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Briana Banks' Purple Magic Wand

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Briana Banks' Purple Magic Wand: Vibrating dildos are quality adult sex toys
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Explore mysteries of sexual magic with the waterproof Purple Magic Wand. Briana Banks inspired the creation of this amazing vibrator. Many have embraced its sexual power. None have rejected its crafty vibrations, unique movements, flexibility, and durability. The Purple Magic Wand's innovative shape, texture and feel cannot be denied. G-spot and clitoral stimulation are easily attainable with this waterproof vibrator. Enjoy the multi-speed vibrations of the Purple Magic Wand. Cast a Purple Magic Wand spell on yourself today. With a simple touch of the controller, you can turn bath water into an ocean of pleasure.

Editorial Review

Doc Johnson always creates the most innovative adult toys. We've come to expect great things from Doc Johnson. The Purple Magic Wand, like so many of Johnson's other vibrators, sets the standard for waterproof vibrators.

I've come to love the Purple Magic Wand. There is no other design quite like it. The contoured shaft provides ultimate stimulation. I prefer this vibrator's texture. The contoured shaft moves so gracefully inside me. It feels natural. This truly is one of "those" relaxing vibrators. I was also impressed with the one-hand controller. Without ever stopping stimulation, I changed speeds with ease. Purple Magic Wand is a quality vibrator--a perfect starter vibrator for the less experienced ladies of VibeReview.

Additional Details

Size:  8" total
6" insertable
4.5" circumference
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Jimmy
My wife needs to be already turned on to insert this vibe, but loves the shape. She says it feels like three separate--and big--penetrations. Throw in some clit-licking, and this puppy works like a charm.
Sex toy review: four hearts. smae
This is one of my favorite toys! Another fantastic design by Doc Johnson and the Vivid girls. The bulb-like bobbles are fantastic and the vibe is great too! I would definatly replace this little puppy if it died of overuse! CHECK IT OUT IN WATER...! *shudders with pleasure* :) Check out the whole line!!
Sex toy review: five hearts. conduct-not-apply
OMG. The wave shaft makes my body shiver and shake. It's not the largest toy I own, but it is, no doubt, the best toy I have ever purchased.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Way to go, Chris. Not many guys would leave a review, especially about a vibrator they purchased for their wife or girlfriend or whatever. You and your woman must have the same taste as me, because I can't imagine a better vibrator than this one. I can't get into all those "tricked" out, complicated vibrators. The Purple Magic Wand is simple, basic, but extremely powerful. That's what I desired. That's exactly what I got. As an added bonus, it's waterproof.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Flanders
Thanks for all the tips. I purchased this toy for my wife. She loves it. I love her loving it. Watching her play with it is erotic. I also learn something new each time I watch her. Again, thanks for the review.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Charlotte S
I might be addicted to VibeReview. This will be my fourth review. It will also be my most positive review. I am so hard to please when it comes to sex stuff. Either the vibrator/dildo isn't long enough or it's too long. Either the enhancement texture is over the top or not enough. Either the vibrations are too strong or not strong enough. You get the picture, right? Well, I had none of those issues with Briana Banks' Purple Magic Wand.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Mighty Melinda
The rounded texture is what I like. Smooth, yet raised circles create strong sensations that I haven't felt with other vibrators. I only use mine in the bathtub. I have other vibrators for my out of water experiences. A great feeling for an inexpensive, basic vibrator.
Sex toy review: four hearts. mary s.
Appropriately named, the purple magic wand gets me where I need to go in record time. My orgasms are stronger, last longer and have a different "feeling" to them, when I use this vibrator. From time to time, I use it in the shower, but I mostly play with it before sex or during.
Sex toy review: four hearts. choco
I have many different kinds of vibrators. I even own a few dildos. None of them can please me so quickly, not like the Purple Magic Wand. I do not use this vibrator in the water. I'm not much into water masturbation - never have been, either. Flexibility makes me love what this vibrator offers. For the price, it's one of the best vibrators ever made.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
We're starting our own streak, it seems. In comparison to other waterproof vibrators, Briana Banks' Purple Magic Wand is the best. The extended circle texture is made perfectly for water fun. The vibrations feel good. It's not my favorite vibrator. I am a big fan of the Kangaroo, but I would buy the magic wand again.
Sex toy review: three hearts. kommandant
I hate to break the current streak of perfect ratings. I almost gave this vibrator a perfect rating, but I just couldn't do it. Don't feel bad; I've never given a perfect rating. Does the fact that I almost gave it a perfect rating mean something? Yes, it does. Magic Wand's flexibility and textured pop-up circles are the vibrator’s strengths. The vibrations are strong, but it would be cool if the bullet was located further down the shaft. Not much of a complaint or criticism, merely a suggestion for future models. Overall, it's a great water vibe.
Sex toy review: four hearts. LA Woman
I didn't believe all the high ratings for the Magic Wand. While the vibrator looks like it would feel good, I never anticipated it being a 4.0. No way. I take my vibrators seriously. Rarely, rarely do I rate a vibrator above 3.0. I just don't. I changed my tune with the Magic Wand. Waterproof and flexible, I had to try it for myself. Magical masturbation - that's what I found with this vibrator. It has this keen ability to inch inside of the vagina with an intense feeling. Even more stimulating than some "ribbed" vibrators, the Magic Wand's texture taught me a thing or two about friction's role in acute stimulation.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Impressed, impressed, impressed. Should I type it one more time? I could, you know. Briana Banks' Magic Wand has the best texture. The wide circles force my vagina to remain involved in the action. None of this stimulation-to-semi-stimulation business. Oh, no - this vibrator kept me grasping for air, as the vibrations and flexible shaft worked together for one amazing orgasm. I wish I had bought this vibrator earlier. It would have saved me money.
Sex toy review: five hearts. James D
I am the day's savior - at least, in my wife's opinion. She recently wore out her bathtub vibrator, so I wanted to surprise her with a new one. I have no clue what to pick--what's the best kind of vibrator. Such ideas escape me, if I ever had the ideas at all. I came to VibeReview after seeing a small blurb in Glamour magazine. Before you guys freak out, I was doing research for a project. So I browsed the website looking for a waterproof toy. I am familiar with Miss Banks, and I assumed that she would know what works and doesn't. To make a long story short, I purchased the magic wand for my wife. She loves the toy. She even said that it's better than her old toy. Without VibeReview's help, I wouldn't have been able to pick out the right one. Thanks for answering my emails.
Sex toy review: five hearts. nadia
Good luck finding a vibrator that feels better than the Magic Wand. I don't know who Briana Banks is, nor do I care. I do, however, think she helped create the best-priced, most effective vibrator that I've ever had the pleasure of using. The multispeed vibrations turn my crotch into a bonfire of lust. The shape and feel of this vibrator drive me bonkers. That's a good thing.

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