Sex Games: Sparks of eroticism and romance fly when you play this sexy game and use vibrating sex toys.

Tantric Lovers

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Tantric Lovers: Sparks of eroticism and romance fly when you play this sexy game and use vibrating sex toys.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The ancient practices of Tantra focus on the art of sensual lovemaking by blending and balancing the flow of Yin (female) and Yang (male) energy, which helps couples experience a profound mind, body, and spirit connection. The Tantric Lovers Game invites you and your lover to learn important elements of Tantra while simultaneously flooding the relationship with desirable intimacy that leads to ultimate connectedness.

Couples of all experience levels benefit mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and sexually by playing the Tantric Lovers Game. Basic and advanced Tantra techniques and activities allow for all lovers to expand his or her sensual and sexual limits, calling each partner together in a universal celebration of love. Rewarding and satisfying, this lovely game helps lovers bond and reconnect.

Both sexes benefit from playing the Tantric Lovers Game: Women learn acts of self and couple-empowerment, removing emotional dislocations individually and collectively when two lovers come together. Men learn new techniques that aid in multi-orgasmic intercourse for both partners. Additionally, men learn how to satisfy, cherish, and please lovers in ways that are genuinely appreciated; thus, creating loving reciprocation between two people.

The Tantric Lovers Game includes: Instructions, a Two-sided Game Board, 2 Glass Playing Pieces, a Timer, a Die, a Chakra Chart and a 2 oz. Raspberry Edible Lubricant. Be sure to add Astroglide 2 in 1 Pleasure and Climax Bursts Cooling into your arousing game activities!

Editorial Review

Relationships are tough. Sometimes we all get caught up in working, taking care of kids, and doing house chores. As we are swept up into a whirlwind of monotony, our romantic relationships often suffer through neglect and stagnation. But that's the natural cycle of things - which has been my experience - and all lovers go through periods of adjustment. The Tantric Lovers Game offers couple the unique opportunity to take a break from the outside world's hustle and bustle, bringing interaction to a simpler, more enjoyable place.

Rekindling that fire, or starting from scratch, is possible when couples playfully enter into a committed phase of playing the Tantric Lovers Game. Of all the supposed romantic games for couples, my boyfriend and I prefer this particular game. We've learned more about ourselves and one another while playing this game than we have doing anything else - and that includes those "quickies" we used to have a lot. I have a better understanding of what he wants and needs, and I know he understands me better, as I feel sexually alive.

At first glance one might think this game is solely for improving the act of sex, but it's so much more than that. Our entire relationship seems to run smoothly when we are taking time out of our busy schedules to focus on one another, in a new, unfamiliar way that sometimes feels uncomfortable. It's called shedding layers of frustration, all while participating in the creation of new emotional and romantic experiences. The Tantric Lovers Game is sure to induce laughter, increase sexual pleasure, and improve communication.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Domina
Was fun and easy to play. Required a very open mind and time to relax and enjoy. No rushing to the climatic goal. You won't become a Tantra Expert your first try, but at least you dipped your toes in the water and got your first taste at Tantric ecstasy. This game would make a great wedding gift or a gift to your lover to begin exploring intimacy together.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Tori B.
I couldn't agree more with what everyone has written. It's always nice to separate oneself from the same routines. It's easy to fall into boring sex roles and routines. With this game around it makes sex more interesting and new. I learn all kinds of stuff about myself and my guy while playing Tantric Lovers.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Coconut and Strawberries
My husband and I are on a mission. We are trying everything and anything that relates with sex. As my silly name suggests, we are having a blast with flavored lubricants. Recently we moved our experiments into romantic and erotic games. Neither of us are familiar with Kama Sutra positions or Tantra, but we sure want to improve in that area. Tantric Lovers looked like the Cliff Notes of sex techniques and positions. Sexy trouble behind, sexy trouble ahead! Trouble that's fun and hot! We are like Saucy and her boyfriend. Getting through one complete game is not going to happen. We both get too riled up to slow down. Our love life has been steadily improving for a while, even before we played Tantric Lovers, but after playing it, I swear I am ready for sex 99% of the time.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Happily Romantic Carin
Hot. So darn hot. I didn't know my husband was a love machine until we started playing this game. I've been so busy focusing on having quickies. We have three kids and having sex with our little ones running around the house is impossible, and by the time we get in bed, both of us are exhausted. This game helped me remember what a stud lover my husband is. I get off on how playful and cheesy it can be, but playing it has moments of intense seriousness. The maker of it did a good job of balancing out the playful parts with serious parts. We like to play once or twice a week, as time allows in our busy schedule.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Saucy
I can't get through a complete game without jumping my boyfriend's bones! If you like to get really horny and worked up and then have wild sex, this game is for you. Playing this game has become a requirement: If we are planning on having sex, we do our best to make it through AT LEAST half of the game. Maybe one day we'll have enough self-control to play an entire game. Tantric Lovers is a ton of fun.
Sex toy review: five hearts. PeterB

I watched American Pie 2. I kept hearing about this Tantra business. I had never heard of it before, so I decided to research it more. Everything I read portrayed it in a positive light; I decided to try this game out, hoping it would help me understand what it's all about.

What a great idea, because it's the most pleasure I've ever experienced with a woman. I enjoyed waiting for that next step in the game. It created this build-up that needed explode.

I have no idea how much we will play the game or how much of the game we will implement into our weekly sexual agenda. I do know that our sex life has improved since taking the time to appreciate one another's desires and individual sexual preferences.

Sex toy review: five hearts. sexylegs
I had no idea what Tantra was until my husband and I bought this game. I liked the game. My husband thought it was ok. He did say that he's willing to play it again, so he must have liked it more than "ok." I opened myself up to the process - it's the most I've ever opened up to a man and even to myself. A great buy for a couple wanting to get beyond the physical realm in their relationship.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Angelika
It's hard to stay focused on the game, it's objectives. We live in a culture that places tremendous importance on instant gratification. I know I've grown up with that mentality. This game helps alleviate that one-dimensional thinking and reaction. It's tough - it will test your patience and tolerance. That's cool, though, it makes the ultimate goal more enjoyable. We used to cheat at the game, not so much anymore. We've learned that the game does present a different side of sex and relationships. Tantra is not an easy method, so be prepared. In the end, it's totally worth the wait. The experience will mean more to you, if patience is practiced.
Sex toy review: five hearts. xiola
Well worth the money. There are so many different combinations to try out here and much more fun then reading a book to learn all of them. This has put the spice back into our bedroom!
Sex toy review: four hearts. squirt
I got this game after purchasing Canoodling and I am quite impressed. The only reason I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because we have never been able to finish the game - we play for a few minutes then inevitably we start cheating and skipping to the sexy parts without actually playing the game by the rules. What can I say - we get impatient! Don't miss out on trying Tantric Lovers Stimulating Gel and Kama Sutra Massage Oil. I like to bring out the whole sexual arsenal when playing Tantric Lovers. I plan on making the most of my time and effort!

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