Male Sex Toys: Masturbation adult toys for men work as self pleasure techniques

Blossom Sleeve

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Blossom Sleeve: Masturbation adult toys for men work as self pleasure techniques
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

"Whoa, Nellie! We've hit the jackpot!" Yes, you most certainly have hit the jackpot: The Blossom Sleeve is a discreet masturbation sleeve that is made of soft, flexible translucent jelly material. The Blossom Sleeve turns your intimate stroking agenda into a blast of tightness and desirable suction force.

The toy's interior is contoured for exceptional stroking action. Your precious throbbing member comes to attention when you slide it deep inside of the Blossom Sleeve's supple interior. Work up a ferocious stroking pace or stroke ever so slowly. In either case, the Blossom Sleeve helps you achieve your orgasmic objectives.

The Blossom Sleeve is designed with enough room to add a vibrating bullet. A mini vibrator, like the Silver Bullet, can be placed in the exit hole of the sleeve. Bring your Blossom Sleeve to life with intense, sensual vibrations. Plus, you need some lube for slicker, frictionless masturbation. Try i-Lube, ID Glide, or Astroglide. Lube up the toy, slide your penis inside, and let the Blossom Sleeve please you like no other toy can!

Editorial Review

Female sexual satisfaction is emphasized in our industry. At VibeReview, we've taken steps to include men. We understand that men, like women, need masturbation toys and devices. Blossom Sleeve is a top male product, so we are pleased to sell it for one of the best prices on the Internet.

My first experience with Blossom Sleeve sold me on this new movement toward male products. As a guy with a guy's mindset, I never dreamed that any manufactured toy could compete with the real thing. That's where I went wrong. It's not a good idea to compare Blossom Sleeve to an actual vagina. Blossom Sleeve would lose in every comparison; however, as a masturbation device, when the real thing is not available for whatever reason, Blossom Sleeve is the second best solution for immediate sexual gratification.

I am married, so new partners are out of the question. My wife, though she loves intercourse, is not up for a daily slam-bam sexual celebration. I could, however, have intercourse daily. Blossom Sleeve provides me the opportunity to escape all that pent up sexual energy. When my wife is uninterested, I have Blossom Sleeve.

The material has a distinct feeling that cannot be replicated by other means. Durable, Blossom Sleeve can handle my fastest, deepest, hardest thrust. I anticipated rips of some sort, but nothing of the like has transpired--not once. This is an exceptional male toy.

Additional Details

Size:  4" total length
Extreme flexibility
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous
It worked great for the first 20 or so times. After this it tore and was completely useless. Spend a little more and get something that will last.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

I am glad I bought the Blossom Sleeve. My wife goes away on long business trips, so it comes in handy. She even knows I have it. For her, it's better that I get it on with a toy than a random woman. The real thing puts the Blossom Sleeve to shame, but that's a given. It does produce the closest feeling, however, to the real thing. I act out all my fantasies with my Blossom Sleeve; it doesn't have preferences. Whatever position I want, I get. A solid product that I am proud enough to review with a passing grade.

Sex toy review: five hearts. dallasmavericks
Unbelievable! The Blossom Sleeve is the softest sleeve I've humped. Oh, and I humped it good (yes, it's no longer "Evil"). I am a strange one, aren't I? No, for real, the Blossom Sleeve is durability at its finest. Guys tend to be rougher with their personal toys, so I am always concerned about the prospect of poorly made (or poor quality) toys. With the Blossom Sleeve, I can do exactly what I want, at what tempo I want, and with the energy I want. It does feel a little strange humping a celery bundle, but I got over that quickly. Looks aren't this case, at least!
Sex toy review: five hearts. mattm
There's nothing like the real thing. But, the Blossom Sleeve is as close as it gets. The jelly-rubber lining does feel like the insides of a vagina. A perfect masturbation sleeve? Yeah, I would agree with that. I wish it were a little bit longer, but I manage. I've heard some dudes complaining of rips, but I get down and dirty with mine...never had one single issue with the sleeve.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Porno Fan
The best sleeve I've found yet. I found no cracks or rough edges inside of it. Some other sleeves are poorly made: the insides can have sharpness to them that any guy's member would hate. You can't just hump this sleeve - a little lubrication is necessary, so don't try that. I like the depth of sleeve. I am longer than most other men, so I need that extra depth to get the real feeling.
Sex toy review: four hearts. strongbad
For the money, it's totally worth it. I've banged the Blossom Sleeve on many a night. The material is obviously durable, as I go to town on it. Don't believe any lies that say it feels like a vagina, as it doesn't, but it does have it's own great feeling. The goal is to have a monster orgasm, and I've done that with the Blossom Sleeve. Mission accomplished, at a cheap price. I just can't see spending a ton of money on toys, but this one was worth it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Chosen Profession
I gave this a solid five for several reasons: First, it's inexpensive. Second, the material does actually feel smooth, so it glides (with some additional lubrication) quite easily over my penis. Third, it's damn easy to use and clean-up. My only complaint, which isn't that big of a deal, is that the device looks like celery. It's strange at first, when you think you are screwing celery. Ehh, it's really not that big of deal, just funny. I recommend this one, as most others are too expensive for my taste.
Sex toy review: three hearts. AndreiB
You really can't beat this in price, and its super durable which is why I still give this sleeve a good rating. I've got to say though, that if you're like me (single and NEED something to help out once in a while if you get the drift), check out the Fleshlight. While it's true that the Blossom will get the job done, the Fleshlight is like doing it with the real thing. I mean nothing gets closer to the feeling of real flesh. It's a little more expensive, but the way I see it, it's still cheaper than a girlfriend and I can use it whenever the hell I feel like it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. maximus
I got this sleeve because it was so cheap I figured it's worth a shot. It's nothing too special, but it definitely serves its purpose. I like the idea of placing a little vibrator in the end, I'll have to try that next.

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