Dildos: G-Spot vibrators and dildos are the ultimate sex toys for orgasms



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Beehive: G-Spot vibrators and dildos are the ultimate sex toys for orgasms
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

A busy bee needs to enjoy the fruits of her labor. The busy bee inside of you works tirelessly on your honeycomb - and all the honey you have seems worthless if you are too tired, or frustrated, to enjoy it. If you want to release your sweet honey and do so with less effort, the Beehive is the answer. Diving deep into your honeycomb, it is prepared to do all the work for you!

If you endeavor for quick and convenient sexual satisfaction, the Beehive is the right vibrating dildo for you. Its beehive-shaped shaft head is covered by grooves and ribs. The soft, flexible shaft also screams of stimulating texture: it's covered with titillating nubs! The Beehive's design focuses on the pleasure of internal stimulation - specifically, as a vibrating dildo that knows how to bring your G-Spot to life. The shaft's texture and rotations introduce your honeycomb to an entirely different wave of sensations, with an orgasmic eruption soon to follow.

Length, width, multi-speed power, stimulating texture, and flexibility - you will unlock your honey pot, and you will experience quality G-Spot arousal like never before.

Editorial Review

The Beehive is one of the more interesting looking sex toys that I've seen in a long while. Its round, beehive-shaped shaft head supposedly works better for G-Spot massage than the average - or typical - vibrating dildo. Furthermore, since the wide shaft head narrows at the shaft's neck, its shape and size aim to make insertion and penetrative movement more comfortable and enjoyable, resulting in precise G-Spot stimulation. I wondered if the Beehive could meet my expectations, which would prove all the more difficult when compared to the Gigi and Japanese G-Spot Squirmy - two of my personal favorites.

By mere appearance alone, I kept thinking that something was missing from the toy. I couldn't put my finger on the missing element, but then it dawned on me, "Oh, yes. This looks like a rabbit vibrator without a clitoral tickler attached to the base!" The Beehive was not a sex toy that appealed to me very much, and, quite frankly, I was indecisive about what it could do for me, mainly because it just looked like a impractical sex toy, like one that strayed too far from well-respected and effective shaft curves that enhance G-Spot massage. However, I had a review to write and wanted to be as fair as possible, so I cleared my mind of all expectations.

In comparison to average G-Spot dildos and vibrators, the Beehive fits right in - nothing that impressive, but nothing too disappointing either. It could easily be improved with a couple of modifications: a greater degree of shaft curvature, less intrusive textured details on the shaft, and a more advanced base controller. If I were ever in a sexual pinch, desperately seeking a quick orgasm, the Beehive would do. Only in a pinch, though. There are so many G-Spot vibrators to choose from that there's really no use in sticking with a mediocre sex toy like the Beehive. I am shooting to reach orgasmic stars, so messing with the everyday G-Spot vibrating dildo seems like a waste of time and effort.

The Gigi and Vibe Rabbit are much better sex toys for women, regardless of experience level. It's not beyond my imagination to see some women getting frustrated with the Beehive, and later deciding to buy the Gigi or Vibe Rabbit. My response: Why waste your money on a mediocre vibe only to buy a better one at a later date? Might as well spend a few extra dollars for a highly respected sex toy that's known to please a diverse group of women with different expectations. In this sense, the Beehive simply had no business playing a role in my self-stimulation fun. Am I snobby sex toy reviewer? No, it really comes down to the fact that I've played with so many different toys - I feel that certain of these don't make the cut, and the Beehive is one of those toys.

But it's not all negative. The Beehive's multi-speed functionality is nice, and its overall power - well, is average - like its other major features. Had a clitoral tickler been added to the toy's base, I could see myself having a more arousing time with it, because the prospect of dual stimulation always excites me. In an effort to create dual stimulation for myself, I held my Silver Bullet on my clitoris while I let the Beehive focus on my G-Spot. Sure enough, the combination of the two sex toys worked well. Too bad the Beehive doesn't incorporate both types of technology!

It is made of elastomer material with vinyl elements, which makes for respectable flexibility that comes into play as the toy rotates and hits all the right spots. I prefer silicone material, but elastomer is the next best thing - at least in terms of material durability, phthalate-free construction, and flexibility. When all was said and done, having tried shaft rotations and vibrations, I decided that I like the toy more as a simple vibrating dildo.

Additional Details

Size:  10" total length
7.25" insertable length
5" circumference
Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Elastomer, Phthalate Free material, and Vinyl.
Manufacturer:  Vibratex

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Always Wright

The Beehive doesn't waste my time. There are some G-Spot sex toys that, as you probably have experienced yourself, are a waste of time. Saying a sex toy works for G-Spot stimulation is simple, but creating an actual product that delivers...well, that's an entirely different issue - one that frustrates me to no end!

The Beehive's performance speaks for itself: Getting naughty with this beauty isn't difficult. It really does most of the work. The shaft rotations are not ridiculously fast or imprecise. When it starts to rotate inside of me, I experience instant sensations - that's what I want. I've tested a few G-Spot vibrating dildos that test my patience. Not so with the Beehive.

I prefer my Vibe Rabbit, but the Beehive still competes with the best vibrating dildos on the market. I find my experience with it to be more relaxing, convenient and overall, more enjoyable. It's not the least expensive toy, but it is one of the best G-Spot-specific sex toys on the market.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Venus' Glow
I call it the Venus Factor. Is the Beehive part of the Venus Factor? Well, I am difficult to please -- I readily admit this -- and the Beehive had no problem doing what it's supposed to do. A lot of sex toys tease; they can't seem to take me beyond that first level of pleasure, to the land of giant climaxes. The Beehive is a rare G-spot vibrator that came to my rescue. I had been swimming in a sea of sex toy mediocrity. No longer, no more: it's all fun from here on out.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. rae c.

- a perfect bulb, round head

- less sticky texture or material, something is less sticky than a jelly toy

- a bit expensive for my taste, but my hot-stuff paid for it

- the controller buttons should be better, like a digital deal

- my favorite sex toy, ever.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
One look at the Beehive was all it took. I jumped all over it. I haven't stopped playing with it. In the first three days of having it, I must've spent several hours on each day getting to know it. Talk about a serious introduction. Boom, I was sold, set, and satisfied.
Sex toy review: five hearts. western cowgirl
The Beehive earned my attention. I earned the Beehive's attention. We were made for one another.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I am blessed. I found the G-Spot vibrator that I have always wanted and, quite frankly, needed. The Beehive just has this knack for in-depth, a very concentrated skill of, wonderful G-Spot massage. Round, round it goes, just making me feel like a woman who can't have enough fun and pleasure.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Look in my eyes
I agree with Polly. The Beehive is unique. No messing around. Right to business. And that's what I want in an expensive toy. Quick, quick pleasure. My orgasms are stronger than ever. Count me in as happy with it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Polly P.
Wow. I don't even have the words to express how much the Beehive impresses me. I do not consider myself to be a sex toy amateur -- not at all, since I have played with many a toy. I still splurge for an occasional new one, though, because I keep hoping that something new will be released. Like something different than I've ever felt. Well, for me, the Beehive is new -- the entire package! Texture, strong vibrations, etc. ... just the entire deal.

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