Female Sex Toys: Rabbit vibrators and adult sex toys maximize female sexual pleasure

Fantastic Fusion

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Fantastic Fusion: Rabbit vibrators and adult sex toys maximize female sexual pleasure
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Unique dual stimulation vibrators - though often more expensive - have quickly become the top-selling sex toys on VibeReview. It's no wonder that the Fantastic Fusion is now one of the most sought after dual stimulation vibrating dildos. Contrary to popular opinion, the Fantastic Fusion is not a standard rabbit style vibrator. No, instead it is one of the most unique sex toys ever made, creating its own sex toy sub-category.

The Fantastic Fusion's divinely pink appearance is aesthetically pleasing. Love at first sight, for many women. Closer inspection of the toy reveals an unusually shaped shaft. While, true, the shaft demonstrates standard length and width, three ridges - or bulges - are aligned vertically. Each ridge is its own tiny vibrator.

And that's not all: The jelly material does contain internal ridges that enhance penetration, and the head of this sex toy contains metal rotating beads - with the tip coated in extra jelly padding, making deeper penetration more comfortable. The shaft does rotate and pulsate. Women who experience the amazing deep diving, twisting of this dual stimulation vibrator will never look back.

A vibrating egg attachment comes with the Fantastic Fusion. Now you are able to combine clitoral and G-Spot stimulation, which translates into the richest, most satisfying dual orgasms. Or simply use the vibrating egg for clitoral stimulation alone. A thin, flexible long cord attaches to the base of the Fantastic Fusion. Sufficient cord length is provided for your wildest in-bed angle stimulation activities.

It is a multidirectional, multi-speed (5 speeds), and multi-pulsation program dual stimulation vibrator. Preference, option, and mood - all three factors were taken into consideration when the manufacturer created the Fantastic Fusion. The user of this vibrating dildo has the power - the control - to determine vibrator speed, pulsation, and overall activity.

The controller is found at the base of the toy. You will not need a manual to operate this toy. Operations are simple and convenient. A grip handle is also present, alleviating your concerns of slippage during fast-paced action! Technologically advanced and created for the serious female masturbator, the Fantastic Fusion delivers all the stimulation a woman could ever want, or receive!

Editorial Review

The Fantastic Fusion arrived today and, boy, it looks rather interesting. At first glance I thought it was a regular vibrator with a remote control, but come to find out, it is a vibrating dildo with an egg vibe. So I was looking at dual stimulation with this sex toy, which is a better prospect than clitoral stimulation alone. I'm sure all you ladies agree with me: Why go for single erogenous zone stimulation when we can double up on the arousal? The Fantastic Fusion is ready for delightful penetration (internal stimulation) and strong clitoral vibrations (external stimulation), so it can be considered the complete package. A little shocked by its appearance and many functions, I looked forward to spending some quality alone time with it. I had the same sense of excitement filling my insides as when I first played with the Gigi, my favorite sex toy in the world!

Making the most of my time, I quickly opened the box and put in the required batteries, and I got right down to business. I devoted a few minutes to exploring the toy's features and controls so I wouldn't second-guess my way through the review. It took me several minutes to master the toy's operations, but when I finally felt confident in my familiarity with this vibrating dildo, I began a long session of making love to myself. I recommend women start with the egg vibrator as a warm up to more intense internal stimulation. Wetter and wetter, followed by arousing looseness, the egg vibe pleasures my clit with pulsation after pulsation. My entire vulva and vagina react favorably to this type of stimulation, inevitably preparing me for wild and sexy penetration.

I reached that boiling point of pleasure we all ache for. I had to slow things down, so I turned the vibrator off long enough to insert the dildo's shaft. Insertion didn't take long at all, as its shape, size, and texture proved exceedingly comfortable and convenient. Heaven collapsed on my body, gobbled me up whole ... Yes, I was instantly in heaven, enjoying the Fantastic Fusion's multi-speed power and endearing dildo functions. It felt so good, I felt so aroused, and the minutes felt like hours of passion and pleasure. The shaft has three vertically-aligned mini-vibes on it, and the head contains metal pleasure beads that change rotation directions to keep stimulation fresh, unique, and consistent. The comfortable shaft head is ribbed for textured arousal and soft for extra padding, and both features make the rotating pleasure beads more enjoyable.

The egg vibrator is attached to the base control module, and its lengthy and flexible cord helps me slide the main toy to the side - if I want - and helps me focus on uninterrupted clitoral massage. Also, due to the cord's length and flexibility, my partner can hold the egg vibrator on my clitoris while I please myself with the vibrating dildo. I've teased my boyfriend's tender bits with the bullet vibrator, too; so a little creativity goes a long way with this vibrating sex toy. Options and more options! I love those special sex toys that I can use with my boyfriend or another partner. The more the merrier, right? Sex toy fun coupled with an adventurous partner is the way to go, and the Fantastic Fusion certainly makes it possible. Along with my Japanese G-Spot Squirmy, the Fantastic Fusion has found a home in my glorious collection of dual stimulation sex toys.

Additional Details

Size:  10" total length
6.5" insertable length
5" circumference
Battery Info:  4 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Kate Bleau
My Rabbit Habit is better than the Fantastic Fusion. Other than the Rabbit Habit, I haven't played with a better sex toy than the Fantastic Fusion. It's cool having the bullet vibrator not attached like most other rabbit vibrators. I took this one on my trip to Puerto Rico and made memories every night with my hubby. We are usually in a rush at home, or I use the vibrator when I am alone, usually when he's on a trip and I am feeling naughty. A nice change, I think, that he got to tease me with this wonderful vibrator.
Sex toy review: five hearts. The Mak Agenda
One of my wife's favorite Valentine's Day presents. I've given her a lot of different toys over the years, but she claims the Fantastic Fusion as the best of them all.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Sweet Lilly

I can't decide if it is my new favorite dual stimulation vibrator. That's saying a lot, too. I own many, many different sex toys - basic clitoral vibrators, dual stimulation vibrators, vibrating dildos, rabbit vibrators, and so much more. The Fantastic Fusion quickly moved to the top of my "Must Own Sex Toys" list.

I enjoy the heck out of the three tiny vibrators on the dildo shaft, and this feature adds an entirely new realm of vaginal pleasure. While the shaft pleasure beads rotate deep inside of my vagina, the three tiny shaft vibrators buzz me into pre-climax delight, setting the stage for one outrageously enjoyable orgasm. Since the shaft head contains metal rotating beads (which is different than most models, where the rotating beads are generally located near the base of the toy), I experience intense G-Spot stimulation.

Who could forget the vibrating egg? Not me! I use both the vibrating egg and the vibrating dildo for simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. I've noticed that alternating between the two toys increases my pleasure. It takes practice to learn how to manage both at the same time - the shaft and the vibrating egg. So be patient with the toy. After figuring out a routine that worked for me, the pleasure I experienced ... it increased dramatically.

Strong, strong orgasms - each time I use this dual stimulation vibrator. The kind of orgasm that makes your legs and arms shake, or your toes curl up. Sometimes I allow my boyfriend to control the vibrating egg while I control the vibrating shaft. So in this sense, it is also a foreplay sex toy that couples will appreciate.

The Fantastic Fusion is an exceptional sex toy for a women like me, and I bet lots of women of different experience levels will enjoy what it brings to the table (so to speak). After playing with it I understand why it costs more than other sex toys.

Sex toy review: four hearts. lady of night
I agree with all the reviewers, especially the comments about its strange appearance and great performance. When I opened the package, looking at it for the first time up close, I doubted it would live up to all the hype. Doubting it made me feel bad, because I was tired of buyying only mediocre vibrators. After using it, however, I snapped out of my sexual coma. I feel like the Fantastic Fusion awakened a part of me that had been hibernating for years.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Erin Hawthorne
Most unique appearance, quite possibly. Great satisfaction is packaged with the Fantastic Fusion. I doubt I could find a better sex toy. I tried to find one like it for years and now that I finally have it, I have ceased all searching. No more, I found my baby!
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Make My Way Home
Let's call it the Sexual Conquistador. It conquered me - in every way possible, clitoral and vaginal. I climaxed so hard with the Fantastic Fusion working me over that I laid in bed for fifteen minutes before I could use my legs. This is no joke, ladies. My legs ran out of gas from spasming during and directly after several orgasms.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. petite coquette
The Fantastic Fusion truly is "fantastic." I have a hard time describing what it does for me and to me. All I can say is that I never doubt that I will better after masturbating with it. I always feel have deep orgasms with the shaft inside of me, and with the vibrator on my clitoris. I didn't like the price of it. I now understand why it costs what it does. I rate it with a solid five-point-oh! I would rate it higher if I could.
Sex toy review: four hearts. italian dynomight
Simply amazing. I searched and searched for a quality dual action toy. I waited five months before purchasing one. I was going to make sure that money wasn't wasted. Good thing I waited; I found the Fantastic Fusion right as my frustration was growing. Wow, oh wow. This cutey turns me into a princess. I get the royal treatment. I am so impressed with it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. POLLY
I felt too much stimulation the first 2-3 times I played with it. It is not like that anymore. I cannot get enough of the Fantastic Fusion. My orgasms are stronger with this toy than without. That's the point of good sex toys, I assume. The Fantastic Fusion is not a tame vibrator. All the bells and whistles function as a cohesive unit. I highly suggest women purchase it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. donna mama
The Fantastic Fusion was the second sex toy I purchased. I will never, ever, ever, ever need a different vibrator. Unless this one breaks or something...I am set. I could have skipped the first item in my purchase. The Fantastic Fusion keeps me busy, happy, and always satisfied. Getting the most out of it doesn't require much effort. Trying to combine the bullet vibrator and the main vibrator is frustrating at first, but easy to overcome when the benefits ring clear.

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