Bondage Sex Toys: Tug your naked lover around the house with this penis leash for people who love BDSM restraints and fun sex toys.

Lover's Penis Leash

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Lover's Penis Leash: Tug your naked lover around the house with this penis leash for people who love BDSM restraints and fun sex toys.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Imagine all the possibilities of total domination. If your man won't listen to you, you need to put a leash on him. No, a regular leash will not do - only the most extreme leash will work, a penis leash. When you speak, he will listen!

The Lover's Penis Leash sends lovers on a wild bedroom adventure of sensual domination. Tickle and tease your powerless lover with seductive words and a gentle tug of the Lover's Penis Leash. Watch your lover react to your every command, even your softest whisper.

The Lover's Penis Leash comes equipped with a solid D-Ring, where your leash attaches - or where additional restraints can attach. Its Velcro straps maintain a firm grip on your lover's penis. The interior of the closures are soft, so your lover will experience zero discomfort...unless you want him to!

Editorial Review

No messing around, not with the Lover's Penis Leash. I get in these quirky moods where I want to turn my bedroom into a playful den of submission. Until recently, I hadn't seen any quality penis leashes - they all looked too simplistic and cheaply made. Why invest my money into products that will rip or fall apart several weeks later? I've been down that road, so I waited until a quality penis leash was released.

I didn't have to wait that long. The Lover's Penis Leash came out right about the time I made a commitment to wait for a quality product. So for me, it worked out brilliantly. Considering that the leash isn't a piece of trash quickly thrown together, I expect it to last years - and with what I've seen so far, it can hang with the wildest sexual fun.

My boyfriend balked at wearing it. His anxious disposition - all in his eyes and fidgeting arms - turned me on. I promised to be a good girl...but only if he'd be a good boy and cooperate. I was already in character, and he knew there was no escaping my sensual wrath. Our first time out, we went to a fetish party where I put him in a wig and schoolgirl skirt and pulled him around the party by his penis leash. All night, I saw girls and guys looking at us lustfully - it was great! Since then, we've used it countless times for interesting bedroom role-playing. Finally, a stellar penis leash that doesn't look and feel like a joke.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Reggie P.
I was totally against my lady tugging me around with a penis leash. She bought it despite my objections. One night she teased the hell out of me, telling me, "We aren't going to do anything else...unless you let me put this penis leash on you." What was I going to say? I already had one massive erection. I went with it. The rest is history. We bought Love Ties recently to go with the leash.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Lady Pearl
A load of laughs and giggles that quickly turn erotic. Sounds like a gag gift, but it turns into so much more. Screw all those neck collars and leashes. Nah, go for the gusto. The Lover's Penis Leash is much more appealing and playful than hardcore BDSM products.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Hollinger
Just as long as my penis isn't jerked around. A slight tug and a few verbal commands...both are arousing.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Matt Parker
Wearing the Lover's Penis Leash started off as a joke. It's led to so many other "activities" that I we've kept it a part of our sex life.

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