VibeReview's Privacy Policy

This is a simplified summary of our policies on privacy and security. It informs you about everything that's in the official policies, but without all of the technical jargon. If you would like to view the official policies, you can go straight to the privacy notice or the security policy.

We take your privacy as seriously as you do.

Our privacy policy is simple, but effective. We will never share any information about you or your order with anyone. The only exception to this is the shipping company (such as UPS) who will receive only the minimum amount of information they need to deliver your order.

Order information is encrypted.

All information pertaining to your order, such as your credit card number and contact information, is encrypted. The encryption happens both with SSL (which is used by financial institutions) and with AES (which is used by the US Government).

Shipments are packaged discreetly.

All shipments are discreetly packed in plain packaging. Our name appears as "VR" or "M&C" on the return address. There is nothing on the outside of the package identifying VibeReview and no mention as to the the nature of its contents, except when required by international customs. In this case, we will label the contents as discreetly and generically as possible.

We will leave you alone.

We do not make or send any unsolicited phone calls, email, or postal mail. Emails are sent to confirm your order, and inform you about questions or problems with your order. Emails may also be sent if you specifically opt-in to a given email list. If you ever want to check which email lists you are on, check the Your Account page. We contact customers by phone only when there is an order problem and we don't have a valid email address.

Regarding cookies...

Like most web sites, we use cookies to recognize your browser and to provide features such as personalized reviews, and other customized content. No personal information is recorded with these cookies.

The Help section on your web browser should tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether. However, cookies allow you to take full advantage of some of VibeReview's best features, and we recommend that you leave them turned on.

Questions? Comments?

Let us know! We have put an enormous deal of thought into our privacy and security policies, and we're pretty darn proud of them, but that doesn't mean that there's not room for improvement. If you feel that we've overlooked anything, or if you simply require clarification on a particular point, feel free to contact us.

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