Bondage Sex Toys: Play with your favorite adult toys while wearing the ultimate silencer gag ball during naughty vibrator fun.

Japanese Ball Gag

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Japanese Ball Gag: Play with your favorite adult toys while wearing the ultimate silencer gag ball during naughty vibrator fun.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Japanese Rope Bondage has many elements to it. You've probably dabbled in the art of submission with something like the Japanese Restraint Kit, enjoying each second of it. However, you are ready to take that next step. The Japanese Ball Gag is exactly what you need for advancement in your kinky activities. Emotional, physical, and sexual satisfaction - the fruits of your laborious restraint fun - originate from the combination of this ball gag and the Japanese Restraint Kit.

The ball gag is both durable and smooth. Fully adjustable and constructed with a quick release closure, the Japanese Ball Gag is safe, fun, and comfortable. The silk rope is soft, so you can forget about skin chaffing and damage to sensitive skin tissue. Because the rope is made of high-tensile silk material, this ball gag system can handle all your fetish fun.

A Japanese Rope Bondage booklet is included with the Japanese Ball Gag. Greater exploration of your fetish fantasies is possible with this informational booklet. Anytime you participate in BDSM activities you want to have the highest quality products for safety and enjoyment, and the Japanese Ball Gag is one of the best ball gags available for men and women, singles and couples.

Editorial Review

This is the second ball gag that I've reviewed for VibeReview. I am generally not into wearing mouth restraints. I experiment with wrist and ankle restraints, and some leg and arm restraints. I felt more comfortable with the Japanese Ball Gag than my first ball gag - more comfortable emotionally (I feel safer) and physically (the straps don't hurt my mouth).

The ball gag itself is the right size for my mouth. Plus, the ball gag isn't too hard - it does have some flexibility and is soft. I don't get that panicky feeling with the ball in my mouth, which is a blessing. I have no ambition to feel out of control, so this ball gag seemed more playful than serious or hardcore. Some of my "hardcore" friends also like it as much as I do, so I expect that most people will be able to enjoy this simple ball gag.

Additional Details

Size:  45" diameter

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Sex toy review: two hearts. Essin' Em
I'm not the biggest gag fan, but I was willing to give this one a try. I was pretty under impressed. Although the adjustable strap was really nice, the ball part of the gag tasted HORRIBLE (even after washing it and letting it sit out for a while), and was far too big for my mouth - it inflammed my TMJ. I've decided to use it as a cat toy (my kitties love it), and the only way I can see someone using this in kink play is as an EXTREME punishment.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Blktie
The gag was entirely my husbands idea. Several times I have let him tie me to a chair with my legs spread and me vulnerable. Then he has wanted me to wear a gag. Until now I did not want to. There was something about the Japanese Ball Gag that made me say yes to him. It looked comfortable and exciting and not as threatening as some of his other gags. I relented and surprised myself. I liked it...a lot! There was something about this gag that made it look...less threatening that his others. It was comfortable and the right size (my husband says) to slip behind my teeth. What I did not expect was the amount of drool from not being able to swallow. I soaked through my filmy tank top and my tits were glistening from saliva. This must have been a great turn on for my husband based on what happened next. If this is your first gag, get it. I get turned on just writing about it and I am looking forward to trying his other ones. Great product. Thanks, Cat
Sex toy review: three hearts. Vixen-am-I
I have the entire catalog of Japanese rope bondage products. I'll never have enough. The Japanese Ball Gag is my favorite of all the other products, which are all very good.
Sex toy review: three hearts. JinxClown
Sturdy and perfect ball size
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Naughty. Love the Japanese Ball Gag. My first mouth restraint and I loved every second of it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. celibate4sextoys
Inhibited? Not me. I'll try anything. The Japanese Ball Gag was a first for me. It never occurred to me that ball gags were as popular as they are. Wow, I had a good time with the ball in my mouth. I figured the straps would be uncomfortable and irritating, but ... nope, the ball didn't feel too tightly pressed against my lips. I'll tell you one thing, climaxing during sex with this ball gag in my mouth turned me on even more.

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