boyfriend and I hit one of those relationship walls. We were bickering about everything - even chores! The Sweet Celebration Box couldn't have arrived at a better time. When I got the assignment to review this new Kama Sutra gift set, I gladly accepted it, knowing that my boyfriend and I needed alone time to get back on track. I was so excited to unveil all the products!

Let's just say that the Sweet Celebration Box is what the doctor ordered - a lot of massage, slow-going foreplay, stimulation of our senses, and an excuse to explore one another's body and mind. The cool thing about this particular gift set is that it comes with full size products. Even after spending the entire weekend in the house, together, we still have a lot of the gift set left.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Catalina Loves
I absolutely adore this kit. It's perfect for a romantic evening, it's perfect as an anniversary gift, it's a great wedding present, it's a nice just because surprise! I am so in love with this product. The oil is silky smooth and smells ... I can't even describe how good ... and being stroked with powder makes me feel like a Roman Goddess. Kama Sutra is a great gift for just about anybody - you can't even offend your Mother-in-law with Kama Sutra products!
Sex toy review: two hearts. Domina
I didn't enjoy this kit as much as the many other Kama Sutra products I have tried in the past. This was mainly due to the flowery scent of the products, that I personally do not enjoy. However, for those who enjoy floral scents, they would like this kit. It comes in a beautiful box and makes a nice gift. I did like the Vanilla Oil of Love (delicious) and all the other products are Kama Sutra quality, just not a scent I would use on myself.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Shay
It really is a romantic evening in a box! Well, assuming you like things like massages, hot baths together, and rubbing sweet scented lotion on each other. ^_~
Sex toy review: four hearts. Essin' Em
If you're the romantic type, this could be a super fun kit to have for a good time. The massage oil is amazing -- I highly recommend it for massages as well as dropping a little in the bath. The creme is ok, but it has a bit of a funny after taste...I suggest keeping a glass of water around. The oil of love and the honey dust are super fun, and taste pretty good for a non-food product, and are great for exploring a variety of body parts on your lover's body. The only thing that I really didn't like in this kit was the rose petals. They were uber-scented, and made everything smell - far too much. All in all, a great kit, and I give it two thumbs up!
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. james bon-bon
I gave it to my wife. We've been busy in the sack ever since. Thank you for all your help finding it!
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Penny Loves Roses
Call it the "Melt Me Celebration Box", because that's what I needed -- and that's what I got. Each goody is relaxing and thoroughly usable.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Until the End...
Kissing, squeezing, loving! The Sweet Celebration Box helped me and my lover learn how to relax and appreciate each second. Honestly, to cherish one another on a deeper level. Oh, and the fun ... it's so much fun. It's not all serious, but a lot of fun and body exploration.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. angelbabytexas
I assumed that our Sweet Celebration Box would get used one time, then be put away for good. I was wrong, thankfully. We keep using the products that came with in it.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. ladynight
If sexual liberation is what you want, this kool box of goodies is right for you. It's been a great addition to my relationship. With all the goodies right there, we are more often spending alone time together.

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