Silicone Sex Toys: Masturbate with sex toy vibrators for female orgasms

Baby Bug

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Baby Bug: Masturbate with sex toy vibrators for female orgasms

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Baby Bug vibrator is as versatile as it is cute. Designed for clitoral massage and internal stimulation, this lovable vibrating caterpillar-shaped sex toy specializes in direct and intense stimulation, transporting you to your own sexual wonderland, where blissful self-stimulation occurs whenever you want, for as long as you want. Like the Little Paul and Little Dolly, this versatile sex toy can handle a variety of stimulation activities.

Smaller than traditional vibrating dildos, the Baby Bug fits perfectly in active hands. However, don't be misled by its smaller size, because this adult toy vibrates with tremendous power and grace, complementing its arousing ribbed texture. Each new eruption of quality vibrations travels from the Baby Bug's powerful motor through the toy's phthalate-free silicone exterior, finally finding a home in your sweet place and on your welcoming clitoris. Despite this amazing power, this sex toy vibrates quietly, allowing you to discreetly please yourself.

Since the Baby Bug is made of body-friendly hypoallergenic silicone material, you can expect the toy to be moderately flexible, durable, and easy to clean. Vibrations and pulsations resonate perfectly through this supple sex toy, which makes masturbation more pleasurable and intense. Two control buttons are located on the lower shaft region: Press the "plus" or "minus" button to increase or decrease vibration intensity - to create the right balance of stimulation that suits you best.

The Baby Bug is a splashproof vibrator, so you can take it in the shower with you. It should never be submerged in water though, as it is not a waterproof vibrator. Additionally, this vibrator is one of the best travel companions around. Take it with you to a lover's house, or take it with you on an upcoming vacation! Regardless of where or when you choose to play with this appealing sex toy, the Baby Bug is designed with your sexual satisfaction in mind.

Editorial Review

The new Baby Bug vibrator is one of Fun Factory's latest sex toys. I've always been a fan of Fun Factory's products, so I was excited to review this cute and adorable vibe. It has been a nice addition to my sex toy collection - both in terms of appearance and performance. Similar to the Little Paul and Little Dolly, the Baby Bug proves that smaller vibrating dildos can be as effective as larger ones, particularly those that are made by Fun Factory. My Baby Bug works great for internal and external stimulation - making it a well-rounded toy for solo masturbation or foreplay.

It looks like a short and wide caterpillar, absolutely adorable in every way. Since it is made of 100% silicone material, the Baby Bug has great texture and frame durability - with the added bonus of being phthalate-free! Its stimulating girth is another positive feature, because it feels great externally and internally, on my clit and near - or inside of - my vaginal opening, where nerve endings are easily aroused. Its vibrations are fairly energetic, but I'd like it to have another level of power, which would decrease my stimulation workload.

While I really enjoy what the Baby Bug offers, it's not one of my favorite sex toys. No doubt, this vibrator gets me hot and wet, but I hunger for those toys that can make me orgasm with ease, in less time, with the greatest energy possible. I played with it by myself and also with my boyfriend, but never reached the happy Land of 'O', and this type of teasing makes me an insane, horny woman. So I decided to straddle my boyfriend while he watched television, placing the Baby Bug on his lap, and then I squirmed around on him and the Baby Bug. In the end, I had to put the Baby Bug down, because I badly wanted my boyfriend, which is why I recommend the Baby Bug as a foreplay toy for couples.

As far as the toy's external features, I like how it looks and feels. However, its loud vibrations are somewhat annoying, serving as a distraction. If you like discrete vibrators, the Baby Bug might not be for you. The control buttons are a pain to operate, due to the hard-to-reach location of the buttons. I dislike how I have to remove the batteries from the toy after I play with it. I couldn't understand why my battery power vanished overnight, but after removing the batteries my problem was solved, but still remained a pain. No one wants to remove batteries after each use and put them back in before using the toy again!

All in all, I believe that beginners will enjoy this vibrator. More experienced women will want greater vibration power and fewer hassles, but beginners can ease into sex toy fun by playing with the Baby Bug. For partner play, I also recommend it. In comparison to my Gigi and Japanese G-Spot Squirmy, the Baby Bug pales in comparison - at least in terms of pleasure experienced and overall toy performance. The Baby Bug is one of those toys that a lot of women will love, but I want a toy with more power and less hassles. It's all a matter of preference, so I suspect plenty of women will disagree with me.

Additional Details

Size:  5" total length
4" insertable length
4" circumference
Battery Info:  2 AAA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Shay
What I liked: I love the feel of Fun Factory's silicone vibes, they are soft, yet firm and are excellent at transmitting vibrations - and the Baby Bug is no exception. I thought I should mention also that they do smell nice too, not medical or rubbery or anything like that. I appreciated how easy it was to control the Baby Bug, the controls were easy to reach and use, with a simple + or -. Also, I've had vibes where it was nearly impossible to get the battery casing off, but the Baby Bug's was simple - which can be unusual in waterproof toys. The Baby Bug's body is great for insertion too, since it's safe silicone and has a nice texture and shape. It also has a quiet motor, great for when you need to be sneaky.

What I didn’t like: Personally, I don't enjoy vibes as much when they just sorta vibrate all over, I prefer a localized point where the vibrations are more intense. Unfortunately, the Baby Bug's lovely silicone almost transmits the vibrations a little too well, so that the entire toy vibrated - which just isn't what I prefer.

Read the rest of my review here:

Sex toy review: five hearts. Amirah
It is simple, small and easy to store. I can hide it in my purse. I LOVE the vibration levels. This toy is awesome!!!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. cuteypie tina

I have a routine that I follow before I ever buy anything on the Internet: I always read multiple reviews for whatever product I plan on purchasing before I make a financial commitment. I don't want any surprises - well, I take that back ... no bad surprises, like a product breaking a month after I have it. The Baby Bug's cute insect shape and color begged me to buy it. I love how it looks.

Since I did my research before buying it, I knew what to expect. Women continually remarked in reviews that the Baby Bug is best used for clitoral stimulation and some penetration, but that in most cases, it is the ideal clit and labia vibrator. Sounded fine to me. Other women claimed that it was obviously manufactured to be durable. After purchasing sex toys for years, I know how important longevity is, and I am willing to pay for it.

I wanted something my boyfriend could control with greater precision. His big hands struggle to control thinner vibrators. Adding a little width and weight in his hands means he won't be apt to move the toy too frequently. Only the slightest movements occur as his hand fidgets about. It might sound silly, but it's so true. Finally, the Baby Bug has soothing vibrations that, in contrast to those jack hammer vibrations, let me ease in and out of orgasms. I am interested in the build up, not just the finale.

Sex toy review: four hearts. reenie
I am happy to report that the Baby Bug is a great vibrator. It's the kind that I love to play with alone or with my partner. I don't like it much for penetration, though some women might like the shape and size (not me ... at least not with this toy). As a clit vibrator, it gets the green light from me.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Lady Pearl
I am torn between acceptable satisfaction and disappointment, usually dependent on when I last played with the toy. My reaction varies from time to time. Though I can't decide which, I think it's safe to say that the Baby Bug is a basic vibrator with a great exterior appearance. I can tell it is a quality sex toy - like made of quality material and built to last - but I keep wondering why it's not as stimulating as my Little Paul, which is made by the same company. Just as average rating for an average toy. Nothing particularly bad or good about it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. xotic coupleTX

The Baby Bug is an adorable vibrator. Nothing about it displeases me. It is the type of sex toy that my silly husband can operate in a worthwhile manner, in a way that I don't get frustrated from second-guessing stimulation. You ladies know what I am talking about, I'm sure. Because of its ball-like shape, formed to represent a caterpillar, I can use the toy for penetration or serious clitoral massaging.

It vibrates with nice pulsations, nothing too overbearing or under-stimulating about it. It doesn't compare favorably to my Ultimate Decadent Indulgence, but few sex toys ever have - or ever will. The Baby Bug has been a good sex toy for this couple, and also one that I can play with when I am alone and want to climax quickly. Most important, this vibrator can take a beating and never miss a beat. I've dropped it, it's been stepped on, and my boyfriend spilled a glass of wine on it - it's as strong as it ever was.

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