Lubes & Lotions: Boy Butter is thick and smooth for your sexual best.

Boy Butter

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Boy Butter: Boy Butter is thick and smooth for your sexual best.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Boy Butter is an oil-based lubricant with two key ingredients - coconut oil (an ingredient in massage oils) and organic silicone (found in hair conditioners).

Unlike traditional personal lubricants that mainly focus on female lubrication needs, Boy Butter's new exciting formula is homogenized - like real butter - for impressive, slick results.

Boy Butter outlasts water-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants. You can depend on its skin-conducive, creamy formula for long-lasting slickness.

Men and women use it for massage, masturbation, foreplay, and sex (anal and vaginal). Boy Butter is water-soluble: It will not stain your favorite sheets. It washes off easily, without the help of soap!

Boy Butter is not latex-compatible, which means only polyurethane condoms should be used with Boy Butter. It is compatible with your favorite silicone sex toys!

Editorial Review

Boy Butter Lubricants are among my favorite personal lubricants. I prefer to use it for self-stimulation, sex, massage, sex, and butt fun. I've found it works better than mainstream lubricants. i-Lube is similar in this way.

Boy Butter was originally marketed for men, but once its secret formula hit the streets, women began experimenting with Boy Butter. Now, many women refuse to use anything that doesn't have the Boy Butter name on it. I continue to alternate between Boy Butter and i-Lube. Both keep me wetter for longer periods of time.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. thursdayschild
I was a little skeptical about the name and the butter tub-like container, but I have to say that Boy Butter really won both me and my husband completely over! Creamy and thick, it's really great for him for masturbation, and really great for us for anal sex. The rich creamy lube lasts as long as you need it, and just absorbs right into the skin without leaving behind any icky residue. We've tried tons of different lubes, but this is the first that we'll definitely be buying again (though in a squeeze tube, not in the tub)!
Sex toy review: four hearts. dallasmavericks
Stroke it, stroke it!! Remember that song? It should be Boy Butter's company slogan. This stuff is amazing, no doubt better than most of those mainstream lubes. Much thicker, lasts longer.
Sex toy review: three hearts. for craft's sake
I don't like lubricants to begin with. I cannot rate any lubricant any higher than a 3.0. So in my estimation a 3.0 is good for any lubricant. They all promise this and that, but oh so rarely do lubricants match up to the advertiser's heavenly promises. Boy Butter is probably close to the best. Creamier and easier on my sensitive place, which is why I will continue purchasing it. I would rather not use any lubricant, but that's life.
Sex toy review: five hearts. the gatekeeper
This stuff feels so natural. Not natural like a woman's wetness. More like how creamy it feels. My skin, after using some for sex or whatever, feels softer. My penis, especially. I am going on my second tub right now. I might as well buy it in bulk or a larger tub.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Ned H.
Jackpot!!! Gold, I found, in Boy Butter. It's about time too. I only had to try 4 or 5 different lubricants to find one that works.
Sex toy review: four hearts. TOOL Rules
I raise my hand in support. Boy Butter slaps around my old favorite. I use it for damn near everything. My girlfriend claims to like it better, as well.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Medicine Man
Wow, I found this stuff to be surprisingly effective. A good friend gave me a tub of it. He was convinced that I would like it. I wasn't convinced until I tried it. The tub of butter shtick makes me laugh. I had a hard time taking this stuff seriously. Now that I've been using it for a few months, I recognize a significant difference in my overall performance. I don't waste much time with the stopping, starting syndrome - also known as the ongoing problem of piss poor lubricants that require application after application. I will get more, and soon.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Princess Jana
First time user of Boy Butter. While I liked its longevity, the quality of the wetness was only average for me. My husband likes it a ton. I may go back to O'My Original Lube. I'll let my husband use Boy Butter.

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