Prostate Massage : Anal sex toys work for prostate massage and prostate stimulation

Aneros Progasm

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Aneros Progasm: Anal sex toys work for prostate massage and prostate stimulation

Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

A growing interest in prostate stimulation has spurred the development of high quality prostate sex toys. The original Aneros prostate stimulator played an integral role in this development, creating high expectations and high standards for P-Spot sex toys. In the hopes of including more men in the prostate stimulation craze, the Aneros Prograsm was created with a greater emphasis on size, shape, and texture.

Beginners should consider starting with the original Aneros, because the Aneros Progasm is the advanced Aneros model. However, the Aneros Progasm carries the illuminating torch of pleasurable prostate massage, much like the original model does - only with an added punch of extreme stimulation that the original sex toy is incapable of providing. Fuller and thicker, the Aneros Prograsm is designed for instant sexual gratification.

Men who play with this prostate stimulator experience a "fuller" feeling that takes advantage of prostate gland and anal sensitivity, and slight in and out movement - combined with minor shaft twisting - creates unique sensations that other prostate sex toys cannot. The angled, curved shaft and egg-shaped shaft head align precisely with your prostate gland's shape and size, which enables you to experience intense P-Spot arousal soon after inserting the shaft.

Easy-to-grasp handles are located at the bottom of the toy, where one hand grabs the toy and directs movement. These handles are flexible, yet firm enough for one hand to control the toy - freeing up your other hand to roam those other special erogenous zones. Whether you focus on dual stimulation (simultaneous masturbation or sex and P-Spot arousal), you experience the best sensations that prostate sex toys offer.

Note: The Aneros is a medically researched and patented prostate massager, anatomically designed to work perfectly in sync with the male body. Of course, women can enjoy the anal pleasures the Aneros has to offer too.

VibeReview recommends that you use a personal lubricant with the Aneros Progasm. i-Lube, ID Glide, and Eros Bodyglide create enhancing slickness that makes the Aneros Progasm more effective.

Editorial Review

The Aneros was my first prostate stimulator sex toy. Until it was released, my girlfriend (now my wife) and I relied on finger stimulation. First, let me say that finger-to-prostate stimulation lacks that serious orgasmic punch that the Aneros, Pandora, and Clover deliver. A prostate-specific sex toy beats finger stimulation, absolutely - especially vibrating prostate stimulators.

The Aneros established the foundation for effective prostate stimulators. When I first began using mine, I noticed that I didn't have to do much - meaning, yes, that the toy's design (shaft length, width, and contours) does exhibit necessary anatomical characteristics (or ones that complement butt fun).

Aneros established a trend that other models aim to re-create. The Aneros Progasm, again, sets itself apart from competing prostate stimulators. If men enjoyed the original model - Aneros - they will enjoy the Aneros Progasm even more. It's been my experience that it is one of the top prostate stimulators manufactured.

Neither the Aneros nor Aneros Progasm is my favorite prostate stimulator. While the Aneros may have been my first prostate stimulator sex toy, it was quickly replaced as the best prostate stimulator by the Pandora and Clover. Both are more aggressive prostate stimulators with vibration capabilities.

Regardless of my personal preference, the Aneros Progasm is a quality prostate stimulator that thousands of men enjoy. Aneros has clearly established itself as the founding prostate sex toy, so you can bet that your orgasms will improve when you rely on it for extreme sexual satisfaction. Before purchasing the Aneros Progasm, you should consider that it is larger than the standard Aneros prostate stimulator. Beginners should experiment with the Aneros, Titus, or Pandora before attempting to play with the Aneros Progasm.

Additional Details

Size:  4.75" long
4" tip
4" middle
2" base
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.

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Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Zvook
This prostate sex toy is a step above the other brands I have played with. I can tell this toy is sturdier than my other prostate sex toys. I don't understand why the manufacturer doesn't make it with vibrations. If the Aneros Progasm vibrated I would give it a higher rating. Between the Aneros Progasm and Pandora ... I'd have to go with the Pandora. I am content having both, so I'm lucky in that respect.
Sex toy review: three hearts. aviator wild man
The Titus is significantly better than the Aneros Progasm. There's nothing about the Titus that I dislike. I think the Aneros Progasm is too wide and too smooth. The Titus has horizontal ribbed texture and I like that better than smooth texture.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Jacob L.
I stalled before buying it...right when I read the cost of the Aneros Progasm. I had just been paid, so I went ahead, ordered it. It took me a week of messing with it to get any positive results, but once I orgasmed...oh my, my, is a surge of power that runs through my loins. My knees shook. Addicted to it, now, yep.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Drooling Walter
I am not unfamiliar with prostate stimulation, though I had been relying on different toys than any of the Aneros prostate stimulators. Having been indoctrinated into the school of straight men and prostate stimulation, I have a very real understanding of how these toys should work, and, thus, those that don't work. The Aneros Progasm works because of curves and angles. Right after insertion I can feel the top portion of the toy massaging or rubbing against my prostate. I am digging this toy a lot.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Undebatable: The Aneros Progasm is the superior sex toy between all the different models. I have 2 of the 3 Aneros sex toys, but this Progasm is better equipped for comfortable insertion and leaving it inside.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Medicine Man
Better than the original Aneros. The Aneros company obviously made significant improvements to the original model. Though wider and a little tougher during insertion, the Aneros Progasm is hands down better.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Dilemma Dude
I have NEVER had such an explosive orgasm as I did with the Aneros Progasm. It felt strange inside of my ass, but once the tip of it hit my prostate gland I was off to the races. Very effective prostate sex toy.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Leonard G.
Sure, it works. But it takes too long for me to cum. The Light-Of-Love T does everything better than the Aneros Progasm. When will Aneros add vibrations to their prostate stimulators?!! Until they do, I will stick with the Ultimate Prostate Wand.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Dirty Harry
I've been leaning on prostate stimulation for about a year. It works for me. While I initially felt strange about it, I am now a firm believer in its benefits. Well, I've experienced those benefits personally. I started with the Aneros medium, but now I've graduated (if you would call it that) to the Aneros Progasm. They sure did improve the Aneros product line. The Aneros Progasm is a much improved prostate toy. I don't have to move it in and out very much. My orgasms are stronger than ever.

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