Sex Toy Accessories: Romance happens naturally with this sex toy kit for couples and vibrating adult sex toys.

Weekender Kit

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Weekender Kit: Romance happens naturally with this sex toy kit for couples and vibrating adult sex toys.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

A perfect introduction to the many joys of the Kama Sutra line, this sampler slips discreetly into a purse, pocket or overnight bag, letting you steal away to a sensuous world. Together you'll experience a variety of earthly pleasures that await you in this compact collection. Contains delicate portions of The Original Oil of Love, Pleasure Balm, Wild Clove and Mint Tree Bathing Gels and Honey Dust with a handmade feather applicator. A delightful surprise in a honeymooner's bag.

Editorial Review

What is there to not like about this gift set? After all, everyone appreciates the fine art of massage, the gentle and sensual application of only the best oils available. Kama Sutra is one of VibeReview's best product lines. Rarely has anyone complained about the single items, much less gift sets.

The Weekender Kit is the ideal travel assortment of oil, pleasure balm, bath gels, and Honey Dust. I tend to use the Weekender Kit in about two or three weekends. Each item sets the mood for me, places me in a trance. The older I get, the more I need for relaxation. My boyfriend understands what I need, so the Weekender Kit is our solution. It keeps my spirits alive, ready for romance, and excited. Honey Dust is my favorite item in the sampler. I have a supply of this magical dust at my house. As far as gift sets are concerned, the Weekender Kit is a fantastic start.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Marcie Miller
Considering the inexpensive nature of this kit, I rate the Weekender Kit as high as possible. I'm glad we bought it, because the various products introduced us to a new line of Kama Sutra products. Sensuality, relaxation, and romance--that's the end result of buying this product, and being with the right man or woman or group! Ok, not the group--that's a little too much for me, but I was trying to include everyone (wink, wink). Honey dust was also my favorite part of the kit. It seems to be a favorite among the women. Men, are you listening? Honey Dust, Honey Dust...
Sex toy review: four hearts. Dirty Harry
A well-rounded kit that pleased both my girlfriend and I. We've bought special kits in the past, and there always seems to be one or two products that suck. We did not encounter that with the Weekender Kit. We will buy it again. Thanks.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Lucky Becky
The Mint Tree Bathing Gels and Honey Dust will drive you mad. I love this kit. I'm still thanking my husband for the gift, and it's been like two weeks. We took a quick trip to So Cal, looking forward to time away from the kids. My husband finally took some initiative. He actually ordered the Weekender Kit in advance. I'm not sure what turned me on more--him licking Honey Dust off my naked body or the fact that he thought out the entire scenario before we ever left. I hope he buys this for us again. We ran out of everything a three days ago, so he better.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Dimitri
Yessum, I bought this the Weekender Kit for my girlfriend. It was her birthday, and I figured that I could splurge a little money toward massage oils that she loves. For her birthday, I took her to a small town with a bed and breakfast. After arriving, I presented her with the kit. She loved it. Hey, I ended up loving it. We spent most of the weekend in bed, just trying to get to know one another better: what we both like, how we like it done and what we need to improve. The kit served as an introduction to that process. I will buy another one when the time is right.
Sex toy review: five hearts. speedy_marie
The various massage/love oils lasted longer than I thought they would. The Honey Dust tastes great. Using the feather applicator was an experience in of itself. I really got to know my boyfriend's body, exploring each inch of him with the oils. Likewise, I think he appreciates every wrinkle and twist of my body after using the oils. It's a wonderful kit that helped unleash the wild girl inside of me. Sometimes we just need a little help getting there - this kit did that for me...a little help that went a longgggg way.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Don't think this kit will last longer than a weekend. If it does, you didn't have THAT weekend. ha! Seriously, for the price, this kit was great. It is the perfect kit for a weekend of pure pleasure. I like how it gives me a sample of several products. I will buy each product in a larger quantity.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
We used the entire kit up in one and a half days. My boyfriend and I went to Costa Rica. We decided to order this kit: it seemed small enough to hide in our luggage. What a wonderful week that was. I wish we had bought more of it, though - we did run out quickly. A little John Butler Trio playing in the background with this kit in use, creates a mood that anyone could thrive in.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Angelika

This is a good kit. It's nothing too fancy or expensive. Believe it or not, it actually lasted longer than a "weekend." My favorite part is the Honey Dust. The oils are cool, too.

For the price, I had no problem buying this kit. I will probably buy the separately next time.

Sex toy review: five hearts. charlotte dare
Ehh, most kits I've found on other websites just aren't worth the money. This kit, however, was absolutely worth the money. Before buying the kit, I was already familiar with the Honey Dust and some of the Kama Sutra massage oils. It wasn't much of a reach to convince me, especially since I order from this website all the time. Go figure.

The kit, small enough to hide in my luggage on a recent trip to NYC, really came in handy. Any trip to NYC almost guarantees meeting men, hopefully successful men.

I did, indeed, meet a man. He, like myself, loved Kama Sutra products. It was no big surprise when I pulled out the kit. We used every bit of liquid and dust in that kit - it was an awesome weekend.

Dan, the guy I met, and I are still talking, maybe taking that next step of serious dating is in the cards for us. Who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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