Lubes & Lotions: Massage your lover's body with this warming lotion and a vibrating sex toy and adult massager.

Motion Lotion

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Motion Lotion: Massage your lover's body with this warming lotion and a vibrating sex toy and adult massager.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Looking for a reliable warming lotion? Motion Lotion is flavored, warms to your hand's touch, and heats up when your romantically blow on the applied area. The erotic warming sensations produced by this lotion will create a new electrically charged YOU! Deliciously flavored, aromatically pleasant, and easy to wash off--Motion Lotion sets standards of sensuality and quality.

If you really want to heat things up, extra strength Motion Lotion is available: HOT Motion Lotion Cherry or Passion Fruit or Strawberry.

Each bottle contains 4 oz. of Motion Lotion.

Editorial Review

I'm on fire. Jimi Hendrix has nothing on this fire, I promise you. Motion Lotion is one of Doc Johnson's best lotions. I use grape and cherry more than any of the other flavors. I especially enjoy using Motion Lotion during the winter months. Laying by my fireplace, with my boyfriend furiously blowing on, and rubbing in, Motion Lotion gets me hot and bothered like no other lotion can. Even better is the fact that a sparing amount of this lotion is needed to be effective, which means a 4 oz. bottle lasts for a long time. If you enjoy the warm sensations spreading over your body, Motion Lotion is best choice to achieve that unforgettable feeling.

For those of you seeking more traditional massage oils and lotions, VibeReview recommends that you try Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit. Both Motion Lotion and Kama Sutra Massage Oil succeed where other lotions and oils fail, in creating a mood conducive for romantic exchanges.

Additional Details

Size:  4 oz.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: four hearts. dean s.
The best massage lotion on the planet. It smells good, doesn't leave nasty residue after using it, and cleaning off is easy.
Sex toy review: three hearts. nadia
Mine got too sticky. Having sticky sex is not too comfortable. Using this just for massage is worth it. If you are going to have sex after the massage, I suggest washing off first.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Mature Man Model
I always have a full bottle of Motion Lotion in my house. Always. Massaging the lotion on a woman's body after a late-nite date allows me to treat a woman in a respectful and sensitive way. Her needs come first. In the end, I have a better time that way. I'd rather use Naughty Secrets as my personal lube. Even with that so, I still buy Motion Lotion for its lotion-warming potion that I have yet to find in another brand's version.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Jackie C.
Most of the rubbing comes from the friction of my body and his (my boyfriend's) body colliding. As we have sex faster and harder, the lotion AND the lube warm up. Unbelievably erotic. We bought Grape and Cherry. Cherry is better than Grape, IMHO.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I love that warm sensation, Keithster. I don't have a penis, but when my vagina warms to the task, my orgasms are better. This is a stocking stuffer for my boyfriend. He better buy a box of Motion Lotion. I want all flavors!
Sex toy review: two hearts. keithster
As a lotion, Motion Lotion is great. I did not like the warm sensation on my penis. I only use this for massage now.
Sex toy review: four hearts. jolene
Buying Motion Lotion was my husband's idea. I am still shocked that he found this website and took the time to search for massage lotion. He picked the right lotion. We also use this for lubrication. Grape flavor is the best.
Sex toy review: five hearts. poison ivy
The more rubbing that takes place, the hotter my skin gets. I want it HOT. As a lube, I also like the warming effect. Cherry is the flavor I started with. I liked it, so I won't stray from what I know tastes good.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Emma
I bought Passion Fruit. Motion Lotion definitely warms me up. I may buy Raspberry next. I want to try all flavors. Why limit myself? I never have, nor will I ever.

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