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Little Paul

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Little Paul: Sex toys and vibrating dildos meliorate female orgasms

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The adorable Patchy Paul has been pleasing women for years, so it's no big surprise that its sister vibrator, the Little Paul, is garnering so much praise. Smaller than the original model, yet demonstrating similar functionality, texture, and material, the Little Paul proves that sensational sex toys can come in smaller packages! This multi-speed vibrating dildo is cuter and more technologically sophisticated than most vibrating dildos (especially of this size). This is a pet sex toy that goes the distance, pleasuring you all day and all night, whenever sexual passion captures you whole.

Designed specifically for G-Spot stimulation, the Little Paul can handle the challenge of internal stimulation, which can be a difficult task for many women. Making G-Spot stimulation accessible is this toy's priority, and from the looks of things, it is a rising star in a dark galaxy, illuminating the path toward universal sexual satisfaction. However, the Little Paul sex toy can also be used for intense clitoral stimulation. Its curved nose works well for both G-Spot and clitoral massage, and this versatility is extremely appealing to women of all experience levels.

The Little Paul is made of non-toxic phthalate-free silicone. A series of textured ribs spans up and down the shaft, providing additional internal stimulation as your in-and-out action heats up. You can adjust the intensity of its multi-speed vibrations by pressing the "plus" or "minus" buttons, which are located in the lower shaft area for easy access. This stylish and ergonomically superior vibrating dildo is designed for long-term use, is splashproof, and spectacularly versatile.

Note: The Little Paul is splashproof, not waterproof. It should never be submerged in water.

Editorial Review

Pack your bags. Get ready for a trip into a land of blissful stimulation. The Patchy Paul is one of my all-time favorite sex toys, and now I have that same toy in a smaller size! The Little Paul isn't the first classic vibrating dildo to be manufactured as a mini-vibe, but it is currently my favorite. It is part of the same product line that brought us the wonderful Mini Corsair, another popular mini-vibe. I prefer the Little Paul to the Mini Corsair, because the Little Paul is designed with contours and curves that aid in G-Spot massage, whereas the Mini Corsair is geared more for basic internal and external stimulation.

This vibrating sex toy is the complete package: powerful vibrations, erogenous zone arousal versatility, sensational texture, and moderate length and width. The first time I played with it I was shocked by how well the vibrations travel from the toy to my G-Spot, and how easy it is to control the toy's movements. Being smaller than the Patchy Paul, it is also weighs less, which eliminates a lot of undue stress from my tired wrists. I travel frequently enough to justify buying smaller sex toys, so the Little Paul is a favorite travel companion for me. And it's easy to throw into my backpack when I go to my boyfriend's apartment for a couple of days.

The manufacturer mainly advertises the Little Paul as a vibrating G-Spot dildo, but I've used it for several different types of erogenous zone arousal. Though I mainly rely on it for G-Spot orgasms, I have been known to massage my clitoris with its irresistible nose. Oh, plus another neat trick I learned a week ago: Try stimulating your lover's perineum with the vibrator's nose during oral sex - or use it for nipple titillation! The vibrations are fairly strong, so you might need to play with different speeds to find an intensity that suits you best.

I have only one criticism of the Little Paul. The manufacturer should consider moving the "plus" and "minus" buttons to a different location on the toy, preferably the base's bottom, or in a place where hands don't frequent. I naturally grip my Little Paul right above the push buttons, which means I accidentally change speeds when my hands starts moving around (usually right at the moment I am climaxing, which is a bummer). I've learned to work around this design flaw, and I certainly wouldn't allow this minor glitch to prevent me from buying or playing with it, but if they ever update the toy's design, that's the one thing that should change.

Additional Details

Size:  5.5" total length
4.25" insertable length
4.25" circumference
Battery Info:  2 AAA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. The Beautiful Kind
So cute! A real crowd pleaser. I just love carrying this little guy around in my purse, and he's good for internal AND external stimulation. He makes playtime so much fun. As if orgasms weren't enough to cheer you up, you can't regard Little Paul without smiling. Plus he has a strong vibe and varying speeds, very portable and versatile!
Sex toy review: three hearts. Domina
Little Paul is a great little G-spotter toy and not bad for clitoral stimulation either. I preferred it internally and it was perfect for my sweet G, sending me over the edge quickly. Unfortunately for me, and due to my own stupidity I broke poor Little Paul by immersing it in water. I thought he was waterproof. I should have read VibeReview's product description and I would have saved my toy. The other bad thing I did was leave the batteries inside him to corrode. So now poor Little Paul is dead, and I am without a perfect little G-spot vibe to play with. Treat your sex toys with respect!
Sex toy review: four hearts. RandiM.
The Little Paul is a great little vibrator with a few surprises! While I didn't find G Spot stimulation with it (I don't usually find that with toys), I did thoroughly enjoy the pulsing action that you can get from it! The only reason I gave it only four hearts is because it uses AAA batteries instead of AA.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Oh, it is a good vibrator. Or dildo. Or vibrating dildo. Ha! I play with mine in several different situations. For clit stimulation - or for G-Spot massage. Or switching between the two. Also, the Little Paul is a sex toy that my husband can tease me with when we make out. All that kissing, bodies rubbing ... with my Little Paul getting me really hot. The Liv and Japanese G-Spot Squirmy are my favorite sex toys. But that doesn't take away from the Little Paul - it is a good all-around type of simple vibrator.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Alisya Aeden
It is an essential part of my vibrator collection. I have some serious sex toys in my collection, but the Little Paul adds some fun to the mix. And it works great, especially for Gspot arousal. It gets right in there, finds the right spot, and goes to work. No one will accuse it as being the most powerful vibe in the world, which is fine; but the vibrations are just fine for me. This is a simple, simple, simple sex toy that I can play with in a jiffy, and experience good orgasms.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Curtain of Fire19
The Little Paul is a real treat for a woman like me. I am not for large dildos and vibrators that are hard to clean or move around. The Little Paul feels lightweight in my hands, it vibrates at a good level, and I always feel satisfied at the end, after playing with it. A much better shape and design than the Little Dolly, which has one of those small curved noses. The Little Paul's nose is more rounded, thicker, and just better for G-Spot stroking. This isn't my dream vibe, but it one of my favorites.

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