Bondage Sex Toys: Sexy latex clothing goes perfectly with a night of sex toys and vibrators.

Latex Panties

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Latex Panties: Sexy latex clothing goes perfectly with a night of sex toys and vibrators.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Turn your bedroom into a heavenly haven of sexuality. Dressing up for your partner will send your lover into a frenzied state of arousal. These sexy latex panties feel just as good as they look. Surprise your new boyfriend or girlfriend by wearing these panties under your skirt or pants. Comfortable and sexy, these latex panties scream, "I am naughty, but don't touch--not yet! Admire my body and sexuality!" Treating yourself to this sexy accessory upgrade will improve chemistry in the bedroom; it tells your partner that you care about how you look, are perceived, and that you want to be wanted!

Spicing up couple intimacy is easy to do. Latex panties are a small step toward bedroom greatness, but adding Kinky Kitten's Cuffs and a Latex Mini Skirt to your sexual arsenal will turn your bedroom into a fireplace of love, a real treat for yourself and your lover. The Cat Woman Kit is another inexpensive way to get naughty!

Editorial Review

Dressing up for my husband became an important part of our sexual interaction. After being married for ten years, the attraction shared between the two of us changed--and not for the better. We found ourselves stuck in hurry-up sex. Foreplay and intercourse lacked imagination and effort. As a result, stagnation resulted. I felt desperate, wanting to alter the harmful path that we had created for ourselves.

I bought several items, praying that one of the items would improve our sexual chemistry. One night I came out of the bathroom with my Latex Mini Skirt clinging to my curves, showing off my body. Underneath my skirt, I wore my Latex Panties. My husband, shocked, watched me dance for him. I teased him for twenty minutes. Then I removed the skirt. I watched my husband's light up. He liked the latex panties, a lot.

Basically, introducing latex clothing was only a start. A much needed spark. Since struggling sexually with my husband, in our relationship, and taking the initiative to include other arousal-producing products and activities, the struggle no longer exists. We have fun with one another. Learning how to have a good time with intimacy is an important part of staying connected. Be an adult at work, with the kids, and at PTA meetings. Keep a child-like imagination in the bedroom, though. Always keep an open mind. Improvement of sexual interaction comes in the smallest packages. Latex panties are just one way to improve chemistry between partners.

Additional Details

Size:  One size fits most.
Material:  This item is made of Latex.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Heart is Pure
I bought the panties for a crazy bachelorette party. I dressed up all sexy. We all did. Great fun for the night. I get off on parties that include sexy clothing.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Erin Hawthorne
Tight, sexy, and nasty! I bought these latex panties as a joke. Now I tease my husband. Even joke gifts turn out to have a good purpose.
Sex toy review: three hearts. luna
I guess you can't go wrong with latex panties. I bought some, but didn't see what the big fuss was all about. Yeah, they fit me perfectly and are quality, but my panties come off so soon that buying luxury, sexy panties seems absurd. Still, I was pleased with the panties I bought - it's just that I can take them or leave them. My boyfriend sure liked me wearing them.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
You kidding me?!! Latex panties are the bomb. I've been buying latex panties for years - the guys absolutely love them. Watch them go wild. They aren't very expensive and if taken care of, last for a while.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Annie P
Latex Panties. You cannot go wrong with latex panties. They take a few moments of adjustment, but then, it's time for some tease'n and please'n. Seriously, I enjoy my latex panties. Every woman (and certain men, perhaps) should have these latex panties in their sexual arsenal - yeah, that hidden panty drawer, the one that every experienced woman keeps. If you want to have a little fun, the latex panties will do the trick (no pun intended, you pervs). For the price, they're certainly worth it.

Slip 'em on, slip 'em off - it's time to get down.

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