Rabbit Vibrators: Sex toys and rabbit vibrators double female pleasure

Red G-Factor

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Red G-Factor: Sex toys and rabbit vibrators double female pleasure
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

With so many different dual stimulation vibrator styles, textures, shapes, sizes to choose from, it's no small task to browse all of them, and then choosing the right toy for you - one that meets your personal expectations - can be difficult. The Red G-Factor is an amalgamation of several different dual stimulation rabbit vibrators - the ultimate evolution in standard dual stimulation technology.

This sexy red vibrator demonstrates that shaft rotations are important for G-Spot arousal. But that's not all! The shaft is covered in ribbed texture, making those shaft rotations even more pleasurable. Insertion or total penetration - it doesn't matter: Both activities are enhanced by the Red G-Factor's amazingly crafted shaft, its texture, and exceptional motorized functionality.

Toward the base of this dual stimulation vibrator, users will notice a clitoral vibrator (often referred to as clitoral "ticklers"). As your shaft rotations dive deep into your zone of passion, the Red G-Factor's clitoral tickler delivers sensual vibrations to your clitoris. The soft jelly material that covers the clitoral tickler gently stimulates your sensitive clitoris.

Simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral orgasms are important for many women, which is exactly why dual stimulation rabbit vibrators are so popular. The Red G-Factor is also waterproof. An easy-to-operate base controller allows you to adjust the vibration tempo, so its multi-speed technology offers each user different stimulation options. And if you've been looking for quiet vibrator, the Red G-Factor does keep your masturbation activities discreet.

VibeReview recommends that a personal lubricant be used with the toy. Here are three of VibeReview's top-selling lubricants: i-Lube, ID Glide, and Astroglide. All three lubricants will enhance your experience with the Red G-Factor.

Editorial Review

The Red G-Factor is easily one of the best inexpensive dual stimulation rabbit style vibrators. Doc Johnson hit the spot (literally) with this outstanding vibrator. Everything is perfect: The shaft's width and length, texture, and rotation functions are amazingly combined for instant G-Spot stimulation. The clitoral tickler adds that additional form of stimulation that completes the process. Vibrating softly, the clitoral tickler aims to please!

No words can describe how orgasm efficient this sex toy is. Inexpensive for an effective dual stimulation vibrator, the Red G-Factor is a sex toy that beginners and experienced women will dearly appreciate. The quiet vibration output - along with its smooth jelly material, covering the shaft and the clitoral tickler - is a bonus. Factoring in that it can be used in the shower...this dual stimulation vibrator is one of the best available on the market, especially for the price.

Additional Details

Size:  8.5" total length
4" insertable length
4" circumference
Battery Info:  3 AAA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. psychuout
Old vibrators are like old girlfriends and boyfriends - some you remember with fondness and others you want to forget. The Red G-Factor is one that I remember with great fondness and appreciation. Until I tried the Vibe Rabbit, the Red G-Factor was my main sex toy. While I did find greater sexual satisfaction (G-Spot deluxe!!!) with my Vibe Rabbit, the Red G-Factor still kept me satisfied. I recommend it for inexperienced sex toy users or for women who want to try G-Spot and clit stimulation.
Sex toy review: four hearts. k. norris
the red g-factor sends me into orgasmic shock. i am a believer and a campaign manager, recommending it to other women.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The shaft rings are subtly stimulating. The shaft gets right to the point, my G-Spot. Gentle G-Spot massage and fantastic clitoral vibrations all by the same toy. A rare inexpensive sex toy that can do a whole lot.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Pool of PLEASURE
The wife and I ordered a few toys a couple of weeks back. The Red G-Factor was her chosen toy. I am pleased to report that she is happy with it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Liorra
The motor struggles at its highest level. It juices up but doesn't quite kick into the next gear. I feel teased sometimes. Other times I orgasm within a couple of minutes. Some nights I just want something with more power and greater shaft turnings. Any suggestions?
Sex toy review: four hearts. Hunting Haley
My first sex toy, ever. I've always been too shy to purchase one. I don't have any sex toy expertise to offer anyone. All I can say is that the toy makes me feel better than even some men.
Sex toy review: three hearts. rhee gentri
Gives me a nice trot into the shower, an extra skip in my step in the morning. The vibrator isn't as powerful as I like them. For the shower it works just fine. It is a tamer toy than my Vibe Rabbit, but my Vibe Rabbit isn't waterproof. The Red G-Factor does more for my gspot than my clit. You ladies should keep that in mind.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anita W.
Perfect. Sexy. Ribbed. Above average power. A glorious invention that I use frequently for stress release. I have come to a point in my sex life where I want all the perks and benefits quickly. Going through the motions to climax is not something I'm interested in. The Red G-Factor helps me climax faster than other vibrators.

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